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StatSocial’s Silhouette™ interface helps deliver meaning to your audiences across a variety of marketing use cases. Research teams can better understand customers, markets and trends. Marketing teams can use it to hone in on the perfect audience for marketing campaigns and understand what message will resonate the most. Communuications teams can determine what influencers actually matter and what their audiences are really interested in. Audiences are indexed across the Taxonomy that easily points out key insights. The Insight Interface can be used in Excel, cross-tabbed and/or imported via API.
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For Brand, Marketing & Insight Teams

Our social affinity and earned media data is a proven and incredibly powerful source of deterministic data available at massive scale. Why? Think of the StatSocial data set as a massive 85,000 question survey given out to 300M users that is continually updated with their latest opinions and actions. And we can integrate it into your platform with complete analytical freedom across all data attributes. Your customer insight and research teams can utilize StatSocial data to better understand your customers, target markets, and emerging trends. Interested in knowing what’s the next “big thing” your customers are engaging with across social media? StatSocial lets you quickly identify emerging trends for the customers you care most about. Your marketing team can use StatSocial to create more personalized and focused marketing campaigns and improve their return on retargeting efforts. StatSocial lets you execute campaigns based on the earned media target consumers are engaging with, what influencers they follow, and what personas and Digital Tribes they belong to. In both cases, StatSocial can load your own custom personas via our “BYOP” program to your platform and allow you to segment your customer base across any persona that is difficult to identify with normal data sets.

For Technology Platform Companies

You’re a tech platform looking for Socially derived deterministic data at scale. StatSocial has got it. Our taxonomy of 85,000 attributes across Social Behaviors, Influencers, Earned Media, Brands,  and Affinities can provide the signals you need to feed your platform. Influencer Audience Data: StatSocial has identified the 10M most important influencers across every major category (e.g. B2C, CPG, B2B, etc), with each tied to audience level data. Can this be true? Our Influencer Graph gives you the data you need about these influencers as well as attributes about their followers so you can identify the passions, personalities and content consumption in detail not possible else where. Signal Data: You’re a tech platform looking to boost your models, give accurate propensities at scale, or create powerful lookalikes based on social affinities? We can provide you with social audience data at scale. With its scale and accuracy, StatSocial’s taxonomy provides an incredibly valuable data set to layer onto your software stack so you can expand your offerings and make them more accurate.

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