Holiday Shopping Influencer Marketing: Bloomingdale’s

Dec 6, 2018 | Insights

Confronted by the presence of Ms. McCartney, Stanley Kowalski exhibits uncharacteristic restraint. There’s something he so badly wants to scream out, but he resists.

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At one time there was likely no chain of department stores more synonymous with high-end retail — particularly among those associated with women’s wear and accessories — than “Bloomie’s.” Its flagship location on Manhattan’s east side remains one of the world’s most famous stores.

Here are the influencers for which Bloomingdale’s current top customers have displayed the strongest affinities.

14.71% of Bloomingdale’s top customers are Stella McCartney fans

The top influencers among this most dedicated class of customers speak loudly and clearly to the store’s core consumer base. High-end apparel and/or shoe designers top the list.

Most prominent of all influencers here is Stella McCartney, OBE. The 47-year old designer has been one of the most respected and successful in the world for many years now. She accomplished the nearly impossible task of coming out from under the shadow cast by her inconceivably famous father and making her own way in an industry over which Sir Paul had not a shred of influence. Stella shares fans with Bloomingdale’s to a degree that exceeds the average U.S. social bunch by a very significant 51.7 times.

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