67th Emmy Awards on FOX

Sep 23, 2015 | Audience Intelligence

Andy Samberg hosted the 67th Emmy Awards on Fox Sunday night. Although record low ratings, the Emmys quickly became a trending topic on all major social networks and Viola Davis’ speech was the highlight (and most buzzed about event) of the night.

Key Findings:

– 63% women

– 32% teenagers

– 6x more likely to be interested in Animation Technology

– 15.9x more likely to like HBO

– Favorite TV Show is Game of Thrones

Audience Breakdown:

This audience keeps up with all things entertainment media as their favorite brands include E!, Entertainment Weekly, and Hollywood Reporter. They are most likely to like Deadline Hollywood (36.8x the average) The Wrap (29.6x the average) and Variety (24x the average). During the show, Samberg gave out his HBOGo password which probably won the audience over as they are 15.9x more likely to like HBO.

Although Andy Samberg was a big hit, the audience would like Mindy Kaling, Christ Pratt, or Anna Kendrick to host next year.

The favorite TV shows of this audience include Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, and Breaking Bad but they are 39x more likely to like Veep, 25x more likely to like The Mindy Project, and 22x more likely to like How to Get Away with Murder.



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