PR Daily: GoDaddy’s controversial Super Bowl marketing turns heads

Jan 30, 2015 | Insights

We were featured in PR Daily for CEO, Michael Hussey’s comments on the #GoDaddyPuppy Super Bowl commercial that was yanked before the big game.

“They’re just trying to leverage this phenomenon of people using social media to express their opinions, often in outrageous ways,” Hussey says. “It’s something [GoDaddy is] exploiting for the purposes of getting more eyeballs to these ads.”

Hussey says a small percentage of the millions who look at the ad would be outraged enough to not use the company’s Web hosting service, and even fewer would go to the trouble to cancel service.

“Most brands don’t want that sort of negative attention,” Hussey says. “In the case of GoDaddy, [the outrage] is exactly what they want.”

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