Of Hockey Hair, Deflategate, and Men Made of Wax : The Top 10 Major Sports Teams Whose Fans Are in…

Sep 18, 2016 | Insights

Here Trump is shown — — immortalized in what is presumably wax — alongside former Atlanta Braves owner (as well as founder of TBS, CNN, TNT, and a whole bunch of other stuff) Ted Turner. In the 80s, a lot of people were trying to get rich, but no two people on Earth were more determined to be household names for being rich than the eerily effigied pair shown here.

The Top 10 Professional Sports Teams Whose Fans Show the Greatest Affinity for Donald Trump

This list above, Donald Trump’s Top 10 Sports Teams, is as no-nonsense and straightforward a list as you could hope for.

As we pointed out, when making note of the plethora of country stars peppering Donald’s list of top musicians, it’s amazing that a billionaire (at least sometimes) from New York City could stir the souls and excite the minds of so much of America’s heart and south lands. Trump’s campaign, however, has defied nearly every belief we had regarding presidential politics.

The first place Braves is a telling development, as at this time Georgia — like a lot of America — is very close in the polls.

A year ago, Trump was greeted in Atlanta to a mixed response, even being asked to leave a Conservative event at which he had originally been booked to be a speaker. The reason given was his failure to clarify a characteristically controversial remark made during a televised debate a few days prior.

As this summer draws to a close, though, one year later, it’s becoming nigh on impossible to even guess who our next president will be, or what will happen from here.

Three teams from Florida isn’t such a bad sign, though, given that it, along with Ohio, is the swingiest of swing states. Only one Buckeye State crew adorns this top 10 list, though, and they’re from Cincinnati which is — unlike say a Dayton, or a Cleveland — pretty much the south. Still, politically speaking, better than no Ohio at all.

We kid, though. This would be no list for electoral insights, we don’t think. The sample size is too small. There are tools, however, in StatSocial’s arsenal which would be of immense use in determining a candidate’s electoral viability in one region or another.

We’ll be getting to those in future entries, and soon.

One team whose presence we should be unsurprised to see, when looking at a list related to a boy from Queens (even if they play in New Jersey, they’ll always be Queens’ team) is the New York Jets. They’re holding steady in the upper half of The Donald’s list. And it shows that for his so-called “Red State” affinities, traipsing off to be the Republican presidential nominee and all that entails, he still has some friends at home.

Trump is pictured here next to New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. Johnson is one of the “vice chairs” of Trump Victory, a joint-fundraising committee, established by Trump and the RNC, to raise money for the general election.

Conspicuous in their absence are the team of perhaps the biggest celebrity to endorse The Donald, Tom Brady. Brady, of course, being the currently suspended quarterback for the four time Super Bowl champion, New England Patriots.

New England is largely — if not entirely — Blue States, but it should be known that the Pats are in the Donald’s top 50, with a score of 66%.

We’d be remiss were we not to clarify that Brady sort of stepped back from his endorsement a bit, later saying he was just “supporting his friend.”

While not as big a star as Brady, the Seattle Seahawks’ Terrell Owens is still a star, and his endorsement of Trump has been without qualification or apology. The Seahawks however are also absent from this list (with a mere 55% accounting for The Donald).

Worthy of additional comment is what a marketer might deem an observation of demographic import, not geographic. Strikingly, this list contains not one, not two, but three NHL teams.

While big enough to be considered one of our major sports — it is played in arenas after all — it is still sort of a cult concern (meaning those 10–20,000 people in each city who pack those arenas — and they ain’t packed in every city — are the only hockey fans in that city). Wonder what it is about The Donald that connects with hockey’s fans especially. Perhaps it’s the hair.

And before you go taking that as a cheap shot, this is a picture of “The Great One,” Mr. Wayne Gretzky. A national hero without peer in his homeland of Canada, and widely regarded as the greatest player to ever lace up skates.

In his prime, I might add.

You naysayers just can’t handle it when things make maybe a little too much sense.

Making perhaps a bit less sense, though, are Hillary’s top 10 sports teams, the entry documenting and broadcasting the same will be going live in this space tomorrow. So, do yourself a favor and bookmark it.

See ya then.

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