Holiday Shopping Influencer Marketing: eBay

Dec 3, 2018 | Insights

Tim Cook and Cristiano Ronaldo playing one-on-one soccer at eBay’s corporate campus. This, while a Godzilla shaped Christmas tree witnesses the whole thing. 
6.91% of eBay’s top customers are fans of Cristiano Ronaldo

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In another entry from this series we spoke of Amazon’s durability in weathering the dot com bubble burst, way back almost 20 years ago. Another of the big winners from from that trying era of boom and bust was online auction site eBay. Now long established as cyberspace’s HQ for both bargain hunting and side hustles, it’s also for many years been a major destination among holiday gift shoppers trying to find that perfect item — or even an adequate one — for that someone special.

The world’s most famous — or surely, along with Lionel Messi, one of the world’s two most famous — currently active footballer/soccer player, the great Cristiano Ronaldo, tops the influencer list here. eBay’s most dedicated users are fans of Ronaldo to a degree exceeding the baseline by comfortably over three times.

Nearly as prominent here is Apple CEO Tim Cook, successor to the company’s late, iconic founder. While not likely to ever achieve the legendary status of Steve Jobs, he has managed to attain and retain a profound level of celebrity in his own right. Affinity for Cook among eBay’s greatest fans exceeds the average U.S. social media audience to roughly the same degree as Ronaldo.

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