Fantastic Four Audience Analysis

Aug 10, 2015 | Audience Intelligence

Fantastic Four premiered this weekend, and to Hollywood, was a box office flop. We analyzed the social users talking about the film.

Key Findings:

– The #1 brand was Marvel Entertainment

– Their favorite Celebrity is Stan Lee

– They are 65x more likely to like Constantine


Seventy one percent of the audience talking about Fantastic Four this weekend were men, 29% were women. Twenty three percent of the audience were teenagers, 21% were over the age of 54. California was the number one state talking about the movie followed by New York and Texas.


The top interests of this audience are Video Games, Comic Books, and Sci-Fi. The favorite brand of this audience is Marvel Entertainment followed by Sony and Disney. They are 86x more likely to like the website Screen Rant and 49x more likely to like Gillette.

This audience is 22x more likely to like Miles Teller and Kate Mara and 37x more likely to like Jamie Bell.



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