Brand Influencer Spotlight: Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Old Navy

Aug 26, 2015 | Insights

What makes an influencer right for your brand? And after you choose an influencer to represent your brand, how do you measure if he/she was successful?

Finding the Right Fit

Choosing an influencer to represent your brand is a difficult task, the influencer has to fit your brand values, appeal to you audience, and ultimately persuade their audience (which may not be your audience) to take an action.

Using social data to select an influencer for your next campaign is a strong indicator of who will appeal to your audience since most influencer campaigns are social first.

We took a look into Old Navy’s choice to use Julia Louis-Dreyfus in their recent campaigns. Analyzing Old Navy’s social audience, we indicated that Old Navy’s audience is 7x more likely to like Julia Louis-Dreyfus compared to the social average. This validates that Louis-Dreyfus was a smart choice for Old Navy to use in their campaigns because their audience already has an affinity for her.

Other choices for influencers for Old Navy that are similar to Louis-Dreyfus and previous spokes woman Amy Poehler are:

– Zooey Deschanel (5.9x the average)

– Jenny McCarthy (12.5x the average)

– Kelly Ripa (12.3x the average)

Measuring Influencer Campaigns

Many brands who use influencers give each influencer a specific promo code to give their audience so when they make a purchase, the brand can tell the percentage of sales attributed to each influencer. In Old Navy’s case, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was used in commercials as well, so attributing sales to her can be difficult.

Using social audience data, brands can measure the increase in affinity for their brand in their influencer’s audience.

When we analyzed Louis-Dreyfus’ audience, we can see her audience is 2.88x more likely to like Old Navy compared to the average. We then took a look at what other brands she should represent based on her audience:

– Febreze (3.4x the average)

– Tide (3.5x the average)

– American Express (2.2x the average0

– Doritos (3.8x the average)

– Klondike (5.5x the average)