Communication: The Basics

Jan 22, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

Today, everyone needs to constantly sharpen their communication skills. Especially as the tech industry grows, the developers and engineers who once were behind the scenes are now the CEO’s presenting to a packed auditorium while thousands more stream it online.

When communicating in any form, to any audience, it’s important to keep 3 factors in mind: the audience, the message, and the medium.

The Audience: Who are you speaking to? What do you know about them, demographics, lifestyle, interests? How do they best receive information?

The Message: What is the main point you want your audience to remember when they walk away, the next day, the next week?

The Medium: How will you present this idea? Is this a presentation or weekly meeting? Each situation calls for a different medium to be the most effective

Whether it’s a weekly team meeting, a conference presentation, or a board meeting, next time you are presenting, think about these 3 factors to tailor your message to be the most effective.



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