Branding Flops at the Oscars

Mar 4, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

This was the most watched Oscars in the past 10 years. During major events, many brands become “official sponsors” of the event, like Samsung who has been a sponsor of the Oscars for many years.

As a sponsor, efforts are made to promote the brand and product through the Oscar hype. Samsung provided Ellen with a phone to take arguably the best selfie, and Ellen tweeted she gave everyone in the audience a Galaxy Note3.

But even with all of the commercials and promotional stunts, Apple still came out as the winner. The other selfie that went viral for a different reason was one Ellen tweeted using her iPhone!

One of the most talk about moments was when Ellen actually ordered pizza for a select few in the audience. While Pepsi was a sponsor of the program, it was Coca Cola’s name that America saw on the side of each pizza box.

While we know the selfie and pizza party were planned acts of the show, will it branding evolve to the point of a Pizza Hut or Domino’s pizza party in the middle of the Oscars, or someone sponsoring Jennifer Lawrence’s next fall?



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