#MWC15 Recap

Mar 4, 2015 | Insights

The Mobile World Congress is in full swing in Barcelona to share and learn about the future of mobile with talks from industry leaders.

We tracked the conversation around #MWC15 to see who was talking about the event.

Conference Recap

Wednesday Recap:

  • this audience is 8.5x more likely to be interested in Net Conferencing Technology compared to the average Twitter audience
  • they are 5x more likely to be interested in advertising compared to the average
  • their favorite publication is Forbes
  • this audience is 8x more likely to like Eric Schmidt than average
  • 11% like Star Trek

Tuesday Recap:

  • 64% of tweeters were men, 36% were women
  • 1/3 of tweeters were between the ages 35–44
  • this audience is 3x more likely to be interested in Entertainment Technology than the average Twitter audience
  • the #1 brand of this audience is Cisco
  • this audience is 3.9x more likely to like CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange compared to the average