#CokeZero400: Coke wins big as a sponsor

Jul 9, 2015 | Insights

Dale Earnhardt Jr took home the championship at the 57th annual Coke Zero 400 on Sunday night, July 5th.

We tracked the conversation around the event, below are insights around users who tweeted to the official hashtag, #CokeZero400


Not surprisingly, this was mainly a male audience, with 73% of tweeters being men, 27% women. Twenty six percent of this audience were teenagers and 31% were millennials (18–34). The top states this audiences resides in are Florida, North Carolina, and Texas.


The top interest for this group is Nascar Racing followed by Country Music and Football. The favorite brands of this audience are Nascar, ESPN, and NFL and they are 57x more likely to like Chevrolet compared to the Twitter average. Coke was the number one soft drink of this audience and they are 34x more likely to like Coke Zero.