Back To School Season

Aug 24, 2015 | Insights

Back to school time has practically become a holiday in the retail world. Consumers have to stock up on school supplies, new clothes, the latest technology, and dorm furniture. Many brands turn to social to promote their products and promotions, Twitter even included it as an “event” in their new targeting feature.

We analyzed the back-to-school conversation during the beginning of August to see who was talking about the event and specifically what brands they liked.

This audience skewed slightly more female with 58% of users being women and 42% were men. About 29% of users were students who were talking about going back to school (under 18).

Favorite Brands:

Elmer’s and Crayola were 2 of the top school supply brands for this audience. Their affinity for Vtech toys is 115x the social average.

The favorite store of this audience is Target, they are 6.6x more likely to like Target compared to the average. Their favorite CPG company is P&G followed by Unilever. Purex, Clorox, and Tide top the list for their favorite CPG brands. While advertising typical school supplies, stores should also offer promotions on CPG brands like Purex to increase sales during their back to school trip.

Favorite Influencers:

Many brands hire big names for this big audience they have a chance to reach. We looked at the top influencers that this audience is already interested in that brands could take advantage of to promote their brand. Influencers that top the list are big names like Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres, and Oprah. But this audience is also interested in mommy blogger, Amy Lupold Bair (43x the average) and Taye Diggs (9.7x the average).