Holiday Shopping Influencer Marketing: Home Depot

Dec 3, 2018 | Insights

Bob Vila chills among the Christmas decorations on offer at The Home Depot, a store where — anytime he enters, anywhere on Earth — he is mobbed by the customers like a Beatle. Coming up the rear is Martha Stewart who finds fans among Home Depot’s customers to a degree exceeding the baseline by over five-and-one-quarter times.
4.21% of Home Depot’s top customers are fans of Bob Vila

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The Home Depot is THE big box store for all things related to home renovation, upkeep, and improvement. If ANY other influencer were to top this list, we’d be shocked and maybe even a little appalled.

For nearly forty years now there has been one man, and one man alone, who has been the face of all the general craft, skill, and all-around handiness to which Home Depot exists to cater. We mean, of course, Bob Vila.

Below, on PBS’ ‘This Old House’ — the show Bob Vila originated, and which first made him a household name (in many senses) — you can watch the influencer who finds fans among Home Depot’s biggest customers to a degree exceeding the average American social media audience by nearly 13 times, as he introduces his viewers to the history and humidity of Tampa, Florida.

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