How do users of Slickdeals.net actually spend their money?

Jan 7, 2021 | Insights

StatSocial analyzed the fans of popular online deal-sharing community, Slickdeals.net

By contrasting these findings with the shopping and spending data of the average American consumer, we’ve been able to determine — across numerous categories — on which brands, at what sites, and using which credit cards, the community’s members are most likely to spend their money.

Using StatSocial‘s Silhouette, our patented audience intelligence platform, we discovered that the most prominent among the Slickdeals community’s favorite e-commerce destinations is Apple.com, and that they are twice as likely as the average American to drive a Volkswagen GTI.

We’ll let you look through the assorted infographics for yourself. In this entry’s footer, we explain a bit more about what StatSocial is and how we do what we do (insights, attribution, and activation).

Having already alluded to this group’s automotive choices, let’s start with the most “big ticket” of all the categories being put under our microscope here.


What Automobiles do Slickdeals Users Drive?

What Apparel Brands Do Slickdeals Users Prefer?

What CPG Brands Do Slickdeals Users Buy?

What Household Appliance Brands do Slickdeals Users Own?

What Brands of Footwear do Slickdeals Users Purchase?

What Ecommerce Websites do Slickdeals Users Prefer?

What Credit Cards are Slickdeals Users Most Likely to Own?

What Mobile Phone Providers do Slickdeals Users Prefer?


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