Pretty Little Liars Finale: Who came #FacetoFace with A?

Aug 12, 2015 | Insights

Tuesday, August 11th, the hit series, Pretty Little Liars revealed who the notorious “A” was. As the most social show on TV, the reveal was quickly a trending topic on Twitter and Instagram, from viewers, to celebrity fan, to the live tweeting cast.

#FacetoFace Audience:

– 86% women

– 65% teenagers

– 5.15x more likely to like Maybeline Cosmetics

– 92x more likely to like I Marlene King

– Their 2nd favorite show is American Horror Story (PLL takes the #1 spot)

Pretty Little Liars Breakdown;

This is the most social show on TV today so not surprisingly, 65% of this audience are teenagers and 85% are women. Fans from across the nation have been loyal fans and one highest indexing DMA’s for the finale was Billings, MT.

Beauty and Fashion brands have been quick to advertise and partner with the show. Seventeen magazine has had the Liars on covers and live tweets along with the show, turns out its the second favorite magazine of this audience (topped only by People) and this audience is 14x more likely to like Seventeen compared to the social average. Another partner that benefitted was Maybeline, this audience is 5x more likely to like Maybeline.