Influencer Marketing with Joel Mchale

Aug 4, 2015 | Audience Intelligence

Influencer marketing is growing in popularity for brands because of the massive following celebrities and social media stars have. With so many options brands have to choose someone to represent their brand or product, how do they chose the best fit?

Brands should select someone who already has an audience interested in their product or brand. This indicates there is a correlation between the influencer and the brand but also allows the brand an opportunity to grow its consumer base through this influencer’s audience.

Below we analyzed talk show host, Joel McHale, recent ad appearances.

Joel McHale as a Brand Influencer

Joel McHale has added a number of spokesman roles to his resume this year. He has previously starred in Smirinoff’s “The Party” ads and now The Soup host starred in a Visa campaigned (where Visa partnered with Dunkin Donuts) and currently appears in T-Mobile ads, he even hosted the BBMAs this year.

Using StatSocial to analyze his audience, we determined how influential McHale is in these brand’s communities.

Visa: McHale’s audience is 1.47x more likely to be interested in Visa compared to the average audience.

T-Mobile: McHale’s audience’s affinity is 1.08x the social average.

Who else should hire Joel McHale?

According to his audience, the brands his audience already has an affinity for are

-Dell (8.3x the average)

-Jet Blue (10x the average)

-Old Spice (5.84x the average)

-Charity: Water (12.79x the average)



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