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Understand and target your social audience

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Get to know your social audience. Discover the people behind the counts. We have identified over 600 million social profiles and their characteristics, as defined by over 30,000 demographic and lifestyle variables. Know, segment, and target your social audience as never before.

We look up every member of your social audience across 60+ social networks and every major blogging platform, gleaning everything known about them on the web.

Twitter is just the beginning.


Find out what they like: from their interests to their favorite brands, celebrities, and TV shows. Compare their affinities to those of various personas.


Get to know your social audience.



Learn exactly who your social audience is: the people’s sex, age, race, income brackets, education levels, as well as their location.

We aggregate individual level data to generate your audience profile. With 30,000+ defining variables, it gives you a microscopically detailed view of your audience composition and its characteristics.


Clearly visualize your audience data

User Friendly Navigation

Easily browse through our vast taxonomy. Global and local search. Sort metrics by absolute value or relative to a benchmark population.

Benchmark your audience

Set your baseline to the global Twitter average population, or to custom benchmark populations for comparison purposes. See what stands out from the average.

Data the way you want it

Reports, various export formats, and API access. Custom data analysis available upon request.


We precision target your niche audience


If you have an audience at hand (e.g., an @account’s followers, people mentioning an @account, sharing a certain link, tweeting a certain #hashtag, keyword, or from a certain venue, etc.) we can tell you everything you could possibly wish to know about those people.

But that’s not all we can do. If you have a specific segment in mind (e.g., 25 to 34 year-old males who make over $50,000 a year, live in NYC, and watch Game of Thrones) we can find and target those people for you on major social networks. We can also tell you everything else about them that you may care to know, from their interests to what other shows they watch, their favorite brands, music, celebrities, etc.

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Finest affinity segments

Our proprietary multi-layer taxonomy indexes 370 interests, 1,100 tv shows, 8,200 consumer brands and 22,000 celebrities. We will find what you are looking for, even if it’s a needle in the hay.

Data tied back to social profiles

Our data is not just good-to-know statistics. For every combination of segments you analyze or build, we have the corresponding social handles to match to.

Precision Targeting

By matching your desired audience segments to the corresponding identities of social users, you can  ensure that you’re reaching precisely the right audience in your campaigns.

Census data, at scale

Small samples can be misleading. We don’t like to extrapolate. For robust, statistically significant results, we crawl 100% of the Twitter handles that make up your audience. Our growing DB contains over 650 million connected social profiles.

Cross-silo data sources

Don’t miss those fans of your brand who are silent on social networks. We report what your audience members reveal about themselves on 60+ social networks.

Read your audience’s mind

We process several content streams and cross-reference the results to find revealing patterns. Our interest graph is based on powerful, proprietary semantic analysis.


What sets us apart

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Define your target audience
Starting point: your @account followers (or a competitor’s), tweeters of your sponsored #hashtags, or people who mention your brand on Twitter or other social networks. Or whatever desired combination of segments you have in mind.

Find perfect lookalikes
We identify great numbers of social users whose demographic profile, lifestyles, and affinities most closely resemble those of your desired audience. This tailored audience is a perfect match for your unique campaign, its members cherry-picked to be the most receptive to your message.


Scale up and target
Match the size of your audience to the scope of your campaign. Tell us how many people you would like to reach, and we will find you that many matches across social networks, the very best people to target. This bespoke tailored audience can be sent directly to corresponding networks that power your campaign.

Clients include:

Understand Audiences

Explore your audience far beyond counts, content, and sentiment metrics. Our analytics go much deeper—into exactly who they are and what they like. Gain rich insights into the demographics and lifestyles of your particular audience. Find out where they over or under index across more than 40,000 traits, as compared against the average Twitter persona, or against any other customizable personas. This is the data capability of tomorrow: a must-have for all marketers working with social monitoring and listening platforms. Start using it today.

Build Audiences

Join the new era of social ad targeting. We only deliver your campaign to the people best fit to see it. Enjoy better results through data-driven hyper targeting. If you want to improve the efficiency of your campaign by 25%-100% without sacrificing scale, use our platform to build your perfect target audience. We achieve these results by modeling the closest lookalikes to your desired target, finding you practically as many people as you wish to reach, who share your target’s specific tendencies and lifestyles, and fall along the same demographic segments.