Huggies & Target Partner for the Smartest Deal of the Week

Nov 13, 2014 | Insights

Target is the 6th most popular brand among @Huggies followers

Huggies and Target recently partnered together to offer a coupon to Target shoppers when they buy Huggies. One of the channels used to promote this offer was Twitter via a promoted tweet.

We analyzed both, the followers of Huggies and the followers of Target to see the value of this marketing effort. Below are our findings of the affinities of these groups.

-27.68% of Huggies followers like Target, making the Huggies audience 22x more likely to like Target than the average Twitter audience

-Pampers is the #1 baby brand of @Target followers, Huggies is #2.

Not only did Huggies partner with the favorite store of their audience which would predict more sales, they targeted a store where their competitor is the favorite to try to sway consumers.

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