2015 US Open

Sep 14, 2015 | Audience Intelligence

We analyzed over 1 million social users talking about the US Open to determine who they are and what they like.


Fifty eight percent of the users talking about the US Open were men. Twenty five percent of the audience were teenagers (under 18), seventeen percent were between 18–24 and seventeen percent were between 25–34.


Tennis is the favorite sport of this audience and champion, Novak Djokovic, is their favorite celebrity followed by Rafa Nadal, Andy Murray, and Serena Williams. They are 89x more likely to like Gael Monfils and 57x more likely to like Laura Robson compared to the social average.

The favorite sports brands of this audience are Nike and ESPN followed by the NFL and NBA. Favorite publishers include New York Times, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and Wall Street Journal. Mercedes is the top auto brand of this audience and these users are 4x more likely to like Mercedes than average. American Express is the favorite finance brand of this audience (2.5x the average). This audience is also 3.7x more likely to like IBM. The official partners of the US Open are ranked below by social affinity for each:



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