Holiday Shopping Influencer Marketing: Macy’s

Dec 4, 2018 | Insights

25.61% of Macy’s top customers are fans of Lady Gaga

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Macy’s flagship location in New York’s Herald Square remains one of the city’s great landmarks, and as a brand they’ve managed to leave quite an imprint on the holiday season. Famously, of course, for decades they’ve sponsored the city’s enormous and world famous Thanksgiving Day parade. The store also, of course, figures prominently in the holiday time classic film, ‘Miracle on 34th Street.’

Here we see what was certainly a highlight of the 1975 parade. Believe it or not, one time perennial pitchman (pitchkid?), Mason Reese, is nowhere to be found among Macy’s customers’ most beloved influencers.

The top influencer here, as it turns out, is one of the most prominent names in all of social media. Reaching the peak of a list sorted by our index score (again explained here), when nearly 10% of all American social media users identify as your fan, truly demonstrates just how much love the Macy’s crowd have for her. While she’s not been around for nearly so long, YET, Ms. Germanotta — or Lady Gaga as she’d prefer — is already as much of a New York classic as The World’s Largest Department Store.

Gaga’s fans dwell among Macy’s strongest customers to a degree exceeding the baseline by two-and-three-fifths times.

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