Holiday Shopping Influencer Marketing: Costco

Dec 4, 2018 | Insights

6.72% of Costco’s top customers are fans of Jamie Oliver

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Costco — the 15th most successful American company, by total revenue — is a membership only, wholesale warehouse club. With over 720 warehouses globally, many around the world enjoy the bargains they make available. For a reasonable annual fee members have access — both via one of their no frills warehouses and their website — to a vast array of goods at prices that find said fee more than paying for itself in short order.

While often sold in bulk, quality name brand goods are on offer. Also, those who complain of healthier options frequently being beyond the means of many working families can find numerous healthy options for those on a budget.

This might help explain why the top influencer here is celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Oliver first became famous in the states via his Food Network program, ‘The Naked Chef.’ Starting around 2005, Oliver became a vocal advocate of fostering healthy eating habits in the children of his native Britain. In the years since, he has become best known globally for his dedication to this cause. The proportion of Costco’s customers who are fans of Oliver exceed the baseline by nearly five and two-fifths times.

While he has used his position of public prominence to promote what some would describe as pseudosciences or worse, Dr. Mehmet Oz — of the popular ‘Dr. Oz’ TV show — is nonetheless a professional promoter of personal health. In this sense — not knowing to what degree the two men would see eye to eye — he and Oliver share a common goal. He finds fans among Costco’s most ardent members to a degree exceeding the average American social media audience by four-and-two-thirds times.

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