About StatSocial Clusters

Our data scientists have modeled the entire US population into 200 unique clusters. Using billions of inputs for over 120M US consumers, we have segmented naturally occurring population clusters across distinct demographic and household types, personality traits provided by IBM Watson, combined with people’s passions, which we have sourced from their social activities online. For those familiar with traditional clustering models such as PRIZM, Personicx, Mosaic, and Tapestry, we believe this layer of social behaviors, which only StatSocial can offer, provides the richest possible insights into what motivates different types of people. We think you’re going to love the context our cluster analysis will provide.


Country Girls
Far outside of the city resides this group of 30 or 40-something women obsessed above all other things with contemporary Nashville’s biggest stars. The handsome, fit men with perfect smiles, and their often blonde, but also always perfectly pearly-white grinning girl-next-door female peers. A million miles from Hank Williams perhaps, but their records usually have pedal steel on them, which coupled with the inevitable vocal twang keeps the country fan assured they’re in the right place. This cluster is Neurotic to a degree slightly greater than many of our more rural groups, but IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has determined from our data that they are an Agreeable bunch.

Hip Pop Life
This assortment of 20 and 30-somethings dig contemporary Hip Hop and R&B’s biggest names, and just for good measure, they also share an affection for LeBron. As for the Big Five Personality Traits, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® identifies this crew as containing an almost alarmingly low population of the Conscientious. This cluster is, however, quite outgoing, and my goodness are they Neurotic as heck.

Young Pop Divas
This group of 20-something urbanites is 87% female. Their shared fondnesses are for some of pop culture’s — particularly popular music’s — most visible young women. Victoria Justice, Arianna, Emily Osment, and so on. Equal parts, and strongly, Neurotic, outgoing (Extraverted), and Agreeable. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds they’re at best moderately Conscientious, and really not Open at all. For the female pop stars occupying this gathering’s thoughts, a group of young men have snuck in there. If you’d counted the Jonas Brothers out as old news, you should know they find favor here. You had not accounted for the combination of sit-ups and venues where shirts are not required.

TV then, TV now
In the suburbs, maybe a bit in the city, resides this group of mostly women in their 40s. They are Agreeable and outgoing. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds that what they’re not is particularly Open to trying and/or experiencing new things. This might explain the strain of nostalgia which predominates their shared affinities (broken by the presence of former cable, and now streaming talk show pioneer Chelsea Handler). A touch of 80s sitcoms, MTV reality and game shows from the early-’00s, some 90s-names find their way in there, and pop culture with a strong emphasis on television rules the affinity roost in general.

Now I Know My ABCs
This group of women in their 40s and 50s live in rural surrounds. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us the Conscientious can be found here to a moderate degree, but the Agreeable are well represented. Also, this group is less Neurotic than the average. What their shared affinities suggest they enjoy, first and foremost, is ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ The show itself and numerous personalities associated with it are the most thematically prominent among their shared affections. Morning chat show ‘The View’ seems to be what second most captures their attentions. Other personalities associated with TV talent shows and morning viewing are peppered about their common interests.

Internet Inspiration
Here we have a group of rural men and women in their mid-to-late-30s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has derived from our data that they are Agreeable and Extraverted to the greatest degrees. From there, they’re moderately Conscientious, and least of all Neurotic. The last trait suggests this congregation has a confidence in their faith. The most prominent partialities evident in our data are not just some of Evangelical Christianity’s bigger names, but specifically preachers and inspirational figures who have made a big name for themselves with Evangelicals online.

Beltway Buffs
This group of suburbanites, 67% female, are in their mid-40s-to-early-50s. This bunch is primarily into politics. From their shared affinities, however, it seems they’re non-partisan in this affection. Presidents Trump, Obama, and Clinton, Secretaries Clinton, Kerry, and Carson, Vice President Pence, and even Senator Sanders, are among their mutual interests. Media mogul Oprah Winfrey and daytime talk show queen, Ellen Degeneres, are also present. What analysis does IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® provide to perhaps help crack this enigma? Well, they are slightly less Neurotic than average, and considerably more Conscientious and Open to new experiences.

Bucolic Battle Royale
This group of men and women are in their 30s, and dwell in rural areas. We also know they dig the WWE, chiefly in its contemporary form, but with a hint of nostalgia for the ’90s “Attitude Era.” IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says this bundle of humans are Neurotic and Extraverted, most of all, and Open to the tiniest extent. Worthy of mention is that outside of their love for the WWE’s sports entertainment, women of especial athletic prowess also find favor among this group, such as Maria Sharapova and Ronda Rousey.

The Golden Road
This bunch of suburbanites are 65% female, and in their mid-30s-to-early-40s. With what more we know, you may be looking at mom and dad in tie-dyed shirts for the weekend. Why? Well the shared affinities among this aggregation suggest they may long for the six week roadtrips they would take in their youths, to see Bobby Weir in his way too short cut-off jeans. Their younger selves selling macrame and friendship bracelets in stadium parking lots, and twirling, forever twirling, to the extended explorations of many of America’s finest JAM BANDS. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® identifies this lot as Conscientious. They are also Open to new experiences, and decidedly not Neurotic.

Keeping Things Right
These folks in their 40s and 50s, living far outside the city, are unabashedly politically conservative men and women. The trait IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has helped us identify among this crew above all others is an Openness to new experiences. The trait, somewhat unsurprisingly, least present is Neurosis. Fox News hosts and contributing pundits and talk radio stars — obviously not mutually exclusive in many cases — are most prominent among their shared interests. A continued loyalty to the GOP, and a fondness for our nation’s 45th president are also represented among their shared affinities.

Competitive Buckeyes
What’s round on both ends and high in the middle? Why Ohio, of course. While within Ohio’s borders are many notable cities — Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Akron, Dayton, and so forth — it is also a state with vast and expansive rural landscape. This group of men and women dwell there, but tune their radios and TVs in to broadcasts of professional sports coming out of the likes of Cleveland. It is their common love of these teams, and their activities, which brings them together here. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® identifies this fine group of modest midwesterners as Open and Conscientious above all other traits.

Backwoods Basketball
Outside of the cities and even the suburbs, a group of mostly men in their 20s and 30s are pointing their satellite dishes toward where they’re beaming down broadcasts of the NBA. These rural basketball fans also enjoy America’s currently most prominent practitioner of prizefighting, Floyd Mayweather. Also, it seems, the stadium-strong comedy of Kevin Hart makes them laugh. They keep up with the finer points and analyses of basketball, and sports in general, on the TV, via ESPN, and online via Bleacher Report. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® reveals they are least of all Conscientious, but they are most of all Neurotic.

Just Tweetin’ ’bout Dave Matthews
While only 30% male, this ensemble to the naked eye has a whiff of “bro.” Then you recall that for some baffling reason women love Dave Matthews, as do this squad. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us these suburban 40 and 50 somethings are pretty moderate in all regards, except they are slightly less Neurotic than is typical, and not the most outgoing bunch. In addition to the chill vibes of the DMB, this horde counts among their shared affinities Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and his two co-founders, Evan Williams and Biz Stone. A number of prominent either outright Democrat figures of import and high profile, or decidedly left-leaning media sources are also to be found here.

Does This Bus Stop at Port Charles?
This group of women in their mid-40s live in more pastoral climes. They may be old enough to remember Robert Scorpio, Luke and Laura, the Prometheus Disk, the Cassadines and their weather machine, and the like. But it’s the contemporary goings on in Port Charles, N.Y. that most have their attentions. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us these women are not especially Open to new things, but are Agreeable and Extraverted. If the opening sentences were gibberish to you, we’ll clarify that their shared affinities revolve around ABC’s long-running daytime soap, ‘General Hospital.’ A legitimate pop-culture phenomenon in the early-80s, it is now one of the last of its kind still standing.

Return I Will To Old Brazil
You basically could not find fewer Agreeable sorts among a specific clique than you would these urban-dwelling women and men in their late-30s-to-early-40s. The Conscientious, however, are among their ranks to a stupendous degree. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds to this analysis that this bunch has barely ever even heard of Neuroses. Their primary bonding affinity? Brazil. Surely not a land free of strife, but a land all the same abundant in beauty of all varieties. The affinities here are not football stars or political figures, as you might think, but TV shows, actors, and singers. Brazilian ones.

Latte, Subtitles, & Brunch
This group of city-folk consists of 72% women in their late-30s-to-mid-40s. They read ‘The Atlantic’ and listen to NPR. They find Ira Glass just delightful, and while they prefer to only watch PBS, one of the exceptions they’ll make is Comedy Central’s ”The Daily Show.’ IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has surmised from analyzing our data that they’re not the most Agreeable lot the world has ever known, nor are they really all that Extraverted. They’re also, however, not Neurotic, which is good as that is what their analysts tell them. They are Conscientious to an extent in excess of the norm. Again good, as this is how they like to envision themselves.

Young Hearts Be Free Tonight
These 40-something suburbanites, slightly more men than women, are a deeply Conscientious crew. They are also profoundly Open when it comes to new experiences and ideas, and — IBM Watson’s Personality Insights’® analysis of our data has also ascertained — they’re not really even the slightest bit Neurotic. What they are, and what the common affinities they share tell us about them, is probably Turkish. If not, they’re certainly massive admirers of Turkish pop culture, as their mutual loves are nearly exclusively many of Turkey’s biggest comedians, filmmakers, pop singers, and actors.

Dude, Remember Pets.com?
This contingent of commuters are 62% female, and in their mid-to-late-40s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has derived from our data that they’re most notably a group free of Neurosis. With a resource like StatSocial, social media remains a massive room filled with millions of people, but now you have a map. Probability dictates that large groups sharing unrelated affinities are likely. You need the right tools, though, to find them. This group has an interest in pets and pet-related things. From there, cannabis products, adult actresses, and young celebrities from Asia are also concerns. At passing glance, a character profile comes to mind. The majority female statistics and age factors do disrupt it a bit, though.

Motor City Madhouse
This group of men and women in their late-30s-to-early-40s reside in the rural areas of what we might guess is Michigan. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says this bunch is Conscientious, Open to new experiences, and not terribly Neurotic. This assortment’s shared affinities revolve around the town that made household names of Motown, Mark Fidrych, Marshall Mathers, the MC5, and a little thing we like to call the automobile. Of course, we mean Detroit. The legendary ‘Free Press,’ Major League Baseball’s Tigers, the NFL’s Lions (America’s Thanksgiving game mainstays), and one of the NHL’s vaunted “original 6” teams, the beloved Red Wings all feature in this lot’s shared affinities.

Desert Denizens
It’s a dry heat. These late-30s-to-mid-40s men and women come from the outskirts of the Phoenix and Tucson ‘burbs. Desert-dwellers, shaking out their shoes in the morning to make sure no scorpions are in them. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says you’ll find nary a shred of Neurosis here, adding that this group is exceedingly Conscientious. Their shared affinities are primarily the local media outlets — TV, print, radio — of the state the Grand Canyon calls home, which is Arizona if you missed that day of school. This cluster’s lynchpin appears to be Phoenix’s major sports teams, with the other affinities largely stemming from there.

Twin City Heat
This group of men and women originate from rural surrounds, and given the metro area predominantly present in their shared affinities we’d bet they spend a lot of the year indoors. The number of beer brands that are to be found among this cluster’s common interests speak to a simple truth. A big chunk of the Minnesotan year, for many, is spent inside, drinking beer. Why? Because it’s literally 20 below zero outside. The sports teams, local networks, aforementioned beer, and websites and publications local to Minneapolis – St. Paul dominate the affinities. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds that this is not a terribly Neurotic bunch. It’s too cold for that.

Portlandia Outskirts
This group consists of 67% women, and its members are in their late-30s-to-early-40s. The defining affinity of this cluster is a city — most notably a city’s media outlets — but this guild of Pacific northwesterners live deep in the pines. Portland, Oregon’s newspapers, TV stations, magazines, and local beers standout as prominent among the mutual loves. So too do local businesses, such as restaurants and an art house movie theater. It seems trips into the city are made. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® finds Portland’s famously Conscientious influence present to a degree vastly exceeding the average. Rurally located or not, the region’s ethos is evident.

Smooth Criminals
This gang of late-30s-to-early-40-somethings are 62% women, city folk and suburban. Outgoing, Neurotic, and Agreeable most of all and to roughly equal degrees. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® also tells us they are Open to new experiences least of all. Their unifying affinities are the reality series ‘Mob Wives,’ and some of its more high profile cast members, and a wide variety of family members from the Jackson clan; i.e., the one who spawned superstars Janet and the late Michael. The connection? Reality TV. 2009’s A&E series, ‘The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty,’ and Lifetime’s ‘The Jacksons: The Next Generation,’ which premiered in 2015.

These days pop music is more niche than ever, but its purveyors still manage the broadest name recognition. Look at who’s coming to your town to headline your local enormodome. Jam bands, EDM DJs, indie groups, metal bands, earnest rockers, bands whose names are so unfamiliar you think they might just be made up, etc. And of course, the unabashed popsters of whom you’ve actually heard. They all sell tickets, but most to the only people aware they exist. This urban-based cluster is dedicated to Katy, Gaga, Taylor, Justins both Timberlake and Bieber, etc. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us Neuroticism is their most prominent trait, with Extraversion nipping at its heels.

Stays Mainly in the Plain
These city-dwellers, pushing-40, and about 55% female, share in a sympathetic affinity for one of Europe’s most beautiful countries. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® informs that this cluster is Conscientious to a dramatic degree, and Open to new experiences. They are not at all Neurotic. Their mutual loves are for things Spanish in origin. Meaning, from Spain. Their shared affinities include actors, filmmakers, TV hosts, talent show judges, and even a pop punk singer, all hailing from this jewel of southern Europe.

Bones Fans, Possible Whedonites
This assortment of borderline rural 40-somethings is 80% female. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® finds this congregation more Neurotic than average, and less open to new experiences. Their clearest shared affinity is the long-running, now concluded Fox drama ‘Bones.’ Various inconclusive theories have arisen, given connections that can be made among the affinities. Nathan Fillion, Eliza Dushku, ‘Bones” own David Boreanaz, and the short-lived series ‘Firefly’ are all shared interests, and all hint at Joss Whedon fandom. Whedon himself, though, is nowhere to be found. A love of the Fox network’s more genre-oriented programming is the most conclusive we can get.

Fashionista Beastas
This is truly the city’s fashion elite. These women, mostly in their mid-to-late-30s, are not victims of trends, or people chasing the latest styles out of some hollow need to fit in. In fact, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this coterie is Neurotic to a quite tiny degree. While not the most Agreeable bunch you’ll ever encounter, they are — perhaps bucking preconceived notions — rather notably Conscientious. The shared passions that have brought these women together here are a who’s who of the world’s best known fashion houses, and haute couture and high-end retail designers. Absent from their Affinities? Restaurants, supermarkets, and other places where food might be sold.

How Many Formulas Are There?
This group of rural-citizens, in their mid-30s-to-early-40s, are made up of 65% men. While these ladies and fellas would not be out of place demographically among any group of NASCAR fanatics — which they also may be — its Europe’s Formula 1 auto-racing circuit that dominates their shared affinities. Not Agreeable nor outgoing, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds that they’re also not the least bit Neurotic. They are Open to new things, ideas, and experiences to a degree well exceeding the average. That seems consistent. Europe’s biggest name racers, and other related Formula 1 related subjects and personalities are what bonds this lot together.

Política, Noticias, & Entretenimiento
This group of suburbanites is made up of half women and half men, and is in their mid-30s-to-early40s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says the Conscientious are here to an extent through the roof. The Open, willing to hear new ideas, are even more prevalent. The Neurotic’s presence is statistically insignificant. Their unifying affinities relate specifically to the politicians and media figures of two countries. Venezuela and Argentina. Those familiar with South America know these are the northernmost and southernmost countries on the continent. It is to these two countries with which this cluster are aligned, and with whose cultures they share the strongest affinities.

Love, Hip Hop, & Reality Itself
This group consisting of 86% women, in their 20s and early 30s, are suburbanites. The shared affinities that blatantly distinguish them, and bind them here, is their fandom for VH1’s reality TV franchise ‘Love & Hip Hop’ in its various guises (‘New York,’ ‘Atlanta,’ and ‘Hollywood’). Another, secondary shared love — surely not added here to be clever — is Hip Hop, the musical genre, which they do indeed seem to love. Conscientiousness, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®, ranks lowly among this group. Of the Big Five Personality Traits, Extraversion ranks significantly, and Neuroticism is their most prominent trait.

Hog Butcher for the World,
These full-on city dwellers are 53% women, and comfortably into their 40s. While the Extraverted (or outgoing) are not to be found in huge numbers, the Conscientious and those Open to new experiences are present, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®. Perhaps in their city they live near the South Loop, or Wrigleyville, or Rogers Park. No matter where, the Second City dominates their mutual affinities. This suggests they ride the L, cruise down Lake Shore Drive, and hail from Sweet Home Chicago. Their most dominant shared affinities are the media outlets — TV stations, newspapers, as well as associated personalities — connected to this toddlin’ town.

Late Night Pop
This rural assemblage of nearly 50/50 men and women, are in their late-20s-to-mid-30s. It seems they like to laugh. Or at least enjoy the men who host the talk shows airing in most major markets in the 11:00 – 12:30, or so, time slots, who try to make their audiences laugh. This cluster also enjoys the country’s most popular stand-ups, and some of popular music’s biggest names, from Blake Shelton to Drake. Eclectic, sure, but this shows us who exactly is out there. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says this group is Conscientious least of all and Neurotic most of all. The outgoing (i.e. Extraverted), are second most prevalent.

Country Sunday Warriors
Well outside the city, this group of 80% men find themselves every Sunday, each autumn, doing what men inside the city, and the suburbs do as well. Carcass parked on the couch, possibly with a six pack on hand, perhaps some buddies and nachos entering the picture as well. This group of 30-somethings’ shared affinities reveal them as devotees to our grand National Football League, and the titanic, lightning fast gentlemen who play for that fine organization. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® shows all personality types as being present here to a degree below the average, with the Neurotic — present just a hair above the average — being the exception.

Golden Gate Ball
In the city by the bay, where the Giants of baseball play — or rather, in the rural areas where San Francisco is one of the nearest cities — this group, of whom 56% are men, in their mid-30s-to-early-40s can be found. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us they fall shy of the average when it comes to encompassing the Agreeable and Extraverted. They are also slightly less Neurotic than the average. The affinities that make of these folks a proper bunch, though, are San Fransisco sports. The NFL’s 49ers and Major League Baseball’s Giants, particularly. Players, local sportscasters, and sports journalists, populate their affinities in a conspicuous quantity.

Suburban Globetrotters
These urbanites and suburban-dwellers, 68% female, in their late-30s-to-mid-40s seem to be fond of junkets, both global and domestic. Travel publications, blogs, and websites aplenty punctuate their common loves. Additional shared affinities include things such as cruises, hotels, leisure travel, and even Italy and New York City. So, it seems they are participants, not mere voyeurs. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® surmises that the Conscientious are within their ranks to a degree in excess of the average, and those Open to new experiences can be found here easily as well. The Neurotic? All but absent from this group.

Sports of Big Shoulders
This group of city-folk is 59% male, and in their 30s. Their home has been said to be windy.  Over the years, wandering its streets, you might have seen the punky QB known as McMahon, or perhaps the most famous NBA star of all time. If you located Mike Ditka’s sports bar, you’d have found a guy named Bill Swerski and his pals, downing ribs, fending off heart attacks, and speculating over Coach Ditka’s various abilities. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® shows all traits as identifiable among this group to a degree below average, except for Neuroticism which is a hair above. The predominant affinities are, of course, all things imaginable related to Chicago’s many great sports teams.

Digital Casanovas and Casanovettes
This bunch of suburbanites consists of 66% women, and are from their mid-30s-to-early-40s. Bad marriages? Busy careers? Missed connections? Their stories are a mystery. But they’re denizens of the web’s date-o-sphere. The tangle of dating sites and places of refuge for lonely hearts. Marriages resulting from relationships started online have a statistically higher success rate than those begun in the flesh and blood realm. Things are going to be okay for this lot. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® reveals a group slightly less outgoing than the average, and less Agreeable. They are however slightly more Conscientious and less Neurotic. So, they’ll be okay, indeed.

London Calling
This 76% female group of deeply rural folks are in their late-20s-to-early-30s. British pop culture seems to be their bag. Not so much costume dramas, or regional detective series, but those Brit celebrities who dominate the panel, chat, and quiz shows that are the default staples of their broadcasting.  IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this lot is Open to new experiences least of all. They’ve found their love for Brit chat and panel shows — and the comics and general celebs who appear most on them — and they’re going to stick with that. The Extraverted (the psych term for outgoing) can be found among this lot to a degree just a smidgen in excess of the average.

Alternative Nation
These women and men, in their 20s and 30s, are suburbanites. They wish they’d been old enough to have attended Lollapalooza when it was an annual tour. Most of their favorite bands not only still exist, but remain among the biggest rock bands in the world (Foo Fighters, for example). But when collected in this manner, selling out stadiums, or not, the alt music roots favored by this faction are glaringly apparent. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this bunch is Agreeable, Extraverted, and Neurotic to equal but not excessive degrees. They are least of all Open, consistent with the conservative (not politically) streak their love of what’s now modern classic rock suggests.

Angsty Monsters & Super Freaks
The end of ‘Twilight’ by no means marked the end of mopey, teenaged vampires, werewolves, and unblemished young people chasing after those things that go bump in the night. This group displays a partiality to TV serials of a “Young Adult” sort, that forgo the scary side of horror to focus more on its once, and far too long overlooked high school melodrama elements. The pleasant appearing stars of these properties are the defining shared affinities among this group. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says this lot is Neurotic and outgoing. The same could be said of Frankenstein’s monster (has a teenaged version, with unusually good abs for a reanimated corpse, been attempted?).

Funny People Make Me Laugh
This group of rural-roamers consist of 85% percent women, and they’re in their mid-30s-to-early-40s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® identifies this group as Agreeable lot, but not particularly Open to new experiences. The shared affinities among this assortment include things of a comic nature. While they enjoy lighter and more genial venues, such as Jimmy Fallon’s and Ellen DeGeneres’ TV shows. They don’t shun edgier stuff, such as Chelsea Handler’s show on Netflix, or the material one might encounter on the Will Ferrell co-founded website, ‘Funny or Die.’ Cable news, particularly CNN also ranks, as do Oprah and President Obama.

Technodelic Technopolis
In the city and nearby ‘burbs, we have this group of pretty much half and half women and men in their early-to-mid-40s. Here’s what they’re not; Agreeable, outgoing, but also not Neurotic. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds what they are, which is Conscientious and Open to new experiences. Their shared affinities are tech writers, tech columnists, bloggers, vloggers, entrepreneurs, established tech giants, and the language Mandarin. The last one, most of all, especially illustrates our usefulness. It is these extraordinarily consistent groupings of affinities with the unforeseen twist in the plot that makes these bundles so special.

La Liga Believas
Spain’s most competitive pro football league, Primera División, or what’s simply known as La Liga, has a profound international profile. This, especially for playing in such a comparably small country. When you can attract the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi to your league — players so famous that even Americans who couldn’t care less know who they are — people will pay attention. When their season is underway, they can dominate American Twitter trends. Those driving those trends are probably in this cluster. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® observes that the Agreeable and outgoing are only to be found here in paltry quantities. The Conscientious, however, are abundant.

Windows, Wins Though
Distantly suburban, bordering on rural, this group — 54% of whom are male — are in their mid-30s-to-early-40s. Enthusiastic about their technology, they forego the cult of Apple. It’s all Windows and Androids with this crowd. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us they’re less Neurotic than the average, and the outgoing would be found among this group to an even lesser degree. They are, though, notably Conscientious. Their shared affinities literally include Microsoft, Windows, T-Mobile, Samsung, Android, straight up just “computer and video games,” and so forth. They’re about their tech heavily, but they’re not elitist about it. Refreshing, really.

Hotlanta and Hot Carolina
This here rural lot, 64% of whom are female, are in their late-30s-to-mid-40s. It would seem they live where Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh TV is accessible to them, as those cities’ local stations dominate their affinities. Alongside those channels, some non-profits who have dedicated resources to the region(s) are also present; such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (donated $10mil to the Atlanta Public Schools, and $1.5mil to North Carolina’s). The land of the fabled Georgia asphalt, among the middle aged, does not seem conducive much to Neuroses. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® bears this out, finding the trait virtually non-existent here.

Countrified Linksmen
This group of country-folk, 80% of whom are male, are in their mid-30-to-early-40s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has detected the Conscientious and Open among this lot to degrees exceeding the average. The Neurotic would be in short supply were you to join them to shoot 18 holes. Conveniently, their shared affinities revolve around just that activity. More contemporary PGA pros are present than old school names — depending on your definitions — but that would be owing to the social presence of the older players. The presence of ‘Golf Digest’ and ‘The Golf Channel’ let us know these are true believers. The presence of Nike Golf suggests these are not just armchair putters.

Fandom 101
Here we have a group of young women with a strong and vehemently articulated fondness for Twitter and pop chart mainstays, One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. Those who’ve witnessed the unified campaigns of these camps on Twitter — should scandal or slight, befall one of their slender idols — might not be surprised by IBM Watson’s Personality Insights’® observations that they’re both outgoing and Neurotic. This lot is fiercely loyal to the gentlemen involved with each of these groups (be they members past or present). YouTube stars have also captivated the attentions of this audience, who display a stronger devotion to their favorite things than just the passing fan.

From Russia, With Love
Russia is a country with a rich and vibrant popular culture, of particular importance to its young, such as the 20-somethings in this group. Some of its former citizens may now call the United States home, but that doesn’t mean they have to abandon their fave pop musicians, TV, and film stars. Or any media figures they may have been forced to leave behind in a pre-internet world. What makes this group a proper faction is a shared love for many things originating from the land of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and t.A.T.u.. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says the Conscientious and Open are here a degree shy of the average. The Neurotic can be found here to a degree exceeding it.

Football: Big Apple & Mini-Apple
A group of suburban men and women (about 52% the latter), in their late 30s. Our data when put through the lens of IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this gathering presents none of the Big Five Personality Traits to an excessive degree. Their relative lack of Neuroticism is their only trait that’s even a bit notable. So what bonds them? Their common affinities are, with one exception, NFL players. The exception? An NFL owner. Also with one exception, each of these players either currently is, or was associated in the past, with either the Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, or even more prominently one of New York’s two NFL teams, the Giants or the Jets.

Millennial Striver
These urbanites consist of 84% women and are mostly in their 20s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says that this bunch is outgoing, Neurotic, and not open. Sources for chit-chat in big city fashion, PR, and marketing offices — celeb gossip, etc, — are chief among their shared interests. Also: Lingering fascinations from their Millennial youths (lPete Wentz?). A curated selection of contemp top 40. A love for J-Pop; just an affectionate nickname used to describe Japanese pop music. No different than the sort of prefab, youth oriented pop that is produced anywhere. In truth, it owes more of a debt to western pop than any “J” elements. Its relative obscurity gives it a certain cache.

Jamaican Riddims
Men and women in their later 20s and 30s who are fans of Jamaican music in its many guises, from Ska, to Rocksteady, to Roots, to Dub, to Dancehall, to Ragga, to Fusion, and to those genres both before and beyond. Of the Big Five Personality Traits, this group finds Openness and Conscientiousness head and shoulders above the other three. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® also fills us in on the fact that Neuroticism rates so lowly as to comparably barely register.

Team USA
This assortment of mostly 30-something women, but with more than a smattering of men, from our fine nation’s more rural regions, root for their homeland every two years when the winter and/or summer Olympics take place. Agreeable and Conscientious above all other traits, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us they are Neurotic least of all.

6 Seconds in Heaven
This group of young men and women share an affection for folks who first gained fame through collections of six second loops, featuring gags, stunts, and general shenanigans on the video site, Vine. As these individuals have moved on to other exploits, this troop has dutifully followed. They are nearly as outgoing (Extraverted) as they are Agreeable, and just a touch more Neurotic than either, according to IBM Watson’s trusty Personality Insights®.

Infinite Monkeys and a Typewriter
This group shares an unusual assortment of passions. They’re in their mid-30s-to-early-40s, suburbanite and made up of 60% women.  Social media is like a room filled with millions. Simple probability says, with a tool like StatSocial to ferret them out, you can find groups who passionately share the most disparate assortment of preoccupations. This lot’s affinities fail to reveal any manner of coherent narrative. Danny Glover, Mandy Moore, Bob Vila, The Esquire Network. We promise it goes on with that much rhyme and reason. and that is part of the fun. IBM Watson’s Personality Insight’® adds that these folks are slightly more Agreeable than average, and a tiny bit less outgoing.

I Prefer The Grateful Dead
This rural and distantly suburban batch of three women to every fella, in their 30s and 40s, are bound together by a love for the jewel in AMC’s crown. At least, ratings-wise. While actually not to a statistically dramatic degree, they are Neurotic above all other personality traits, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®. The result, no doubt, of watching so much ‘Walking Dead.’ I mean, zombies make the most brave among us a little jumpy.

Three Twins, Yes, and Parliament
Slightly more male than female (57%), in the suburbs, and in their mid-to-late-40s, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® observes the populations of the Conscientious, Agreeable, Open, and Extraverted present among this company to varying degrees of moderate. They notably fail to be Neurotic. Their shared affinities contain a number of members of Parliament (not George Clinton’s band, but like 10 Downing Street, or if you will, the British government), a couple of British reporters, the lead singer of Yes, and an American organic ice cream brand. Make of all that what you will.

Mere Christianity
This group of rural residents is made up of 72% women, and they’re in their mid-30s-to-early-40s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® finds this lot substantially Agreeable, and then Conscientiousness but not so dramatically. They are not Neurotic. What bonds them together is Christianity, largely of a southern Evangelical variety. The dominant presence is one of a Black Baptist nature — esteemed black preachers, popular black baptist gospel singers, etc., dominate the list — there are exceptions worthy of mention. Joyce Meyer’s positivity-centric, Christian podcast, ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’ rates highly, as does President Trump’s “spiritual advisior,” televangelist, Paula White.

New Yawk Spawts
Full-blown city folk, consisting of 58% men, mostly in their mid-30s-to-early-40s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says they’re a bit less Agreeable, outgoing, and Neurotic than the average, and a tiny bit more Conscientious and Open. The shared affinities here revolve around many of New York, NY’s major sports franchises. While both Major League Baseball teams — Yankees and Mets, natch — and NFL squads — Giants and Jets, of course — are present, only those NBA and NHL teams who play in Manhattan (Knicks and Rangers, respectively) have made the list. Brooklyn’s teams are conspicuously absent, Present, however, local sports broadcasters, media outlets, and of course athletes.

Do You Even Lift?
Observe these suburbanites,  67% women, who are Conscientious above all other traits, and so lacking in Neurosis, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®, the mere thought is statistically insignificant. They are (or live) what they read. They are participants, not mere voyeurs. Thumbing through the health and fitness oriented periodicals that dominate their shared affinities would leave one quite Neurotic had he or she not left the couch in a while. Running, weightlifting, eating to maximize the body’s potential, this is what they keep up with. A health guru or two pop up among their loves, along with prominent chains, stores specializing in vitamins, supplements and the like.

At the Ballet
“”Why do you dance?” “Why do you live?” “I don’t know why exactly… but I must.” “Well that is my answer, too.” This famous exchange from the classic 1948 Brit film ‘The Red Shoes’ moved more than its fair share of hopeful young ballerinas to dance classes. This group of men and women (55% the latter), mid-30s-to-early-40s, and living in the city, may or may not be dancers. But they are dance enthusiasts, from proper ballet to ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ Conscientious to a notably strong degree, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has also, from analyzing our data, revealed that this is a group virtually free of Neuroses.

Keep it Up and I’ll Give You a Break Point
The group being scrutinized here is 51%-ish female, in the suburbs, and in their early-to-mid 40s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has derived from our data that we’re looking at a group where the Conscientious and Open can be found to degrees in excess of the average. The Neurotic are not likely to be found here. They are enthusiastic about tennis. Their shared affinities revolve around the fastest sport on four legs (or eight if it’s doubles). Also, no one has ever called tennis that. Cable’s tennis dedicated Tennis Channel, a great many of the sport’s biggest names, the pro tour, and simply the actual sport itself, can all be found among this troupe’s shared affinities.

Dandy Land
This group of mostly 20-something-to-very-early-30s women favor the hipper, or at least ever-so-slightly notionally more “with it,” varieties of female led — if not overtly female targeted — entertainment. Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Anna Kendrick, Kate Spade shoes, Nordstrom, and J. Crew all find favor among this collective. When it comes to the Big Five Personality Traits, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this group operates at a pretty even keel. The Neurotic and Agreeable can be found among these ladies to degrees marginally exceeding the average, and the Open are definitely not a strong presence here.

The Second Chapter
This intriguing assemblage is bout 63% female and in their late-40s-to-early-50s. They dwell in urban climes, or very close by commuter suburbs. Divorce, dogs, and stamp collecting are the first shared affinities one sees. A certain profile comes to mind. But then we see homeschooling, scuba diving, an assortment of entrepreneurs, angel investors, an interest in real estate, patents, and so forth. We’ll leave it to you Sherlocks to deduce your own narratives, but some compelling ones come to mind. Especially low on Neurosis, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® also has found from our data this lot is Conscientious and Open to the new and different.

With this throng, urbanites in their 30s, you’ve just got to call it like it is. These are hipsters. Men and women (54% the latter) in their 20s and 30s. They listen to arena-headlining musical acts, but take their pride in their refined tastes; Bjork, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, etc. Their excitement over LCD Soundsystem’s return has been unrestrained. Pitchfork readers, still, and if they can, they attend each year’s SXSW. They laugh at themselves, watching ‘Portlandia.’ ‘Vice’ is a valued news source. Open above all other personality traits. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® also says they are equal parts Neurotic and Conscientious, which is a hair below average.

All Creatures Great and Small
The shared affinities among this suburban posse, in their mid-to-late-40s, and 61% female, involve critters. Animals. Dogs, birds, horses, and, well, you know what animals are (those named are actually among their shared affinities). They also dig veterinary medicine, as well as non-profits and charitable organizations that protect animals from abuse and exploitation. Fresh water fishing is among their affinities, but we’re going assuming it’s strictly catch and release. No room for irony here. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says these Doctor Doolittle’s are notably Conscientious and Open. They’re not Neurotic. Animal friends relieve stress. Except for cobras and grizzlies.

Basketball Jones
Suburbanites here, 79% dudes. in their late-20s-to-early-30s. This assortment of gentlemen are easily characterized. Their shared interest is the great American sport of basketball. Particularly, it must be noted, when played at the highest level by the most prominent professionals in our country’s fine National Basketball Association. We know, thanks to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® that their ranks accommodate the Agreeable and Conscientious to degrees below the average, but they’re a touch more Neurotic. Generally, though, it’s a mix as folks of all personality types enjoy a good game of roundball.

Latin American Zealots
This group of 30-something urban-dwellers, 69% female, and in their 30s, share affinities for an eclectic mix of singers, TV personalities, actors, and even illustrators. The folks they admire hail from places as geographically diverse as Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala. What the objects of their affection share, though, is they are all celebrities from Spanish speaking, Latin American countries. Our data in marriage with IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tool has been able to determine this group is Open to new experiences to a degree well exceeding the average. While not at all Neurotic, they are also even less Agreeable and Conscientious.

Fashion Week
Here we have city-folk, 68% female, and in their mid-to-late-30s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this lot is decidedly Conscientious and not at all Neurotic. The strongest affinities they share are an affection for the biggest name female fashion models of this moment. There are twists, though, which give this lot color. Former ‘American Idol’ contestant, Aaron Kelly, and legendary 70s pop sensation, Barry Manilow find their way in the mix. The wrench in the works? The ‘VICE’ co-founder who is not the company’s face, CEO Shane Smith, nor the controversial and long-departed Gavin McInnes. This cluster shares an affinity for the comparably silent partner, Suroosh Alvi.

Body Electric
Here’s a group, 83% women, breathing clean country air, and still in their 20s. They are consumers of health oriented products. They participate in competitive sports, and try to stay lean. They also enjoy enhancing their appearances from the outside, with an affection for body art. While tethered to the material realm in the aforementioned ways, this group does look to the stars, or at least to their horoscopes. They are believers in astrology. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® barely finds the Conscientious here, but they find an abundance of the Neurotic.

This group consists of 73% men, living in the country, and in their late-30-to-early-40s. Just the perfect age for a mid-life crisis, for which a sports car is a common accessory. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®  surmises that they are are surprisingly Conscientious to a degree well exceeding noteworthy, and adds that this multitude is unburdened by Neurosis to a nearly equal extent. The common affinities that bond them are cars. Car magazines. Car television shows. Drivers. Race car drivers. Automobile reviewers. The darn cars themselves, of course, flesh out their list of mutual loves.

Food Court Cult
Far outside of the city there exists a group, consisting of 69% women, in their late-30s-to-early-40s, who are least of all Open to new experiences, and most of all Agreeable. This, of course, according to our data when looked at through IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tool. Where this lot may be prone to excess would be in the areas of salts, carbohydrates, and saturated fats. Even if it’s the increasingly common healthy alternative menu items they favor, though, this crew is bound by a love of the restaurant chains dotting roadside America (and frankly many of the rest of the world’s roadsides), and these franchises quickly and/or ready prepared, relatively affordable meals.

Who Shot J.R.?
Texas is a huge state with a ton of major cities. Each is surrounded by sprawling suburbs, and beyond those vast, rural expanses which still count on that city for their newspapers and local TV stations, favorite sports teams, and with some planning and maybe a lengthy drive, a night out at the theater or seeing a favorite band. In this case we’re dealing with sister-cities who together create a greater metropolitan area (even sharing an airport), Dallas-Fort Worth. Troy Aikman, Cowboys, Mavericks, The Observer, all present and accounted for. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says this group is least of all Neurotic. They are Agreeable most of all, if only moderately.

Rustic Rat Pack
What bonds this herd of rural folks in their 30s and 40s is a love for a certain desert city, founded by mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, particularly the hotels on its world famous Strip. In ‘Godfather Part II’ Siegel’s fictional analog, Moe Greene is said to be “a great man, a man of vision and guts.” It is then added that despite this “there isn’t even a plaque, or a signpost, or a statue of him in that town.” While small, there is actually a memorial plaque in Las Vegas for the real Siegel. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this group is not Neurotic, and are Conscientious above all other traits.

Fashionista Passionista
This coterie of late-30s-to-early-40s suburbanites is comprised of 66% women. This group’s bonding affinities revolve around those matters sartorial. They’re fashion-folks. Notably, some social-networking sites — particularly Instagram and YouTube, where the latest and future trends often get their first wide exposures, and certain tastemakers have taken up public residence — also rank in their shared affinities. That is, alongside major fashion houses, designers, and publications. This group is Open to new experiences, conspicuously lacking in Neurosis, and IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds Conscientious to a degree in excess of the average.

The District and the Capital of the Commonwealth
Outside the city we find this group mid-to-late-40s women and men (60% the former). Moderately agreeable, exceptionally Conscientious, not all that outgoing. But unburdened by Neurosis. The cities outside of which these individuals seem to reside, at least according to the affinities they share, are Richmond, Virginia, and our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. The major media outlets for both cities — particularly their newspapers and various local TV stations — dominate the shared affinities. One exception is a notable local — we suppose to both cities — Hillary Clinton’s running mate in the 2016 presidential election, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love
These are the men and women willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Or at least these are the men and women whose common affinities indicate they’re interested in the aforementioned men and women. The primary topic running through this band’s common affinities are organizations, people, and matters related to the United States Military. This group is rural in residence, and in their mid-40s. We can see that when it comes to the Big Five Personality Types they’re not Agreeable at all, really, nor are they outgoing. They are also, however, not the least bit Neurotic and are quite Conscientious as well as Open to new experiences.

Money Tractor
Mostly urban dwelling, about 63% male, and in their late-40s and early-50s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us the Conscientious can be found here with ease. Those who are Open to new ideas and experiences are also dramatically present among this crew. Finally, the Neurotic are scarce. The common ground? Well, the shared affinities revolve primarily around TV shows, publications (both online and off) and other media reporting on the worlds of business and finance. Stray affinities flesh out the picture in a fun way, though, such as Japanese cuisine, farming equipment manufacturer John Deere, and Delaware Governor John Carney.

The Sports of Brotherly Love
Mustard on pretzels, cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell, some of the best soul music of the 70s, the Declaration of Independence. All things for which the city across the Delaware river from Camden, N.J. are well known. Here, though, it’s the Eagles (the NFL’s, not Don Henley’s), the Phillies, the 76ers, and the Flyers that rate highest among the shared affinities. Heard of Mike Schmidt? How about Dr. J.? Okay then. Well, it’s a love of these teams and their stars which bring this group of suburban, 30-something men and women together here. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this group is most of all Neurotic, and not terribly agreeable.

Whatever happened to “and crafts”?
These urbanites, consisting of 68% women and men, are in their mid-to-late-40s. Their trip is art. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® helps flesh out these potential bohemians or patrons. The Conscientious and the Open can be found among these throngs to degrees where you couldn’t swing a wet towel — were they surrounding you — without hitting one or the other. As promised, the primary mutual affinities here revolve around art. Fine art and art history are right there at the top of the list. Many of the country’s most celebrated and esteemed museums are to be found as well. Some people do it for the money. This bunch, they do it for the ART.

Zacks & Codys
Teens and young women, more suburbanite than cosmopolitan, who came of age admiring Disney Channel and YouTube stars, following these performers — when possible — into their adult careers. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® reveal this group as outgoing and Agreeable, but also — perhaps owing to their youth — a bit Neurotic. Music fans, this is a bunch whose tastes lean toward the slightly more alternative shores of the mainstream. These tastes suggest a gentleman with well appointed eyeliner would not trouble them a bit. Perhaps accordingly, their politics lean a bit to the left.

Who You Callin’ Restless?
Out in the rural parts of our great land, a group of women in their mid-40s can be found. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us they’re Agreeable, but only Conscientious to a middling degree. The affinities shared among this human medley, and that which makes of this gaggle a proper cluster is devotion to the once CBS daytime soap, now aired on the CBS owned basic cable network Pop, ‘The Young and the Restless.’ The show, the show’s stars past and current, and even the show’s parent network, CBS, are all present among their shared affections.

Gateway Sports
Songstress Lorde, when composing her megahit, working class anthem, came up with the title upon seeing a picture of Baseball Hall of Famer, George Brett. In it, he was wearing the uniform of the team for which he played his entire Major League career, the Kansas City Royals. The team with the re-contextualized name stands as the most prominent affinity here. This group resides in rural Kansas and/or Missouri and are in their later-30s. The city’s NFL team, the Chiefs, its numerous TV stations and newspapers, and even KC-based underground rapper Tech N9ne and his indie-label Strange Music are here. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® shows no personality trait as either prominent or lacking.

Impressarios and Riddick Bowe
This group of mostly suburbanites are 72% female, and in their late-20s-to-mid-30s. According to  IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® this is not an Agreeable pack. They are however excessively Open to new experiences. Their most prominent shared affinities are for entrepreneurs, particularly those from outside of America. But controversial Latin American political figures, and a former heavyweight prize fighting champion also rank highly among their affections. Groups like this, locating large numbers of social media users passionately sharing disparate interests illustrates one of StatSocial’s extraordinary powers. If an audience exists, we can find them.

Pinoy Pop and Mother Church
Residing mostly in the city, and a little bit in the suburbs. this group of women and men (about 70% the former), mostly in their mid-40s, can be found. Open to the greatest extent, and Conscientious next most of all, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® and the tool’s analysis of our data, they are also less Neurotic than the average. The bonding affinities here, making of these individuals a cluster, are nearly all figures form Filipino pop culture; actors, singers, models, etc. The notable exceptions are Catholicism and, in keeping with that, Pope Francis. Catholicism, for the record, is the predominant religion in the Philippines.

Elway City
Outside “The Mile High City” — quite a bit outside, in fact — this group of men and women in their late-30s and early-40s can be found. Their shared affinities are all the Denver biggies, their local TV stations, media figures, newspapers, local magazines, and of course their major professional sports teams, and those teams’ biggest stars. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® reveals high elevation does nothing to make for excess Neurosis, as that is not a personality trait present among this lot at all. They are, however, Conscientious to a degree comfortably exceeding the average.

You Nerds Do You
The billion dollar superhero movie franchises, the ubiquity of all things related to ‘Star Wars,’ and the lucrative video game industry might prompt one to contend that there is no “nerd culture” any longer, it’s just pop culture. They’re mistaken. Nerds are fine. This lot here, mostly rural and only 55% male, bucking stereotypes, is in their late-30s and early-40s. The requisite ‘Star Trek,’ in its various TV guises, crowds the affinities. The Next Generation’ being best represented. Role Playing Games, the Neil deGrasse Tyson reboot of ‘Cosmos.’ Really a non-nerdy interest nowhere to be found. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says they’re not Agreeable, and a smidgen Neurotic.

Right Side of the Aisle
Neurotic? Not even a hair. Agreeable? Nope. Outgoing? I’d not come to this group seeking such types. The sorts you might find among this congregation with ease, though, the Conscientious for one. And if you’re looking for folks Open to new experiences, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has added that this bunch contains their ilk in large numbers. So what’s their bag? The affinities shared among this crew are pretty straightforward. With the exception of former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who was of course a congressman every one of their shared affinities is an either currently serving or former Republican United States Senator.

The All-Embracing Enigmatic
This group consists of 74% women, they’re in their late-30s-to-early-40s, and living in, or quite near, the city for the most part. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has surmised that this lot is not terribly Extraverted, and are rather pronouncedly not Agreeable. They are however not a Neurotic bunch. This is an eclectic team, showing off our platform’s abilities to find groups who share seemingly random passions. This troop’s shared affinities start with some things quite specifically, but then only tangentially involving Florida. Then there’s a French model, a TV singing competition contestant, and this only hints at the diverse and inscrutable assortment within.

Things are Getting Real
This group of female suburbanites in their 30s and 40s love the TV classified as reality. ‘Game of Thrones’? Maybe later, there’s a ‘Real Housewives’ marathon on, and ‘Real Housewives: Westeros’ is still some years off. The bunch under scrutiny here has no time to even change the channel to HBO. The only movements of significance that will be occurring will be getting up to make some more Jiffy Pop during the commercial breaks. Agreeable and outgoing most of all, the thing IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells they are the least of all is Open to new experiences. We suspect a group of housewives — real ones, naturally — in a new city might be an exception.

The Sports Must Be Reported
This is a group of mostly men, residing in rural areas, or at least the most distant suburbs, they are in their late-30s and early-40s, and they love to read about sports in the paper or online, and watch them be dissected, analyzed, debated, or simply reported on the TV. Not terribly outgoing, they are even less Agreeable. On the other hand, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds that they’re not particularly Neurotic and they are Open to new experiences. So bring on ESPN-3D or even ESPN VR, as we know just the fellas who will be open to trying it out.

A Bargain Around Every Corner
Under the magnifying glass here is a group of 40-something, suburbanites, nearly rural, and 87% women. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says they’re Conscientious in the grand scheme, and fairly Agreeable. They are not at all Neurotic. Their shared affinities are a combination of food manufacturers, big box stores, and other companies known for producing or vending consumer goods for which affordability is a major selling point. Additional affinities include couponing, contests and giveaways, and discounts. Frugality is their common ground, or perhaps just good old fashioned common sense (and cents, but not so much scents… no one likes cheap perfumes or colognes).

HipComs Plus
IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this group of suburbanites, 79% women and largely in their late-20s-to-early-30s are most significantly Neurotic. To rather dramatically lesser degrees they are then outgoing (Extraverted) and Agreeable. What makes them simpatico, though, is a mutual love for some of the 2000s slightly hipper network sitcoms. Meaning the likes of ‘Parks & Rec,’ ‘The ‘Office,’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ So dedicated are they to ‘Parks’ that “woodworking” is one of their affinities (a defining obsession of the show’s Ron Swanson character).

Like England, But Newer
This rural gaggle, made up of 53% women, in their mid-30s-to-early-40s, live away from the cities defining this cluster. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® observes they do so Conscientiously, with an Open mind, and unburdened by Neuroses. These potentially unrelated men and women are united by strong shared affinities, particularly for the major media outlets — newspapers, local TV stations, etc. — and local personalities associated with some of New England’s major cities; particularly Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island.

Just a Jump to the Left
This group of urban and suburban dwelling 40 and 50-somethings are distinguished first and foremost by their political sympathies. This group is unified by a preference for the most prominent liberals and/or progressives in the popular media and culture. Maddow, Moore, and the like. By a significant margin the personality trait most prevalent among this group is an Openness to new experiences. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds that to a somewhat lesser degree, but still to the degree of second greatest prominence, they are Conscientious.

The Fashion Fourth Estate
Here we have a group of 90%, mid-to-late-30s women, safely and exclusively within the city limits. Their defining affinity is a need to keep up with the news. Be it online, or in print, they need to know the latest. Not, however, about world affairs, but about the clothes on their backs, what clothes SHOULD be on their backs (not just this season, but next), and what clothes should be on everybody’s backs. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® informs that they’re Conscientious to a degree exceeding the average. While their presence is not nearly as dramatic, those Open to new ideas and experiences can also be found among this crowd with some ease.

Mexican Lexicon
This pack of urbanites are made up of 56% men, in their late-30s-to-early-40s.IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® share that you will find the Conscientious here to a huge degree. Also among this bunch, the Neurotic are nowhere to be found. The affinities shared here are almost entirely people. Specifically people not just from, but best known in Mexico. The vast majority of whom are either journalists or politicians. An actor / model and a comedian are also on the list, as is a business mogul, but one credited with turning Mexico’s once flagging Televisa — the company responsible for many of the affinities’ newscasters — into the multimedia conglomerate it is today.

Comedy Connoisseurs
We all like comedy, we all have favorite comedians. This is a family of web-dwellers who may love, say, Aziz Ansari and Sarah Silverman, but they dig deeper. This bunch is into the whole culture of comedy podcasts, and those funny men and women who are deemed the comedians’ comedians. To them, comedy is music, and while they laugh hard, their appreciation runs deeper than the average Kevin Hart or Dane Cook fan. Men and women, but more so the former, this mostly urban dwelling bunch display none of the Big Five Personality Traits to an excessive degree, but IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®  has determined from our data that they are Neurotic most of all.

Sporty Indoors and Out
This assembly of folks is in their 30s, 71% men, and rurally-centered. Their shared affinities speak to a yen for contact sports on the TV. Particularly NFL and NCAA football. They love baseball and basketball too. Not mere witnesses, they participate in sport as well. Fishing and hunting, in particular, appeals to this pack. Generally okay with our nation’s 45th president, they are least of all Open to new experiences, and nearly as lacking in Conscientiousness. Neither, trait though, is entirely absent. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds that most of all they are Neurotic and Agreeable, but again neither to a spectacular intensity.

Fútbol Méjicano Más
This group of suburban dwellers are in their 30s, and 54% male. They are more Conscientious and Open than all other traits, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®. Soccer is the overriding affinity that bonds them. This, especially as it’s played by our neighbors to the south. Mexican football — represented by its most famous athletes and high profile broadcasters — is the defining common ground among this assortment. Worthy of note, among the interests shared here is Meghan Klingenberg, of the World Cup Champion U.S. Women’s soccer team, and the National Women’s Soccer League’s Portland Thorns.

I Hear a Symphony
This bunch of 40 and 50-something urbanites are 55% female. Their communal affinities give one the inkling these are some of social media’s more culturally enlightened inhabitants. The Conscientious dwell here in large numbers, as do the Open. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds that the Neurotic are scarce. What you will find are fans of symphonic music. Some shared affinities are as straightforward as “classical music.” Many different city’s local symphonies are also present. But it’s not all Mozart, or even the more contemporary likes of Ravel or Debussy with this lot. Late-20th century avant garde composer, Steve Reich, is also to be spied among their mutual loves.

Brew Britannia
These suburbanites, in their late-40s and 50s, and 79% male, like British things. Not football stars, nor ‘Sherlock,’ 007, nor Zeppelin, but U.K. beers and 80s Brit pop stars, who have in more recent years popped up on U.K. reality shows. Not quite anglophiles, even unlikely ones, though. Their shared interests also feature an American artist, and political columnist. The bonding affinity is beer. Not to where it defines this diverse group, however. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® breaks down the Big Five Personality Traits here saying they’re nearly as Open to new experiences as possible, not at all Neurotic, even less Agreeable, not Extraverted, yet rather Conscientious.

Puck Heads
In the rural-‘burbs you will find these 59% male, mid-30s-to-40-somethings. While akin to a religion in Canada, down here hockey is often treated like the runt of the pro sports litter. Walking anywhere within the vicinity of Madison Square Garden after a Rangers game, however, one would have a difficult time believing that. Not the NFL, granted, nonetheless the fans the game does have in the lower-48 are dedicated. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us these fans are dead-on averagely Neurotic, notably below-average in terms of being Agreeable, and a hair above the norm when it comes to being Open.

Do You Like Huey Lewis and the News?
Very much of the city, this assortment, which includes 61% men, in their late-30s-to-mid-40s, like to keep up with the stock market, and just the greater worlds of investment and finance. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this outfit is Conscientious to a degree well above the average, and Open to new experiences to a greater magnitude than the norm. This bunch is also not at all Neurotic. Financial publications, online and in print, cable shows and networks dedicated to discussing business and the economy — and some related, prominent personalities — analysts, columnists, broadcasters — dominate their shared affinities.

Marketing to and for Marketers
These here city-folk are 62% female, in their mid-30s-to-early-40s, and either for fun or profit (leaning toward the latter) they like to keep up with the ad game from behind the curtain. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® shares their analysis that isn’t a super Agreeable crew, but also not at all Neurotic Conscientious? Somewhat profoundly, actually. This chorus’ shared affinities include ‘Ad Age,’ ‘Ad Week,’ ‘Inc.,’ and ‘Fast Company.’ Not too many clusters find Ogilvy & Mather among their common interests, this one does. As we say, we don’t believe these are dilettante marketers, but — poetically and literally — those trafficking Madison Avenue each week.

Suburbanites, a bit in the city even, this group consists of 89% women and is primarily in their 20s and 30s. Off the bat the dominant mutual affinity is Fox’s now completed musical, television drama, ‘Glee.’ An unlikely sensation, becoming an Emmy-winning, critically well-liked series that ran for 121 episodes. This lot also shares in the distinct pleasures of likeminded properties such as the film ‘Pitch Perfect.’ Not proper theater geeks, though. No ‘Rent,’ no ‘Wicked,’ no ‘Hamilton,’ much less Sondheim. Really? They love ‘Glee.’ IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® reports that this troupe’s Extraversion is surpassed by their Agreeableness, which is dwarfed by their Neuroticism.

The Saints Go Marchin’
A rural bunch, equal parts male and female, in their late-30s-to-early-40s. Their shared affinities are dominated by connections to the great state of Louisiana. Mostly New Orleans, but Baton Rouge is also in there. NOLA’s high-profile NFL team, the Saints, feature prominently, along with The World Series of Poker which wrapped in New Orleans last year. The city’s papers, TV and radio stations, and associated local personalities also populate the list. The jambalaya appears to keep their Neuroticism to a low simmer, and voodoo surely gets a bad rap, as this lot is more Conscientious than the average, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®.

Does Anyone Still Even Read?
In the concrete jungle, this party of late-30s-to-mid-40s folk are made up of 54% women. You may spy them at all manners of cafés, and you’ll recognize them from their noses, invariably buried in books. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says they fall short on being Agreeable and outgoing. They are also, though, lacking in Neuroticism. Conscientiousness, they’ve got covered.. The vast majority of their shared affinities are book publishers. By whom we mean Random House, Penguin, Simon & Schuster, etc. Literary critics, book editors, and, yes, even an author or two have also found their way aboard their list of bonding passions.

The Other Nashville
This team of mid-30s-to-early-40s, rurally-dwelling humans is 64% women. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has concluded from our data that they are greatest of all Conscientious. Neurosis is non-existent here. The vast majority of their affinities revolve around Nashville. Music City. Its TV stations, local  brands, pro sports teams, and even a local art house movie theater. What is not a shared affinity is country music, or any variations and/or performers thereof. Some Memphis points of interest appear as well, along with more general Tennessee attractions. Nashville is the focus, though, and this version is a bit different from the city most picture when hearing the name.

Univision Collision
This aggregate is bound by two of the world’s most powerful forces, language and TV. This group of urbanites is 72% female, and in their 30s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® concludes this group is well shy of Agreeable. Similarly, they are not an outgoing (or Extraverted) bunch. Profoundly, however, they are also not Neurotic. To dramatic degrees they are Conscientious and Open. The common loves that bond them together here are Spanish language celebrities, mostly — but not quite exclusively — from Mexico. American audiences would, in nearly every case, have been exposed to these celebs via the hugely popular, American Spanish language television network, Univision.

Outside the City of Bridges
In the rural areas whose nearest major metropolis is Pennsylvania’s “Steel City,” this group of men and women in their late-30s and early-40s can be found. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® shows all of the Big Five Personality Traits to be present here to a degree just a hair below the average. A real mix of folks.  Their locale is easily deduced based on their shared interests in the Steelers, Pirates, Penguins, ‘The Hines Ward Show’ (Ward being a former wide receiver and Super Bowl MVP for the Steelers), and various TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, and personalities affiliated with those media outlets, all hailing from the great city of Pittsburgh.

Excellent Eggheads
This group of 40-something men and women are rurally located. Not terribly outgoing or Agreeable, they are also not all that Neurotic. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights”® analysis of the data surrounding this throng adds that they’re moderately Conscientious, and uncommonly Open to new experiences. Some of their shared affinities are as straightforward as physics, astronomy, and biology. Pop scientists such as Mr. deGrasse Tyson, Mr. Nye, and Brian Cox are also among their mutual interests. Scientific journals, both for the scholar and the layman appear, as well. And demonstrating a bit of well-roundedness to their academic inclinations, art history is also a shared affinity.

Created Equal
This group is distinguished by their outward support of civil rights and social justice activism, specifically regarding matters of race. Their shared affinities are those influencers most consistently vocal on such issues. This lot follows publications centered on the meaningful advancement of black people in America. Extraversion is their most prominent personality trait. Neuroticism — which here is defined as a “tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily” which is surely sympathetic in the context — is second most prevalent. Active commentators on the ongoing struggle of American race relations — such as Ta-Nehisi Coates and Cornel West — dominate this cluster’s shared affinities.

Foodies and Wineys
These urbanites, in their 40s, are about 73% female. More Agreeable and outgoing than the average, they are also — as IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® points out — not at all Neurotic. They are exceedingly Open to new things. Grouped together here via their common affinities they are revealed as fans of wine and food. What’s that you say? So are you? Well, you may be in this group. If not, perhaps it’s a matter of magnitude. They dig both ‘Saveur’ and ‘Bon Appétit’ magazines, Oliver, Bourdain, and Batali. Plus, one of the items on their list of common interests is “food,” independent of that is “wine,” and finally “food & wine” appear as an altogether third line item.

Physician, Heal These People
This here flock of suburbanites is 75% female, suburban, and in their late-40s-to-early-50s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has calculated from our data that the Conscientious are to easily be found among their ranks, as are those Open to new things. If you’re looking for the Neurotic here, though, you’d have better luck elsewhere. The common affinities which make of these women and men a cluster revolve around some of the country’s better known and most highly-esteemed hospitals and health care facilities. Also, though, WebMD, and to somewhat sully an otherwise top-rate cluster of affinities, ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ has found its way in there as well.

Gen Y Hip Hop
This group is in their early-to-mid-20s, suburban based, and 63% male. They are up on the latest in contemporary hip hop. Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick, and even give a nod to still relevant old timers such as Kanye. They’ve got an ear to the underground, and the beats, flows, and mixtapes coming from names the average fans might not yet know, such as Dorris Unstoppable. While open to new sounds within their milieu, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says in general they’re not much Open to new things. They are more outgoing (or Extraverted) than the average group, however.

An Elephant and a Rhino
The shared affinities that makes of these seemingly disparate middle-aged urbanites a cluster are themselves diverse. Social media is basically a room full of millions of people. As such, groups who share the most random of interests will exist within its walls, and StatSocial is here to find them. Among the common interests here are two male models, a couple of entrepreneurs, pop singers (some YouTube stars, some not), an obscure Serbian tennis pro, an Argentine political activist, and it makes less sense from there. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says this group’s a bit more Open to new things and a bit more Conscientious than the average. They are also not at all Neurotic.

Hip Hop: For the Children
This group consists of 72% men, in their mid-30s-to-40s, and living in the city. They’re shared affinities revolve mostly around ’90s and ’00s Hip Hop. More contemporary names do rate as worthy of their attention. But, for example, many members of Shaolin’s finest (that’s The Wu-Tang Clan) rank among their greatest shared loves. Also such basic essentials to the Hip Hop fan with his or her ear to the ground, such as ‘XXL Magazine,’ and online mixtape repository/free-for-all, DatPiff.com are common ground for this squad. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this team is Open above all other things, and Agreeable to a relatively statistically minor degree.

Like Sands Through the Hourglass
This is a group of women, mostly rural, and in their 30s and 40s. They share a single partiality. This bevy of backwoods boob tube viewers are dedicated fans of NBC’s ‘Days of Our Lives’; one of only four daytime, network soap operas still being made. All of their shared affinities revolve around, or tie into, ‘Days’ (soon to enter its 55th year of continual production). Momentarily we detected a concurrent interest in ‘The Biggest Loser,’ and it’s host Alison Sweeney. We soon learned, though, that Sweeney had been on ‘Days’ for years. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says this lot is decidedly not Open. Conversely, however, they are Agreeable to a degree qualifying as significant.

Generation Skate
The suburban version of disaffected youth. A parking lot in which to loiter and skate, and they are generally content (or happily malcontent). See this summers’ Warped Tour line-up? Don’t recognize the names? That’s who this gang digs most. Bands whose names are sentence fragments (Movie quotes? Literary allusions?). Despite the “nice bunch of kids” look to these groups, they’re often classified as “metalcore.” One can’t help but think that even the 2017, pushing-60 version of Slayer would reduce these kids to tears. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® assures us that the requisite angst — or, if you prefer, Neuroticism — is present and abundant in this cluster.

Hindi City
To our culture’s benefit, the past couple of decades have seen South Asians’ visibility increase significantly. One of the many fringe benefits of this has been that their often wildly entertaining pop culture is now readily accessible, and has developed a non-South-Asian audience. In the biggest American cities, many major cineplexes will have one or more Hindi titles (or, “Bollywood” films) playing during any given week. This cluster’s strongest bond is a shared affinity for South Asian performers and stars. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® find this a diverse group. No trait dominates, but the Conscientious are to be found in the largest proportions.

Beer and Skittles
This cluster is made up of half women and half men, in their mid-to-late-30s, and living in the ‘burbs. Conscientious, in the grand scheme, Open to new things, and — according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® — not really Neurotic at all. Their most prominent mutual affinities are microbrews and craft beers. They also dig a Russian trance DJ, a now defunct German electronic band known for having invented the punk-techno hybrid called Digital Hardcore, a Turkish songstress, and a Canadian-Lebanese pop-singer. Social media’s vastness allows for multitudes, sharing the most esoteric tastes, to coexist in the same place. StatSocial is just the tool for finding them.

Kulture Kweens
The Kardashians are uniters not dividers, as such it’s unsurprising to see their names prominently among a list of the shared affinities binding together a group who otherwise might have little in common. But here, while other A-list celebrities  — such as Rihanna, Snooki, and Nicki Minaj — are shared areas of interest, a whole gaggle of the Kardashian clan, and their many high profile associates predominate. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights’® analysis of our data says this coterie of devotees to the “Kult of K” are reasonably Agreeable, fairly outgoing (or Extraverted, in the language of the Big Five Personality Types), and, well, quite profoundly Neurotic.

Dwelling on Dwellings
This group is made up of 75% women and they’re in their mid-to-late 40s, living in rural areas. They’re very into residences. Where these residences are located, how they might be improved, what improvements their owners have made to them, what improvements might be made to their own homes, and so forth. The Conscientious can be found here profoundly, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds that here Neuroticism is scarce. The shared affinities that bring these folks together? Publications, cable channels, and stores catering to home improvement. Some of TV’s best-known carpenters, or facsimiles thereof, also pepper the list.

Screaming for Vengeance
Unsurprisingly these men and women — in their 20s and 30s, and well outside the city for the most part — are, as IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® informs us, Neurotic least of all. Why? Because the metal keeps them confident, united, focused, and strong. Metal is their maiden, and Maiden — wiith a capital M — coming to town is one of each year’s highlights. Shunned and mocked by many elitist music fans, they are unconcerned. They are bonded by blood, leather, and steel, and if all else falls by the wayside, you can guarantee this group will still be banging their heads.

What About the Soccer Moms?
Major League Soccer seems to exist so the NHL isn’t the runt of the U.S.’ pro-sports litter. In the 70s, there was a U.S. pro soccer league that could sell out NFL stadiums. Heard of Pelé? Beckenbauer? They played in the league. By the 80s, though, the NASL folded and it was as though it never happened. Since hosting the World Cup in ’94, however, a very slow and steady cult interest in the rest of the world’s biggest sport has developed here. This group of 69% male 30-something suburbanites follow MLS. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tool tells us they’re not terribly Neurotic. Consistent with what we know, being Open to new things is their most prominent personality trait.

Hoosier Sports
This congregation consists of 53% women, they’re in their 40s, and live in the country. They are Conscientious to an extent that exceeds the average, and not the least bit Neurotic. So says our data when viewed through the lens of IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®. What are the loves, affections, and interests that finds this lot bound together here? The nature of their affinities vary slightly, but one common truth prevails, all are major sports teams, media outlets — particularly newspapers and local television stations — and assorted personalities and local brands associated with the great state of Indiana.

Keystone First
In the more rural areas around The Keystone State’s Lancaster and Dauphin Counties you’ll find this bunch consisting of 58% men in their late-30s and early-40s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says this bevy contains an unusually high number of Conscientious sorts. From Harrisburg to Reading, it is primarily the TV stations, newspapers, and local figures of this greater region which defines this cluster. Additionally, though, this group has some connection to southern Illinois, specifically Springfield and Champaign. Much smaller in quantity than the PA items, TV stations from those cities in the Land of Lincoln are also to be found among this group’s affinities.

You Can’t Improve Perfection, Sweetie!
This group consists of 74% women, and are suburbanites. Age-wise they are in their late-40s-to-early-50s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has surmised from our data that they’re not Neurotic and they are Conscientious. Their shared affinities seem to revolve around self-improvement, such as self-help guru Tony Robbins. This bunch may also seek the counsel of actual gurus, as yoga is among their mutual loves. Pursuits for spiritual centeredness seem evident, such as the shared affinity for Buddhism. This list would be naked without Oprah, but don’t worry she’s there. And to add that touch of quackery you were craving, ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ also helps bind this cluster together.

Hoooray for Hollywood
City-dwellers, 60% female, and in their late-30s-to-early-40s. Their mutual affinities are not specific filmmakers or films, but instead the many film studios and production companies dotting the Hollywood landscape (meaning, Universal, Paramount, etc.). IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says fewer Agreeable and outgoing types are to be found here. In addition to loving those who spend the big bucks to bring us entertainment all year, they are also quite pronouncedly not Neurotic. This suggests they are not actors, screenwriters, filmmakers, producers, or in any way involved in film production. But who’s to say? They are a Conscientious crew, and notably Open to new experiences.

Spirit of St. Louis
This group consisting of 51% women are quite fond of things related to the city of St. Louis. In particular, that great town’s sports teams and media outlets. This cluster, however, resides deeply rurally. We’re not talking Hannibal, where Huck and Tom Sawyer got up to their monkey shines (which, for the record, is actually a rather decent-sized town only 100 miles from St. Louis). These folks are really in the sticks. They keep up with St. Louis’ papers and local TV stations, and crucially follow baseball’s Cardinals and hockey’s Blues. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has identified a group quite like Huck and Tom. They are Conscientious sorts, and not the slightest bit Neurotic.

Red Dirt Riders
Named for the Okie soil from where this music first flowered, this 58% female group of 30-something country-folk are fans of Red Dirt music. In the 70s, artists with no interest in Nashville’s formulaic methods came to find their music called Outlaw Country (Willie and Waylon its figureheads). The spiritual forebear to Red Dirt. They flouted industry standards and yet found wild success. The Red Dirt performers dominating this group’s affinities are a bit more studied and less bad boy. With keeping true country alive their mission, though, it’s tough to knock them. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says this cluster is a lot less Neurotic than average.

K-Pop Bop
These female city dwellers, in their late-20s-to-early-30s, are bound here by a love of K-Pop. Singers and performers who are products of the proudly prefab, and wildly profitable Korean pop music machine. While a bit older than the average K-Pop devotee, we do not judge. These acts find fans not just among America’s sizable Korean population, nor even its greater East Asian residents (K-Pop is huge throughout Asia), but to people of all nationalities. K-Pop’s biggest acts sell out arenas throughout the country. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds that this lot is moderately Conscientious and Open to new experiences. They are also a dollop more Neurotic than either.

Rating the Superhunks
The group subject to scrutiny here is 76% female, in their 30s, and living in the suburbs. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us they are, just a modicum in excess of the average, both Agreeable, and Neurotic. A passing glance at the grouping of shared affinities binding these folks together suggests a penchant for the pec-tacular and well abdominized. Names like McConaughey, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, and the like leap out. But once you wipe the muscles out of your eyes, you’ll notice Samuel L. Jackson, Seth Rogen, and even Emma Watson in there as well. It’s movie stars who seem to really predominate. And, well, movie stars tend to be good looking.

Netflix and FOMO
This is a collective made up of 81% women, 30s-to-early-40s, and living in the ‘burbs. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® identifies a touch of Neuroticism. Perhaps it’s present at all due to the increasingly familiar worry many of us experience over missing out on this TV show or that. We’ve been told repeatedly — by friends whose surplus of free time remains a mystery — “oh, you must see it.” A lifetime lacks the necessary days to watch every praised show, so one has to pick his or her battles. This sack of couch potatoes did manage to narrow it down, and clearly favor a few of our current televisual golden age’s titles (SoA, OITNB, etc.) above all others.

These country-folk are 67% male, and in their mid-to-late-30s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has derived from our data that the extent of their Conscientiousness is profound. Nipping at the heels of that compassion is the degree to which they are Open. And we’ve derived from their data that they’d like to open… A cold one, that is. This posse’s shared affinities could not be more easily understood, at least before such time as they are explored for a couple of hours. What made Milwaukee famous is what makes of these folks a cluster. That’s beer, by the way. Not big name stuff, nor fancy imported brews. Their tastes run toward small brands, microbrews, craft beers, and the like.

They Have CABLE TV now?
These country-folk are 77% female, and in their mid-30s-to-early-40s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® shows no personality trait as abundantly present or absent, except they are slightly more Agreeable and less Open to new things than average. The second trait mentioned there is a bit unsurprising. This collective’s mutual affinities are nearly all broadcast television shows, available free of charge, regulated by the FCC, and just floating through the airwaves ready to be picked up by any capable receiver. The one exception is ‘South Park.’ Even that, though, is in syndication.

No Static At All
This 60% female group of mid-40s-to-early-50s suburbanites help explain how The Stones and Paul McCartney still effortlessly sell out arenas. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this clique is moderately Agreeable, slightly less Extraverted than average, and while more Open to new things than the standard, not exceedingly so. They are also more Conscientious than the average, and appreciably less Neurotic. Their shared affinities are dominated by “Classic Rock” acts. But to them it isn’t “Classic Rock,” which is merely some radio format. It’s just rock, like the kind that was played on most FM stations when they were growing up. It’s simply the music they love.

Gotta Have Faith
This group consisting of 76% women, from deeply rural surrounds, and in their 40s, are people of abiding faith. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has derived from our data about this bunch a profile most would find pleasant company. They are notably Agreeable, Conscientious, very outgoing (or Extraverted), and not the slightest bit Neurotic. When it comes to being Open, they do dip a bit below the average. Who this group is, though, are Christians. Dedicated, Evangelical Christians. Their shared affinities include megachurch ministers, popular Christian rock bands, inspirational podcasts, and such. All signs point to their congenial demeanors being underpinned by a strong faith.

We’re All Adults Here
This group of mostly, but notably not exclusively, men are in their 30s and 40s and live in the suburbs. Outgoing, or Extraverted, to the greatest degree, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has also surmised this bunch to be Open to new experiences least of all. What bonds this group together is a fondness for an assortment of the biggest name actresses whose work you might find on many of the web’s highest trafficked sites. Now more than ever people are open about enjoying the Adults Only entertainments from which these performers have made their names, and in some cases fortunes. Were they not open about it, we might not have been able to compile this cluster at all.

Put On a Jacket
Here we have a group, mid-30s-to-early-40s and 61% male, living in the countryside. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights’® analysis of this medley observes this group as Conscientious and Open to degrees exceeding the average. Also, they are markedly lacking in Neuroticism. Their shared affinities are dominated by those brands who specialize in clothing for not just the sportswoman or sportsman, but the outdoor variety; the rock-climber, the skier, the mountain climber, the snowboarder, the fisherwoman or fisherman, etc. It’s not just common hobbies, but affinities for the consumer goods required and/or recommended for pursuing those hobbies that make of these folks a cluster.

The Moose Says You’re Closed, I Say You’re Open
Despite the ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ cliche of the family trip being based in dad’s maniacal vision, it’s more frequently mom who soberly sifts through what used to be brochures, and are now websites, and does the heavy lifting of organizing an affordable, logistically feasible family trip. While some reality shows entirely unrelated to travel have found their way in, the vast majority of the shared affinities among this group of 30 and 40-something, rurally-based women (and about 14% men) are theme parks and family vacation destinations. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says only two traits stand out. This lot is least of all Open to new experiences, but most of all Agreeable.

Hotlanta Hot Sports
In the backwoods of Georgia there exists a group of men and women (about 62% the former), hovering in the vicinity of their late-30s. According to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® this group is a bit less Open to new experiences than what is average. They may share many loves, we do not know, but what makes of them a congregation here is a love for the Falcons, Braves, and Hawks, and the major professional sports franchises of the great city of Atlanta. As probably seems inevitable, these top-tier affinities are fleshed out with the names of athletes, broadcasters, columnists, and individuals affiliated in varying ways with the Empire City of the South’s major sports teams.

That NASCAR Life
Far outside the city you’ll find this group of half and half women and men, in their late-30s-to-mid-40s. Stock car racing, a long time ago, was the sport of racing standard production cars, unmodified, in the state they were in when they came off the assembly line. Now, apart from superficial appearance, the cars are finely-tuned precision machines. NASCAR, the privately owned host of the sport’s most high profile and prestigious races, dominates this group’s shared affinities. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® finds a mixed crew, with no personality traits jumping out as excessively present or lacking. That is apart from Neurosis, which is comfortably below average here.

Rustic Rasslin’
This assortment of largely dudes in their 20s and 30s enjoy what Vince McMahon, Jr. came to rebrand as “sports entertainment.” But you and we, and we’d bet most of those in this bunch, still call it good ol’ professional wrestling. Era-wise, they seem partial to wrestling from the 90s’ “Attitude Era” to the current day. Neurotic as they are outgoing, and neither to an especially excessive degree, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® shows all other traits as not being dominant at all. What dominates is a love of men in tights grappling, with a storyline of intrigue and betrayal providing a backdrop for it all.

The 182 Desendants
Here we have an assortment of men and women in their 20s and 30s with a pronounced admiration for second and third generation pop-punk (or is it third and fourth generation?). Ranging from those bouncy, crazy kids of the late-’90s and early-’00s — with their la-la choruses and synchronized jumps — to today’s most hot out of the oven batch of well tattooed, lip-ringed malcontents. Equal parts Agreeable, outgoing (i.e., Extraverted), and Neurotic, so sayeth IBM Watson’s eternally correct Personality Insights®. Agreeable punk? Why not? Johnny Rotten did do a butter commercial in the U.K. a few years back. You can’t stay surly forever.

Brats and Beer
Rural Wisconsin has dairy farms, the Dells, awesome ice fishing, and this group; 54% male and in their 40s and 50s. Milwaukee’s local TV stations, newspapers, and the beverage that made that city famous are all among their shared affinities. They also follow the city’s sports teams. Well they, like most in Milwaukee and the rest of Wisconsin, follow an NFL team that plays in a small city about 100 miles north of Milwaukee, called Green Bay. These proudly self-proclaimed cheeseheads, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®, are Agreeable, Extraverted, but also Neurotic to degrees below the average.

Bicycle Races Are Coming Your Way
Here we have a group consisting of 70% males, in their mid-to-late-30s and living in the country. Open to new experiences and Conscientious to a noteworthy degree, this group loves bicycle racing. Their shared affinities make that clear. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds that they’re decidedly not Neurotic. They’re also not the most Agreeable assemblage. They like other non-team sports — some of which carry the banner “extreme” — such as surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. Above and beyond all else, though, it is bicycle racing that is their passion.

Pre-1D Boyband Devoteees
New Kids on the Block headlined arenas last year. This group of 30-something country-residing women likely more than did their part in making that possible. The Wahlbergs, both NKOTB’s Donnie and his brother Marky Mark, and the Dorchester based siblings Knight all find themselves among this group’s affinities. Further common ground, a group of Boys II Men who took that journey from Motown to Philly and then back again. Second-Gen boybands also get a nod. The Backstreet Boys and their more successful offspring NSYNC are mutual loves. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us that while not at all Open to new experiences, this bunch is Agreeable to a genuinely profound degree.

Scandal, Murder, & McDreamy
This predominantly female posse (just shy of 7% male) definitely exhibits a shared devotion to the TV shows of writer / showrunner Shonda Rhimes. Chief among their shared affinities are Rhimes’ hits ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Scandal.’ Fellow ABC drama, the Viola Davis starring ‘How to Get Away with a Murder’ is also a common love. While Neurotic to the greatest degree, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights’® analysis of our data, they are very nearly as Agreeable, and only the tiniest bit less outgoing.

Another Woman’s Treasure
This is a group of rurally-centered women, in their 20s. Their mutual affections reveal them as prone to getting wrapped up in the trials and tribulations of assorted teen moms, denizens of the Jersey Shore, members of the extended family of late defense attorney Robert Kardashian, and others best known in our culture for treading the hallowed halls of “reality.” This bunch takes a necessary break from reality’s harsh glare and enjoys escapism now and again. They find the films of Channing Tatum diverting, for example. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® add that this lot is Neurotic to an especially noteworthy degree. This confirms what we’ve all known all along, reality is no picnic.

Baba Booey
These suburbanites, 59% female and in their mid-30s-to-early-40s, are slightly less Conscientious and Open to trying new things than the average. From there, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® doesn’t identify either an excess or paucity of any additional personality traits. The shared affinities here revolve conspicuously around the once self-proclaimed “King of all Media,” Howard Stern. A long time ago now, Howard was a genuine media outlaw. While the move to satellite radio in 2006 no doubt made his show more profane, the passing years have otherwise made for a kinder, gentler Howard. The Howard-faithful may complain, but they’ll be with their idol until his last sign-off.

The Tech Elite of Suburbia
These suburbanites in their mid-to-late-30s are about 55% women. They are bound by a love for what the tech vanguard and established old school alike have to share. The machines and softwares which, in reality, are a common ground for all of us reading and/or writing this. Based on this forward-looking bunch’s mutual affinities, we know they are above all else concerned with what these machines might allow mankind to accomplish next. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® reveals a group where no personality type really dominates, with the possible exception of Conscientiousness. The thoughtful sorts are absent from this group to an extent that dips a bit notably below the average.

Willie, Mickey & The Duke
A suburban bunch, about 75% male, in their mid-30s-to-early40s, and mostly rurally-based. This group’s common love is hardball. The National Pastime. You get the picture? The shared affinities of these bleacher bums (just sounds good, maybe they have skyboxes) include players and teams, and even more so broadcasters and media outlets focused on the sport. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®  finds them least of all outgoing and only slightly more Agreeable. They are not, however, contentious introverts to too dramatic a degree. They are, it should be added, Neurotic to an extent below the typical, and most of all Open to new experiences.

This here ensemble are about 64% women, living in the suburbs, and are in their mid-to-late-40s. The Conscientious and the Open minded (in terms of new experiences, etc.) are to be found here to a degree exceeding the average. The Neurotic are relatively absent from this posse. This is a bit surprising as the shared affinities that make of this group of guys and dolls a cluster are the major, mainstream news outlets; your New York Timeses, CNNs, and what-have-yous. The state of the world, on which this bunch appears to be keeping up diligently doesn’t faze them much. Or so it would seem. Good for them.

Left-Handed Smoke-Shifter
This collection of folks is 69% female and living entirely in the city. The Agreeable are in short supply in their midst. The Conscientious are present to no more than a middling degree. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® does add, though, that they’re not terribly Neurotic. Their common ground? Well, the affinities they share include the publication ‘Mother Jones,’ U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and suffice to say nothing from there on out much contradicts expectation. If needed to be spelled out, though, these folks appear to be of a liberal, or if you prefer, progressive political leaning.

Edie Em’s
These urbanites, 58% men, and in their mid-20s-to-early-30s are the ones who took what Electronic Dance Music was in the 80s and 90s — dozens of genres and subgenres, constantly striving to innovate — and turned it all into one, big, loud, dumb genre of music where it all sounds alike to even its biggest fans. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® reveals a group sort of lacking any predominant personality traits, beyond a slightly heightened tendency toward Neuroticism. Whatever their hang-ups, though, it’s all forgotten when they’re standing in a field together, bouncing up and down, watching an extravagant pyrotechnic display, and waiting for that bass to drop.

Beantown Ball
The portion of our country called New England does have an NFL sports team named for it. They play, though, in the greater Boston area (although it is also close to Providence). The region also has a Major League Soccer team named for it, The Revolution. They play, though. where the NFL’s Patriots do. Boston’s sports teams carry the reputation of the whole region, and much of it’s rural. It is from those areas where these mid-30s-to-early-40s men and women hail. Since the Red Sox have finally shaken that Bambino Curse, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us Neuroticism is low here. Despite their love of dirty water, Conscientiousness is their most prominent trait.

R&B of Quality
This assortment of suburbanites are 81% women and in their late-20s-to-mid-30s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® fills us in on the fact that they are Extraverted and Neurotic above all other traits, and Conscientious to the least extent. What bonds them together here, though, is that they favor the side of R&B/Hip Hop culture that strives for genuine quality, innovation, and keeping the game fresh and progressive. They have a respect and passion for the old school’s most prime and influential acts, but their ears are constantly open, and they’re always on the lookout for the best of what’s going on now.

In NYC We Say HOW-stun
This is a group of late 30-something residents of Texas’ most heavily populated city. The fourth most populous in the U.S.A. We’re talking about Houston. Being right on the Gulf has found it subjected it to more than its share of Mother Nature’s mayhem over the years, but it remains undaunted. Houstonians are notably even-keeled when it comes to the Big Five Personality Traits. They are least of all Neurotic. They are most of all Conscientious. The city’s TV stations and newspapers are among their shared affinities, but it is the city’s rich assortment of major sports teams — and the associated athletes and personalities — that dominate their common loves.

Watch What You’re Eating.
This bunch consists of about 83% women, mostly in their mid-to-late-40s, and living in the country. These rural ladies and gents are Conscientious, though. More than the average folk. Also maybe a bit more Agreeable. Neuroses, it wouldn’t hurt to mention, doesn’t trouble them much. They have cable, or satellite, or maybe streaming. Difficult to know, but they enjoy TV programming that revolves around food. Chief among their shared affinities is the cable network most dedicated to the subject. It’s not just Paula Deen and Guy Fieri with this gang, though, the more gourmet offerings of Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, and Giada De Laurentiis make for good viewing in their opinions as well.

My Name is Friday. I Carry a Badge
This group is fully of the city. They are split evenly, exactly half women and men. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has derived from our data that this gathering is more Open to new experiences and ideas that the average pack. They are most of all Conscientious and least of all Neurotic. Their unifying affinities revolve around a love for the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Their shared devotions include the Dodgers, Kings, Lakers, and the city’s newspapers and local periodicals, as well as TV and radio stations. Personalities associated with all of the above fill out this group’s common attractions. All of it, though, adds up to a single love, a love of L.A.

Gamers Not Lamers
Nerds do still play video games, but the stereotype died years ago. Rappers, sports stars, runway models, and NASA scientists all play those things now (not sure about the last two). You don’t become a billion dollar industry only catering to nerds. With superhero movies and TV shows being the biggest entertainments there are, and San Diego and New York Comic Cons both attracting crowds in excess of ONE ZILLION each, it’s simply time to admit that either everyone’s a nerd, or no one is. Here, be they Poindexters or Fonzies, it is video games that are the unifying affinities. Neurotic to the greatest degree, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®, they are least of all agreeable.

This is a lot that lets their true colours (note the spelling) show when it comes to their love for the United Kingdom’s many fine association football — or, as we say here in the states, soccer — teams. Gary Lineker, Wayne Rooney, Arsenal FC, ‘Match of the Day,’ and more of the sort, all find themselves among the most highly esteemed preoccupations of this array of internet users. Open to new experiences most of all, but Agreeable to the least degree, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® also tells us that they are measurably more Conscientious than they are Neurotic. So much for our assumptions about the average U.K. footie fan.

Oh No, They Most Certainly Did Not!
These suburbanites are about 59% female and in their late-30s-to-early-40s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® finds this collective a hair above middling when it comes to Conscientiousness and being Open to new things. They are comfortably below average when it comes to being Agreeable and outgoing. They are not, however, all that Neurotic. So what IS their bag? Well, their shared affinities don’t tell a perfect story, but the gist is reality TV stars, YouTube and Twitter celebs, and the like. Not too many knighted Shakespearean actors, or celebrated conceptual artists to be found here. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We do not judge, merely report.

Gossips Sink Ships
This group of largely 30-something, urban and suburban women are an Agreeable group, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®. They are also, to a lesser degree, Extraverted and Neurotic. What they share, though, in terms of their greatest affection is the scuttlebutt coming out of Hollywood and other places where the famous, fabulous, and generally widely well-known dwell. The Gospel according to Perez, E! Online, and People.com are readings of which they partake on a daily basis.

A Leftward Slant
This group resides so entirely within the city, the city practically resides within them. 53% male, and a mid-40s crowd. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has concluded from their analysis of our data that this cadre is not even a little Agreeable. Also, this lot is only a hair above moderately Conscientious, and not at all outgoing. But they are profoundly Open to new experiences, and virtually free of Neuroses. They’re liberals, or at least seem to lean that way. What we know for certain is that their shared affinities read like a what’s what and who’s who of the nation’s most prominent, leftward leaning newspapers, magazines, websites, and bloggers/columnists.

Charm City
On the distant outskirts of the metropolitan area which John Waters, David Simon, and Chef Duff Goldman call home — and the very same place where the late Edgar Allan Poe and Divine once roamed its streets — a group of men and women in their late-30s and 40s can be found. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us that the Neurotic dwell among this group to a degree below the average. Their shared affinities, as more than hinted at above, are the Baltimore-area’s major media outlets — its newspapers, local TV stations, etc. — and their major sports franchises. Personalities associated with one and/or both naturally rate highly as well.

Sons & Daughters o’ The Funny
With this group of city-dwellers, in their mid-30s-to-early-40s, 56% of whom are women, their common affinities tell us comedy is king. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us they are Open to a degree slightly above average, and Agreeable to a degree comfortably below. They are also, though, less Neurotic. Their above-referenced tastes in the funny, which bond them together, range from more upscale fare, such as Albert Brooks and the TV show ‘Arrested Development,’ to the more take no prisoners stuff like Howard Stern and Seth MacFarlane. Late-night talk hosts find love with Conan, Kimmel, and their ilk, also present and accounted for

Wake Up and Smile
This group of 80%, rurally-located women, in their late-40s-to-early-50s, like their TV news. Particularly in the morning. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tell us this is a generally Conscientious group, moderately Agreeable and Open to new things. Also, they are not at all Neurotic. While nightly news broadcasts, and their anchors, as well as major weather oriented channels are among this cluster’s shared affinities, morning news broadcasts dominate. Perhaps the generally more chipper tone, and cooking segments and spotlights on this latest trend or that, interspersed with the news, accounts for the low incidence of Neurosis.

These rural dwelling, 60% female, late-30s-to-early-40-somethings are bound by an attachment to two cities. Not neighboring cities. Not even in neighboring states. About 8 hours apart by car, Jacksonville, Florida and Huntsville, Alabama are the towns which bond this cluster together. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has surmised from our data that this is a rather Conscientious and not terribly Neurotic group. Otherwise, they seem a smidge more Agreeable than the average. Their common interests? The local TV stations, newspapers, some of the media personalities, and of course the sports teams associated with each of the two above-named southeastern American cities.

Television Singin’
This group of 89% women in their late-30s and early 40s live well outside the city. An Agreeable bunch, quite outgoing, a little Neurotic, and — IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds — not really at all Open to new experiences. They are, however, open as can be to singing contests on the television. ‘America’s Voice Got Talent Idols,’ or what-have-you. They like the contestants — both those who went on to continued fame, and those who are more cult faves among the various shows’ fans — they like the judges, and of course they like the programs themselves. It all adds up, though, to loving it when singers compete on TV.

California Has a North
Northern California is not wanting for beautiful rural areas, and this bunch of 57% women, in their late-30s-to-mid-40s, seem to live in one of them. Their affinities suggest access to TV from the nearest cities; San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Sacramento. Those cities’ sports teams, of course, and newspapers are also prominent. Shared interest, Daveed Diggs, who originated the role of Thomas Jefferson in Broadway’s 2015 megahit ‘Hamilton,’ comes from Oakland. Many of that show’s other stars, though, also rank highly; with no others being Californian. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us that this lot is most of all Conscientious, and barely Neurotic at all.

Rhythm and Pop 2000
Suburban and about 76% female, these 20 and 30-somethings like their R&B and pop. While almost all their favorite artists are still active and vital, they’e also been around a while and are established. You could say this bunch favors the old school, if not the oldest school. It’s worth noting that, upon observing their common affinities it’s clear that this assemblage also shares a passion for fashion. Neurotic most of all, and then Extraverted to the next greatest degree, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® also tells us that they are least of all Open to new things. Their continued love of the R&B and pop of the early naughts, above all else, seems consistent with this.

Two-Wheeler Feelers
From rural surrounds comes this group of 67% men in their late-30s-to-mid-40s. Less Agreeable than average, yet more Conscientious. Not particularly outgoing, but also not especially Neurotic. What else are they? Lovers of motorcycle racing, FMX (freestyle motocross), supercross (off-road motorcycle racing), and a lot of sports with variations of motor, moto, and/or cross in their names. Most if not all of these sports involve motorcycles. Few, in fact we’re pretty sure none of them involve straddling the arm of a couch, arms extended, and making “vroom” sounds with your mouth. So, know you’re dealing with the legit stuff here.

What Are Your Thoughts on Sports?
This cluster shares an affinity for the coverage — in print and on TV — of sports, with many markets large and smaller represented. As they for the most part reside well outside the cities where their favorite teams play, they’re counting on this coverage to give them their necessary fix of sweet, sweet sports. Perhaps owing to their distance from the cynical cities, this bunch is Conscientious above all other traits and, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us, they are Neurotic to a relatively minuscule degree. So long as their satellite dishes are working, and they can see the game, they haven’t a care in this world.

Hunting and Homemaking
This group of 80% women, in their late-20s-to-early-30s, live about as far from the city as you can get. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has derived from our data they’re a bit more Neurotic than the norm. What’s made of these particular social media users a conglomerate here are their shared affinities for rurally set reality shows. This would, as you may already be thinking, mean above all others, those featuring the well-facial-haired, hunting gear tycoon Robertson clan. This lot of reality TV enthusiasts are, as you might expect from country folk, Agreeable and outgoing (or Extraverted) above all other traits.

I’ve Seen Egypt, I’ve Seen France
In the city dwells this group of 30 and 40-something men and women. Among this group, you will find a vastly larger number than usual of those who are Conscientious, an even larger number still who are Open to new experiences, and nearly non-existent quantities of the Neurotic and Agreeable (thank you, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®). Their common affinities span the French and Arabic speaking worlds, with an international array of political and media figures, and celebrities; including YouTube stars, whose typical audience tends to skew a bit younger. The objects of the shared interests hail from lands such as France, Egypt, Morocco, and Syria.

Habitual Concert Attendees
Have you ever paid top dollar to see a favorite band from great seats, and wind up sitting next to people who don’t even seem to know the band’s name? These folks just love going to big concerts. Sabbath, Weezer, Coldplay, Nine Inch Nails, The Killers? All good, according to their shared affinities. So long as the music’s loud and the $20 beers are cold. Appropriately, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®, tells us they are Agreeable above all other personality traits. Then they are equal parts Neurotic and outgoing, but surprisingly Open to new experiences least of all. Which if you think about it makes sense. The bands may change, but the experience does not as much.

Ghost the Dog Hunter
This group is 80% women, in their early-to-mid-40s and rurally located. A smidge more Agreeable than the norm, the Conscientious, however, are not bountiful. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has also surmised from our data that this group is a bit more Neurotic than the average. Paranormal phenomena, represented by entertainments such as TV and radio shows, podcasts, etc. account for the largest number of shared affinities relating to a single interest. Then, at least four of the Chapman family of TV’s ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter,’ and related series, are present. Other cable TV programs and stars of note appear, but Dog and ghosts seem to be the main loves with this bunch.

All That Jazz
Here we have an urban-dwelling group of 54% women, in their mid-30-to-early-40s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® reveals little in the way of prominent personality peaks or valleys. They are a bit more Conscientious and less Neurotic than the average. The shared passion here is jazz. Some contemporary-ish names are to be found, but also more legendary names such as Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, and Chick Corea. Also, a touch of hip hop finds its way in. Q-Tip, ?uestlove, and independent genre-jumping vocalist Bilal. But the unmistakable and predominant vibe here is the great American art-form, by which we do mean jazz.

Stuck Inside of Mobile
This group of 59% suburban men, in their mid-30s-to-early-40s, are not so much loyal to a brand as a specific area of consumer technology. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this gang is not the least bit Neurotic. They are also more Conscientious and Open to new ideas and experiences than what’s average. The shared affinities that make of these folks a cluster? They dig Amazon AND Apple. The iPhone AND Kindle. They read Mac related publications and online tech-writers whose focus is primarily on Android news. The cherry on top? Some games and apps, mostly exclusively associated with mobile tech — but of all makes — are peppered among their common interests.

Cosmetically Colossal
This group of suburban women in their late-20s-to-early-30s are above all else, interested in the vast array of consumer products with which one might decorate a face. Lipsticks, rouges, powder-puffs, compact cases, their common affinities tell us they can’t get enough of the stuff. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us that while they are Neurotic, perhaps they are not to the extent you might think. They’re also a bit more Conscientious than the average group. But above all else, their mutual affections tell us the most vivid tale. From boutique to big name brands, cosmetics are not something with which this circle engages passively.

What’s the Capital of Oklahoma?
This group of 55% men in their late-30s-to-mid-40s are rural folk. The metropolitan area with which they’re affiliated, though, is that of Oklahoma City; a town growing in stature and becoming hipper of late. Of the Big Five Personality Traits, this group is least of all Open to new things.  IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® add, though, that you’d not find too many Neurotic types among this crew. Before pigeonholing entirely, the common affinities here are, as stated, confidently Okie-oriented. This gathering, though, has a toe in Nebraska, with that great state’s university, and the city of Lincoln’s CBS affiliate also among the shared affinities here.

Suburban Laughter
Here we have a group of 66% women in their late-30s-to-early-40s living in the country. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says they are Neurotic most of all and Conscientious to the least extent, though neither dramatically so. Were you to hang out with this group, you might not laugh, but you’d probably watch them do so. Their shared affinities include ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais, Sarah Silverman, the website ‘Funny or Die,’ satirical perennial ‘The Onion,’ and a relatively varied assortment of performers and media outlets with comedy being their common, ostensible primary purposes.

It Puts the Lotion in the Basket
Here we have a 57% male platoon of rural residents in their late-30s-to-mid-40s. We bet they know very cold winters. A condition not aided when their NFL team is best known for having been defeated in four consecutive Super Bowls; losing one by a single point due to a missed field goal kick. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® identifies a below-average occurrence of Neurosis. Shuffling off to their shared affinities, they are — as we’ve ill-concealed — things related to the great city of Buffalo, New York. Specifically their sports teams — the NFL’s Bills, the NHL’s Sabres — and their various local TV stations, newspapers, and major sports and media figures.

Edvard Munch’s ‘The Stream’
This group of city-folk are comprised of equal parts men and women, in their late-30-to-mid-40s. The affinities binding them together here are the major record labels. Not just the parents — Sony, Universal, and Warners — but the individual imprints as well (i.e., Atlantic, Epic, etc.). This is a group who favors mainstream music. While fewer in number than the labels on their list, the bigger story here is told by another assortment of common interests. SoundCloud, Spotify, Pandora, etc., are all to be found. Absent? Music vendors, whether they sell hard copies or downloads, there is not a single one to be found. Streaming only.

Mostly Marvel
This group of 65% suburban women find that their common affinities are decidedly superherocentric. The most prominent points of sympathy among this herd of adherents to the betighted demigods of modern-day mythos are the superhunks who actually don those afore-referenced tights. This, these well-remunerated gym-rats do on screens both big and small. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us this bunch is equal parts Agreeable and Extraverted. They are Neurotic to a far greater degree. Worth noting, the source material for these televisual and cinematic serials — meaning, the actual comic books themselves — are a shared point of compatibility here as well.

ESL and Excel
This is a countryside roaming pack of 76% women in their mid-40. The analysis of IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® fleshes that out by adding they’re exceptionally Conscientious, but not at all Agreeable. They are profoundly Open to new experiences, though, and not at all Neurotic. The affinities shared here revolve around adult education. English as a second language, and matters of college admissions, financial aid, and such concerns define the cluster. The sum total suggests a narrative where, while possibly a mix, these are more people seeking to be educators than those seeking to be educated.

Proud and Out
These are city mice, 50% men and women. They favor those things most commonly identified as being of interest to gay men. To make our meaning clear, we mean Bette Midler, Cher, and RuPaul. In isolation, we’d still be generalizing. However, add affinities like Neil Patrick Harris, ‘Playbill,’ and Audra McDonald. Oh! And publications such as ‘The Advocate’ and ‘Gay Life.’ The interpretation of our data is always impartial, but not insensitive. We feel this is fair. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® tells us Neuroticism is the second most prominent trait to be found here. The most prominent is an outgoing nature (or in pro-terms, Extraversion).

The Sweet Science
This bevy of 68% rural men might be found thumbing through old issues of ‘The Ring’ magazine, or watching “The Thrilla in Manila” on YouTube for the 100th time. Come fight night, though, forego betting on the bout and instead bet your bottom dollar that this group will be tuning in to HBO, or ordering the pugilistic presentation on pay-per-view. Friends over and pizzas ordered. Their shared affinities, if you’ve not guessed, mostly revolve around boxing. Notably, this is a group decidedly lacking in Neurosis, and while perhaps not dramatically so, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has identified the Conscientious as most prominent among this collective.

Backyard Trappin
Men and women in their 20s and 30s, mostly from the suburbs, who favor jams of a hip hop variety, but with a more decidedly electronic flavor. While Neurotic above all other personality traits, according to IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®, they are also an Agreeable and outgoing flock.

Country Shredders
The web has made all subcultures and customs learnable and adaptable to all environments. In olden days — learning skateboard culture’s finer points from zines and VHS tapes — NYC skaters, without the hills and empty pools of southern California, had to invent their own rugged and bonkers style. Now imagine doing fakies off of hay bales, or ollies off of cows. Poetic license. This rural group’s shared affinities suggest a migration of the skater lifestyle from its traditional hubs to the country. A Neurotic bunch, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® also tells us that while it’s to a small enough degree that their rebellious skater cred is intact, they’re also a fairly Agreeable horde.

That’s a Heck of a Lot of Tech
These 67% male city-folk, in their 40s, are techies. Neither Agreeable nor Extraverted, they are, however, more Conscientious and Open than average. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds they are also vastly less Neurotic than what’s typical. As we say, the common affinities that make of this mélange a tribe? Tech. Websites and publications that report and provide reviews on the latest. The biggest companies in the digital world, as well as some of the biggest names (such as, Marissa Mayer or Bill Gates) can be spied among their mutual affections. Their interests seem broad and all-encompassing. The tech-centric are well-advised to spread their nets wide in these fast-moving times.

Booray for Bollywood
This multitude of 70% male city-dwellers, in their mid-to-late-30s, are bundled together here for their shared affinities relating to Hindi cinema of the 80s and 90s. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® reveals this crew as Conscientious and Open, each to a rather significant degree, and Neurotic to a tiny degree. They are, however, also even less Agreeable and Outgoing.

Allerbammer Jokers
This is a rural bunch, about 62% female, in their late-30-to-mid-40s. Their common affinities make it rather evident that their nearest metropolitan area is Birmingham, Alabama. Most of their shared interests revolve around that fine town’s local television stations, media figures, newspapers, and so forth. What makes these clusters fun, however, is what makes America fun. The similarities extend beyond geography, this group also shares a love for TruTV’s immensely popular, hidden camera prank show, ‘Impractical Jokers.’ Also to be found among their common interests, the fine Staten Island, New York residents who make up ‘Jokers” cast.

Tyler Perry’s ‘Scandal’
This group of 80% women, in their 30s and 40s, live a bit in the city, but more in the ‘burbs. When viewed through the lens of IBM Watson’s Personality Insights®, our data says that among this bunch you’ll find those of an Agreeable personality the second most prominent. The outgoing (or Extraverted) are best represented. The affinities binding this team are largely those African American entertainers and media figures with more of a family, and/or grown up appeal. Meaning, in other words, Tyler Perry for the former, Kerry Washington for the latter, and Steve Harvey — depending on the project — appealing to both.

Here’s a group of 64% women, who — being in their mid-20s-to-early-30s — grew up in the era when YouTube was becoming king. PewDiePie was as famous as Michael Jordan to this faction, for years, by the time much of the world was just learning his name (and his yearly income!). What bonds this suburban dwelling flock together is a love for YouTube’s original top-tier of stars. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says this pack is Neurotic above all other traits, but they’re also quite Agreeable; meaning here, friendly and compassionate. This lot also displays greater Conscientiousness than most clusters comprised of younger people.

Grown-up Moms
These suburban women in their 30s and 40s are the moms of not only toddlers, but babies. While it’s not unusual for women these ages to be having their first child, the shared affinities don’t specify. It could be a mix of vets and rookies alike. In addition to brands essential to raising an infant, such as Johnson & Johnson, coupons and cost-cutting measures are a motif. Heartening, though, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has extrapolated from our data that this is who you would hope to be rearing the generation running things as we grow old. Conscientious and Agreeable most of all, and Neurotic to where it barely registers. A desirable personality profile for a parent.

Ready to Rumble
MMA and social media timed their coupling beautifully. Each made its ascent at the dawn of the ’00s. The latter played a large part in the growth of this once maligned sport. Social media gave the athletes a voice, and the public learned there was more to MMA than some bloodbath freakshow. These were serious practitioners of martial arts, disciplined and philosophical. The accessibility to fans, increased personal investment. Here we have 78% men in their mid-30s-to-early-40s, in the country, and definitely invested in their favorite fighters. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® shows a tribe notably lacking in Conscientiousness and Agreeableness. Otherwise, though, an even-keeled clique.

Jet City Athletics
These early-40-somethings live in the country. Surrounded by pine trees, we’d bet. We base our hypothesis on their shared affinities for the professional sports teams, media outlets, and the personalities associated with each, native to what was once known as Jet City. Seattle’s association with Boeing (hence, “Jet City”) has in recent years taken a backseat to grungey music and multi-billon dollar coffee and software enterprises. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® reveals to us a group among whom none of the Big Five Personality Types are profoundly present. This bunch is, however, a bit less Neurotic than the typical bunch.