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What Nielsen® does for television and radio, what comScore® does for web traffic—that’s what we do for social media.

What do you actually know about your Twitter audience? We at StatSocial pride ourselves on knowing more about Twitter users than even Twitter does—and we can because we track their digital footprints far and wide across the Public Web, long after they’ve stepped out of Twitter.

Here are just some of the things StatSocial knows about active Twitter users, individually: interests (across 26 high-level IAB categories and 370 sub-categories), pastimes, favorite brands (among over 5,000, categorized), celebrities (among over 20,000, also categorized), TV shows (among 350), their age, sex, income, job title, where they live, work, went to school, their friends and followers across several social networks. You heard that right: we know most of this about millions of Twitter users, individually, but aggregate and anonymize the information for you in our comprehensive reports, so you may see the forest for the trees.

Even the ways in which we let you define a Twitter audience to analyze are something of a miracle in big social-data analytics. Followers? Tweeters of certain #hashtags, @account mentions, URLs, or keywords? That’s just plain vanilla. Geo-fencing? Barely more exotic. But how about all Apple fans—and we know even the ones who don’t follow any of its official accounts. Or only those who are, let’s say, female, under 40, make over $50,000/year, and live in the SF Bay Area. Or all basketball fans on Twitter who also like Nike, the NBA’s official sponsor? Or all males of a certain age who are into indie rock, or 30 Rock? Through us you can now define custom cohorts of Twitter users in just about any useful way imaginable and find out about them everything you could possibly want to know.

StatSocial is powered by proprietary technology over seven years in the making. It crawls and sifts through billions of web pages, carefully matching the content of each to the identity of its creator or, where applicable, to the identity of the person that page is about. But we set our crawlers to graze strictly on Public Web—namely, the portion of the Internet that’s freely open to all. No private or password-protected information is gleaned, nor is any sort of financial or health-related data.

For every Twitter user in your social audience StatSocial checks to see what is known about him across 60 other social networks and every major blogging platform. In the aggregate, this yields the most well rounded picture. And because our data-acquisition methods do not rely on the public signing up for our services to volunteer their personal information (unlike, for example, Klout) we have been able to scale up our data-mining very quickly, currently providing the most comprehensive dataset on the market—one that is micro-granular: census-, not panel-based, with records on 200,000,000 identified consumers and counting.

In organizing all this data, we’ve optimized the information architecture of our database so as to allow for detailed segmentation in real time, making it possible for clients to isolate highly specific segments of Twitter users. Determining what those segments should be has been painstaking work—in building a clear and comprehensive taxonomy of categories and sub-categories for interests, brands, celebrities, TV shows, etc. Around this taxonomy we’ve weaved an interest graph for all identified Twitter users, by listening to their Tweets and other conversations on social networks, and—through our proprietary methods of semantic analytics—extracting the gist of what they’re talking about, so that we can map out, at an incredible level of detail, who likes what.

Our results can be accessed either through beautiful, infographic-like reports or via API. Customization requests are welcome. If social media is of any relevance to your marketing, do yourself a favor and request a demo today. At this point we must stop talking and start showing. Our data is so rich and finely segmented, you’ll have to see it to believe it.

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Find out who shares and talks about your every article on Twitter. Learn exactly with whom your content is resonating the most. Show your advertisers the unique social audience they’re reaching through your publication.


Some of them with more Twitter followers than many countries have citizens, brands had better take a census of their virtual populations. Learn everything you’d want to know about your followers, people who like your brand (we know who they are even if they’re not following you), or your competition.


How is your campaign doing? Can you make heads or tails of the story told by engagement metrics? So you’ve got 4,500 tweets in the past week. But by whom? Where from? How old? Their jobs? Interests? Incomes? Find out everything old-school engagement metrics can’t tell you.

Media Buyers

Ensure the best possible placement by matching your ads to granularly defined psychographic segments. Put the entire Twitter universe under the microscope through our meticulously sourced reports to find your exact niche. Conduct your own marketing research on various target audiences.

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