Client Highlight: Burson-Marsteller’s Twitter Influence Study

Mar 26, 2014 | Press

We worked with our clients, Burson-Marsteller, a leading public relations firm, to create a study on the demographics and influence of the Twitter followers of the Fortune Global 100 companies.

In September, when we collected this data, there were a total of 4,730,237 users following the Fortune 100. These users had a total social pull of 3,274 more than the average Twitter user.

68% of the users following Fortune 100 companies were male, and 32%, female.

Burson-Marsteller then segmented the companies by the following industries: Automotive, Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Technology, and Telecommunication to analyze the demographics and influence of followers.

Burson-Marsteller Global Corporate Twitter Influence Study from Burson-Marsteller



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