A #SXSW Recap

Mar 14, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

Here’s a recap of who was at SXSW:

Over the week, we tracked a total of 364,167 individuals that tweeted a total of 983,177 times with the hashtag #SXSW

These users have a average of 2,400 connections across all social platforms

56% were male and most male users. 39%, were between the ages of 26–35.

Of the 44% of users that were female, 38% were between 26–35 with 11% over the age of 55.

The top 3 industries the audience works in are Media, Telecommunications, and Hospitality and 25% of them earn above $100K

74% have a LinkedIn profile and 1.7% have a Quora profile

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