Life is a Rock and Hillary Rolled Me: The Musicians Whose Social Media Audiences Love Hillary…

Sep 13, 2016 | Insights



We would like to open this entry with a quick disclaimer wishing Secretary Clinton the very best of health. She’s certainly been forthcoming in insisting that her brush with pneumonia was no big deal — and factually, people do catch pneumonia and quickly recover all the time — so we’ll go right ahead and take her word for it.

This brings us to another disclaimer, in case our well-wishes are misconstrued as favoritism. StatSocial as a company endorses no candidate, and shows no bias nor preference. Not in these entries, nor anywhere else. To do so would run in direct contradiction to our product’s primary purpose, which is the impartial reporting of statistics.

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Hillary Clinton’s top 10 Musicians, or however you’d care to describe them, can be found enticingly adorning this entry’s opening. This list is a perfect way to begin what will be a series of entries. These are the musical performers and/or recording artists whose social media audiences show the greatest affinity for Secretary Clinton.

It seems the fans of the smooth, groovy, ever-so chilled vibes of outspoken environmentalist, and the creator of many a dorm room’s soundtrack, Mr. Jack Johnson, share in addition to their fondness for Mr. Johnson’s sweet jams, an affinity for the former Secretary of State.

To be clear, this is not the Jack Johnson who was nicknamed the “Galveston Giant”; the first African American to win the heavyweight boxing crown (in 1908). Some mistakenly believe they’re the same person, but the prize fighter by that name died 70 years ago.

Also, we imagine that it would be relatively easy to beat up the singer Jack Johnson — less so the boxer, at least when he was in his prime — not that we’d want to, nor are we suggesting that anyone do so. But the singer Jack Johnson is just a pretty chill dude, and chill dudes don’t want any trouble.

A LAYMAN’S GUIDE: The Jack Johnson to the right was a great heavyweight prize fighter, and champion, and an American of nearly incalculable cultural import to the first half of the 20th century. The Jack Johnson to the left is just a chill dude of whose music you’ve never heard a note, but who sells out arenas.

From Mr. Johnson’s presumably sandaled feet we make the strangest leap to a pair of early 2000s Warped Tour headliners. First, Fall Out Boy’s Mr. Wentz and then Good Charlotte’s Mr. Madden (it should be noted the latter is also Mr. Cameron Diaz).

Perhaps we reveal our own ignorance when not quite knowing what to make of these results, except that we don’t know much about music we don’t personally like and listen to.

But we know the hits, and know the basic deals with Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte.

Madden, along with his twin brother was the co-leader of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous crooning Good Charlotte, and sold a boatload of records in the early ‘00s.

Wentz was not his very popular band’s front man, he was simply their bass player (and we believe possibly their lyricist?). But he was the one who was most famous, because the girls loved him. Eventually he became a bit of an impresario, helping to launch the careers of other guyliner wearing, quasi-pop-punk bands.

Prior to facing the former Secretary of State, Mr. Wentz “fixes his face.”

From there Hillary’s assortment is a mixed bag. The Divine Miss M., salsa and pop superstar Marc Anthony, a gaggle of Australians — Iggy, Lorde, and 5 Seconds of Summer’s Michael Clifford — a solitary Brit, but not just any Brit. We’ve got ourselves a One Direction Brit in the form of Louis Tomlinson.

All these years on, 1D still commands one of cyberspace’s most powerful and easily mobilized into action audiences. If a sizable portion of their audience is over 18, and as it has been a few years now that’s possible — — withholding judgment for a moment — that’s a legitimate voting bloc a candidate would not disregard out of hand .

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So why are you, StatSocial, doing research in this area at all? Well, you answered your own question. We research this because we’re StatSocial.

Those audiences following your social media accounts? What we do — accessible to our users via a beautiful, clean, and easy-to-use web platform, as well as numerous even more in-depth downloadable reports — is tell you who those people are.

In fact, we can tell you who the people are behind any social media audience you can imagine, whether they’ve gathered together voluntarily — like the fans of a rock band, or a brand of tomato sauce — or a group of your own imagining about whom you’re curious, or have marketing reasons to research, like “Ambitious Volkswagen driving Foghat fans from the Pacific Northwest.”

Yup, “ambitious,” thanks to our partnership with IBM Watson, and the integration of their Personality Insights™ tool, we can even tell you what types of people your audience consists of.

From the basic age, sex, and income demographics you’d expect, to what the audience’s favorite TV shows are, or where and how they vacation, or what their favorite tomato sauce is, and so forth. We eliminate guesswork from social media marketing. There are links at the end of this entry which will explain it all more in depth, and even get into the nuts and bolts side of things. We urge you to check them out.

Moving on from our commercial break…

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One name of course sits prominently upon this list in its upper tier.

Not since the days of Sinatra and Kennedy has a celebrity and a presidential candidate been so closely associated as William Jefferson Clinton and Barbra Joan Streisand. As you’d expect, Ms. Streisand has endorsed Secretary Clinton with an equal amount of zeal.

Hillary and Barbra, some years ago.

Why is Barbra not number one, though?

The fact is, Barbra’s not a star. Barbra’s a superstar. And not like Adele or Katy Perry, one who has only been a superstar for a few years. Barbra’s been a household name for in excess of 50 years. We simply suspect it’s impossible to reach such heights, for so long, if people of only one political affiliation connect with your work.

Still, let it be known that Barbra’s audience does favor Hillary to a dramatic degree.

Of the many, many lists available via StatSocial on our extremely user friendly web platform are lists relating to “social influencers”; meaning those with reasonably sizable audiences on social media, who remain active, interact with their audience, create content that gets shared often, and so forth. Taken straight from the StatSocial web platform, albeit greatly edited for the purposes of this blog entry, here are Barbra’s top 12 social influencers. When you see number 12, you’ll see the selection of a lucky dozen was not arbitrary.

These charts are incomplete, and edited from how they’d appear on our web platform for this blog entry. But to explain what you’re seeing. The top line, in blue, is the actual percentage of the social audience being analyzed — in this case Barbra Streisand’s fans — who are also part of the social audience indicated in the corresponding line item. Or, for example, 20.53% of Barbra’s fans are also fans of Lady Gaga. The grey line beneath it contains what percentage of the average social media audience are fans of the corresponding line item. This is the baseline against which we measure all of our calculations unless otherwise indicated or requested. Meaning, 12.81% of the average social media audience are fans of Ellen Degeneres.

Moving on again… If you cruise down Barbra’s list of influencers about 30 spots from the above, who do you see sitting there but….

Well, ain’t that something?

So, this is some illustration of why she’s not number one in the context of social media. She simply shares 6.4% of her fans with The Donald, a quantity that even ever-so slightly exceeds the baseline average.

To ease the consciences of those who may despair for their fellow Barbra fans. First of all, you should befriend some Conservatives. A majority of them are great people, and probably not all too different from yourself.

But also, we must remember that Mr. Trump has existed in our popular culture for decades, for reasons having little-to-nothing to do with politics. So, some of that common audience may have begun their social media relationships with The Donald years before he even announced his candidacy.

And we will reiterate, Barbra’s bound to have a Republican or two in her audience. You just couldn’t be as famous and beloved as she is, and for so long, otherwise.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

A bigger, more all-encompassing list of all major social influencers, topics, hobbies, and everything relevant that StatSocial indexes is in the offing. All, of course, to share with you good people, filling you in on where each topic’s audience falls in terms of sympathizing with The Donald, or with Hillary. (All ultimately, of course, to demonstrate the mighty capabilities of our analytics platform, while hopefully entertaining and informing simultaneously.)

In the meantime, we’ll be doling out smaller quantities of data in bite-sized chunks, in the form of one of our beloved internet’s favorite go-tos, Top 10 Lists. (Maybe some top 20 lists too.)

You’ll be seeing what musicians’ fans have demonstrated the strongest affinity for The Donald tomorrow. So, make a point of bookmarking the blog and checking in. We assure you a danged good — — yet informative, and statistically accurate — time.

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