Holiday Shopping Influencer Marketing: Etsy

Dec 5, 2018 | Insights

Grace Bonney and Coco Rocha are Etsying the heck out of things in anticipation of the season.
4.02% of Etsy’s top customers are fans of Grace Bonney

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eBay can, for the seller, be a bit like setting up a stall at a flea market. Still, “Buy it Now” functionality notwithstanding, it is first and foremost about auctions. Etsy is, with no squinting or fudging required, much more directly analogous to setting up such a stall.

Etsy is a marketplace for sellers who specialize in the making of handmade goods and/or the procuring of vintage goods for purposes of sale. And of course it is the place for those interested in buying such goods as well. Without them, naturally, the whole venture wouldn’t stay afloat.

While eBay is a steady side hustle for some, and even a primary hustle for many, it’s also for a vast number of its sellers about picking up some quick extra cash, or simply unloading the occasional valuable item rather than throwing it out. Etsy is more, on its face, about setting up an ongoing venture.

The top influencer here is Grace Bonney, the author and entrepreneur who first gained notoriety through her interior design blog, ‘Design*Sponge.’ Her admirers among the Etsy bunch exceed those among the average social gang by 12 ⅖ times. Model Coco Rocha is the second most prominent influencer with this group, finding affinity here to a degree exceeding the baseline by nine-and-two-fifths times.

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