College Football Championship

Jan 13, 2015 | Insights

Fourth ranked Ohio State defeated #2 Oregon to take the first ever College Playoff Championship on Monday, January 12th.

About 66% of people tweeting last night are men, 34% are women. It seems Ohio State fans outnumbered Oregon as Ohio is the top State where tweets were sent from and there were more tweets mentioning OSU compared to mentioning Oregon.


Not only does this audience care about football, their #1 interest, they care about Cheerleading-users that tweeted about the game are 8.7x more likely to be interested in Cheerleading than the average Twitter audience.


Not surprisingly, the top brands of this audience include ESPN, Fox Sports, Bleacher Report, Deadspin, Mike and Mike, and Sports Illustrated.

They are 11.8x more likely to like Buffalo Wild Wings than the average Twitter audience.

The game was sponsored by AT&T which the audience is 1.59x more likely to like but Verizon is the #1 provider.

These tweeters like Lebron (who supported the Buckeyes), Erin Andrews, and Adam Schefter.

Along with watching football, this audience like shows on the Golf Chanel, Duck Dynasty, and HBO Boxing.

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