Battle of the Super Bowl Ads: Budweiser vs. New Castle

Feb 3, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

This year, advertisers had to balance ad teasers before the Super Bowl and the big reveal during the game. Budweiser is always a favorite and this year their Puppy Love commercial received over 33 million views before Sunday.

Competitor Newcastle, capitalized only on the pre game buzz, not airing a commercial during the Super Bowl. Their teaser included Anna Kendrick and used the hashtag #IfWeMadeIt

Both were popular, so we decided to analyze the audience behind their hashtags to see which commercial appealed to which demographic

#Ifwemadeit was talked about less on Super Bowl Sunday but the users were more social connected than #bestbuds users with an average of 2,000 social connections compared to #bestbuds 752 connections. This is great news for New Castle since they are relying on social for this campaign.

The Budweiser commercial was talked about more with a female audience while New Castle had a more male audience. This may not seem like a surprise as Budweiser included puppies and New Castle had Anna Kendrick.

Both appealed to the 26–35 age range the most but New Castle had a slightly older audience.

Both audiences were interested in sports and music. Budweiser’s audience was also interested in science where New Castle’s audience was interested in education.

New Castle also appealed to individuals with a higher income compared to Budweiser.

New Castle’s audience is heavier social users and have more profiles on more social sites than Budweiser’s audience. Again, this is good news for New Castle to spread their non-commercial.



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