Holiday Shopping Influencer Marketing: Saks Fifth Avenue

Dec 5, 2018 | Insights

Posh tries to crowd Bobbi Brown out of the frame, but truthfully the majesty of Saks itself draws the eye from anything in front of it.
22.74% of Saks Fifth Avenue’s top customers are fans of Victoria Beckham

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The oldest commercial corporation in the country, the Hudson’s Bay Company, is the owner of Saks Fifth Avenue (est. 1867). Saks is a chain of luxury stores, the flagship location of which is perhaps the jewel of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue shopping district, one of the most posh stretches of retail in the world. This area of the city is a major tourist attraction during the holidays for the astounding window displays the biggest shops present each year, with the windows of Saks never failing to take away the breath of all who see them.

Here we see a local news piece covering Saks’ unveiling of this year’s positively stunning holiday light show and window displays:

Topping the list of Saks’ influencers is someone quite posh in her own right. Posh Spice, to be exact. Or, if you prefer, and as she very well might, Mrs. Victoria Beckham. Affinity for Beckham exceeds that found among the average U.S. social media audience by 12.3 times.

Makeup artist, and founder and former COO of the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics brand, Bobbi Brown herself, finds favor among the Saks crowd to a degree exceeding the baseline by 11 ⅘ times.

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