IBM World of Watson

May 5, 2015 | Audience Intelligence

IBM is hosting their World of Watson event in New York city this week. We’re keeping up with the social conversation, as well as attending, to provide insights about these users.


There were 3,000 tweets on Tuesday about the event, potentially reaching 1.27 million users. Twenty four percent of this audience is between the age 35–44.

Fifty seven percent of this audience is interested in Space/Astronomy and they are 12.5x more likely to be interested in Biology compared to the aerate Twitter audience. Twenty seven percent of users have an affinity for TED who announced their partnership with IBM Watson at the event.

This audience is 11x more likely to like Fitbit, 24x more likely to like the National Institute of Health, and 43x more likely to like Ogilvy.


The event kicked off Monday with a hackathon, which shows in this audience’s interests. Users that tweeted about the event yesterday are 68x more likely to be interested in Linux, 50.6x more likely to have an interest in Databases, and 17.6x more likely to be interested in Computer Networking than the Twitter average.

IBM was the number one brand of the audience, followed by Cisco, AOL, and Forbes. This audience is 91x more likely to like Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society which stems from multiple healthcare applications of the Watson technology. Users are 70x more likely to like MongoDB and 62.7x more likely to like financial site, TheStreet.

Twenty five percent of this audience has an affinity for Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM. This audience also has an affinity for Andrew Grill, Peter Diamandis, and Bryan Kramer.



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