Holiday Shopping Influencer Marketing: Kmart

Dec 4, 2018 | Insights

J.Lo would prefer you not let the substantial size of her Santa hat make you think she’s forgotten from where she came. She is, and will always remain, Jenny from the block. Kelly Clarkson, who is presumably also originally from some kind of block, can be seen holding a whole mess of gifts. This abundance, we’re certain, has also not changed her.
22.85% of Kmart’s top customers are fans of Jennifer Lopez

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Admittedly I do not know the location of all — or even most — of New York City’s Kmarts. But, as the ageless Jennifer Lopez once made clear, via her debut album’s title, she’d make her way through the Big Apple, starting from her Bronx home, ‘On the 6.’ The Kmart at the 6 train’s Astor Place stop in Manhattan allows straphangers to enter, via its bottom floor, without ever having to leave the subway station.

It’s highly unlikely that this is a factor in Ms. Lopez’s finding favor among Kmart’s strongest customers to a degree that exceeds such fondness among the average American social media audience by four times. You never know, though.

American Idol’’s flagship victor, a woman who has maintained a vastly more successful career than many of her successors to that crown, Ms. Kelly Clarkson, finds favor here to a degree exceeding the baseline by three-and-seven-tenths times.

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