Earned media and influencers are driving B2C customer behaviors like never before

Think 80,000+ Survey Questions

Silhouette™ puts the richest data at your fingertips: passions, psychographics, personalities, affiliations, sports teams, affinities for brands, media, laser-targeted micro influencers, content engagement.

For a picture this full you’d have to get answers to over 80,000 survey questions. We load that much data. But without surveys’ gaps, biases & price tag.


The ROI from the traditional segmentation and data is drying up. Finding & targeting your customers takes a much deeper understanding of their passions, influencers, and the tribes they connect with. Only Silhouette™ has the scale and depth of understanding to give you this.

Finding & targeting your customers takes new levels of insight.

Earned & Influencer Audiences

Knowing who is engaging with your earned media content and key influencers is essential. No other data is more valuable for predicting and identifying consumer prospects.

 Silhouette™ lets you access millions of micro-influencers and their followers across every B2C category. And reach the people engaging with any earned media content across the web.

Audiences and Insights From Customer Passions and Earned Media Engagement

What makes your heavy purchasers tick?

Do you have audience data on their passions?

Personalities? Influencers?

Most engaging #hashtags and content?

 Silhouette™ has all this and more.

Once you unlock these secret combinations, the ROI speaks for itself.

Tested and proven with Fortune 500 brands: our data always beats the best controls.

We Define Your Digital Tribes

Combining customer’s passions, personalities, earned content engagement, influencers, and demographics, our data scientists actively model the entire US population into 100 distinct Digital Tribes.

 Silhouette’s™ Digital Tribes are the key to understanding the different types of customers you sell to, what uniquely motivates them, the media they consume, and the influencers that matter to them.

StatSocial’s B2C Solutions



At the heart of  Silhouette™ is knowledgebase of  1.2 billion social profiles, with 85,000 “survey questions,” and integrations with IBM Watson Personality Insights™ and sentiment analysis — used to build insights and custom segmentations based on the fly.


Don’t miss out on the next big thing. StatSocial’s analysts will bring together the right data and insights to power your strategy around trend identification, product innovation, brand positioning, competitive analysis, and comms.


Target or model customers and prospects based on their passions, earned media engagements, and influencers.  Silhouette™ offers plug & play integration with your DMP/CDP and other major data platforms: Oracle / Adobe / Krux etc.

Done-for-you or done-with-you bespoke setup

Ready to Test-Drive Silhouette’s™ Awesomeness for Your Brand?

See How Your Brand Stacks Up Against the Competition

 Silhouette™ unlocks the pockets of affinities, preferences, and predilections that are unique to your customers. And unique to your competition’s customers.

What Our Clients are Saying

StatSocial gives us data-driven insights to inform communications planning and competitive advantage that we can’t necessarily get elsewhere.
Matthew Don

Chief Innovation Officer of Doremus

StatSocial’s data is a media planning and activation breakthrough
Bill Harvey

Founder of Research Measurement Technologies

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