#HPDiscover: 3 Thousand Tweeters, 2.7 Million Impressions

Jun 10, 2015 | Insights

HP is hosting their HP Discover event in Las Vegas this week to talk about the trends in the industry from security to mobility.

We analyzed the users tweeting to their hashtag, #HPDiscover, to determine who was keeping up with the event and what they are interested in.

There were over 19K tweets from over 3K users reaching potentially 2.7 million people on Twitter. Key findings about the tweeters are below:

  • 74% of tweeters are men
  • 31% are between the ages of 35–44
  • Their #1 Interest is Data Centers
  • 47% have a social affinity for HP

HP had multiple sponsors for their event, below, we ranked the top 20 sponsors by how likely the audience is to like the brand (based on their social affinity) compared to the Twitter average. The multiple is read as “Users are 208.69x more likely to like Hitachi compared to the Twitter average”

1. Hitachi (208.69x)

2. Aruba (179.27x)

3. VMware (173.68x)

4. SAP (114.37x)

5. Citrix (89.54x)

6. F5 (74.43x)

7. Fortinent (70.93)

8. Accenture (68.69x)

9. CenturyLink (54.66x)

10. Seagate (43.37x)

11. Deloitte (41.66x)

12. Intel (35.46x)

13. Schneider Electric (34.91x)

14. Toshiba (34.89x)

15. AMD (34.37x)

16. PWC (30.61x)

17. NVIDA (24.42x)

18. Microsoft (17.57x)

19. SanDisk (16.88x)

20. AT&T (5.67x)