#SharkWeek: Viewers’ Interest in Volkswagen is 3.6x the Average

Jul 12, 2015 | Insights

Shark Week aired on Discovery Channel last week with week long special about one of the most feared predators of the ocean.


The demographics of this audience fall close to the average which indicates Shark Week draws in a broad audience. Fifty two percent of the audience were women, 35% of the audience were under the age of 18 and 29% were in the coveted 18–34 year old range.


While this audience is fascinated by sharks, they are 12x more likely to be interested in Aquariums and 9x more likely to be interested in National Parks compared to the Twitter average. Discovery Channel was ranked 16th in their favorite brands, their interest in Discovery is 5.8x the average. This audience’s interest in Shark Week sponsor, Volkswagen, is 3.6x the average. They are 33.8x more likely to like Oceana which Volkswagen donated $50K to this week for the preservation of sharks

When they are not watching Shark Week, this audience likes The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, and American Horror Story.