Fear The Walking Dead Premiere

Aug 24, 2015 | Insights

The Walking Dead spinoff Fear The Walking Dead premiered August 23rd as a “family drama”

Even though viewers were prepped for fewer zombie attacks, they loyal TWD fans tuned in to watch the pilot. AMC has created such a loyal following proving good content builds community

FearTWD Demographics:

Fifty two percent of the social audience talking about Fear The Walking Dead were men and about a third of the audience were teenagers. The top DMA markets for the premiere were NYC, LA, Chicago, and Atlanta.

FearTWD Affinities:

This audience is 33.7x more likely to like AMC compared to the social average. They are 13x more likely to like Telltale games who produces The Walking Dead video game. The favorite celebrity of this audience is Norman Reedus. Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohen also make the top 5 celebrities as well as Chris Broadwick of Talking Dead.