Believe it or Not, Some Donald Trump Fans Watch TV. Here are their 10 Favorite Shows!

Sep 14, 2016 | Insights

In a move the cynical among you might characterize as pandering, The Donald pays homage to the Robertsons — of whom Willie Robertson especially has been outspoken in his fondness for the GOP nominee — in this oddly seldom published photo.


If you read our last couple of entries, highlighting the musicians whose social media audiences show the strongest affinities for either Secretary Clinton and/or Mr. Trump (which you can check out here and here), you should be well prepared for what you’ll find within this, the third entry in a series that may very well go on for quite some time. Goodness knows we have the data for it.

In the interest of demonstrating that abundance we move on to a topic near and dear to every American’s heart. Television.

Yes, today we’re focusing on the business that is either the number one or two with which Mr. Trump is most closely associated (the other being real estate).

Ladies and gentleman, what you are witnessing on the chart above are Donald Trump’s Top 10 TV Shows (by social media audience affinity).

The first place finisher should surprise no one. The enormously popular flagship reality series (we specify, as there are spin-offs), featuring the largely long-haired and proudly bearded Robertson family.

The self-made millionaire, hunting gear entrepreneurs at the show’s center got some sensitive and censorious internet folks all in a tizzy a couple of years back, for expressing their unapologetic conservative, Christian beliefs.

A&E stood by the show and our Constitution’s First Amendment, and the show’s consistently great ratings probably didn’t hurt either, and eventually — as such hubbubs tend to do — the feigned outrage died down.

(We say this as believers in the First Amendment, not to in any way show preference for Trump, the Robertsons, or even A&E. As stated in our last entry, StatSocial endorses no candidate and has no preferences or bias in this or any current political race. Statistics know no partiality, and statistics are our business.)

The number two entry, Fox’s Hannity, is of course the television soapbox for conservative pundit Sean Hannity; also the host of his own massively popular radio show. Hannity was one of the earliest high profile conservatives to throw his support behind The Donald, without reservation.

By contrast, Mr. Hannity’s Fox colleague, Bill O’Reilly, of the very popular The O’Reilly Factor, has had a much more uneasy relationship with The Apprentice star’s candidacy.

He’d prefer him to Hillary — which has not been true of all high profile conservatives, but as we’re not a political blog we’ll leave that be for now — but he’s never quite thrown the full weight of his enthusiasm behind the GOP’s 2016 nominee.

Along these precise lines, but even more pronounced, the number 10 entry sticks out as well. Ms. Kelly’s feelings on The Donald’s candidacy, and their ongoing feud and swipes at one another on social media and in the press, have been one of the more colorful side shows during this never boring presidential election year.

It’s difficult to believe Ms. Kelly would vote for Hillary, but she’s of course never made it clear who she supports.

The Donald — fixated on winning Megyn Kelly’s favor and proving to her that his candidacy is not just some elaborate ego trip — showed up at Kelly’s home, brandishing a real, live bald eagle. With paparazzi in tow, he seized the photo op. While terrified, Kelly — ever the professional — managed a smile for the cameras before giving Trump a count of 30 to leave entirely — to quote Kelly, “without a trace” — before she brought in law enforcement.

The controversial Dr. Oz Show — controversial for lacking skepticism regarding, and some have said promoting, faith healing, communicating with the dead psychically, homeopathy, and “energy” based therapies such as Reiki (we’re not a political blog, and we’re also not James Randi, so we have no comment on any of that) — is a somewhat surprising entry. The show’s host, Mehmet Oz, is of Turkish heritage and was raised Muslim.

Here we see Dr. Oz, after reluctantly admitting to guests, rappers Insane Clown Posse, that he too did not know how magnets worked. Ultimately he conceded they were probably miracles.

While Trump has backed off some of his more inflammatory rhetoric regarding followers of Islam, it is still worth noting. Also worth noting, Trump is to appear on the show this Thursday (the day we’re first posting this), apparently to release the results of a recent physical.

A bit of Trumpian political theater, no doubt, in response to Secretary Clinton’s recent bout of pneumonia.

Perhaps we have our new Surgeon General (that is merely an absurdist joke, and in no way an expression of a political opinion).

Comedy Central’s incredibly popular Tosh.0, hosted by the decidedly politically incorrect stand-up comic Daniel Tosh is not a hugely surprising entry. One might argue the comic shares The Donald’s tendency to forego self-editing, saying whatever the heck he feels. So far, this approach has worked out well for both men.

On the other hand, the network’s Workaholics appearance on the list surprises. While often funnier than you want it to be (at least once upon a time, I’ve not seen it in a couple of a seasons), and accepting that its central characters are supposed to be idiots and their behaviors are not precisely celebrated, it still features flagrant drug use, and a vast assortment of ‘Rated M’ content, that doesn’t seem entirely GOP friendly. But, many would contend that in a general way, that is true of this particular GOP nominee in general.

Watch this specific entry, as we may amend it in the wake of The Donald’s Dr. Oz appearance on Thursday, perhaps even with video if available.

And in a more general way, watch — nay, bookmark — this space, as we’re only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exhausting this topic. Whomever of the two candidates could win, and serve two full terms, and we could still be laying mind-blowing stats on you. But for tomorrow, we believe you’ll be seeing Hillary’s top TV shows.

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