‘Chain Store Age’ Highlights Our Findings Attributing Consumer Purchase Data to Social Audiences

Oct 8, 2020 | Press

Over at Chain Store Age, senior tech editor, Dan Berthiaume, has written a piece entitled “The best social platform for holiday promotions is

In it, Dan summarized StatSocials findings as outlined in the entry recently posted here, “Attribution of Social Audiences with Consumer Purchase Data.”

Here’s an excerpt:

All six social platforms analyzed by StatSocial (Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) over-index considerably when it comes to spending on photography & camera equipment. However, YouTube users exceeded spending in this category compared to the average U.S. consumer by a leading 72%. And YouTube mostly dwarfs the other platforms analyzed by StatSocial in music spending – YouTube users spend 28% more than the U.S. average on music.

You can check out the whole piece here

We also strongly encourage you to check out the original entry that inspired the piece here



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