Sling Television— StatSocial’s Guide to OTT Network Audiences

Sep 13, 2018 | Insights

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The DISH Network owned Sling TV offers appealing options for NFL fans , surely for the price. You have ESPN, the NFL Network, and perhaps of greatest importance, the NFL Red Zone channel.

There are additionally a few packages, with a decent number of channels traditionally associated with cable, and opportunities to add all sorts of extras — including the major premium movie channels — for varying additional fees.

There are two different $25 a month packages. One comes with ESPN, and the other comes with the NFL Network and a bunch of other sports channels. For $40 a month you can consolidate what’s on offer from each of the two $25 packages (so you can have both ESPN and the NFL Network), winding up with a rather robust selection of live channels. DVR functionality, and numerous premium, subscription channels are available for comparably small additional monthly fees.

The Basic Demos:


An explanation of how to read this chart, and all such charts you’ll find on the StatSocial platform: The bar in blue, and the percentage within, represents the social media audience being analyzed (in this case, fans of Sling TV). The bar in grey, and the percentage within, represents the baseline. For these entries, that is the average American social media audience. The index score to the right represents the degree to which the corresponding statistic for this audience is either in line with, exceeds, or falls short of the baseline. Index scores consistent with or greater than the baseline are in green, and those that are under-indexed are in red.

The Sling audience’s male proportion is a substantial 22% larger than that of the average American social media audience.


This audience earns well, with those who make $100k a year or more present here to a degree 6.5% greater than the baseline.


Those 18 to 24 dwell among the Sling audience to a degree short of the baseline by 11%. The generally highly desirable 35 to 44 demo is found to be trading in their cord for a sling (see what we did there?) by a proportion 6% greater than their likes would be found among the average American social media audience.


Big box consumer electronics chain, Best Buy, tops the list here with fans of the store present among this audience to a degree exceeding the baseline by nearly two-and-four-fifths times.

Marvel Entertainment, whose dazzling almost unprecedented Hollywood success is still — a decade on — rather difficult to believe (not that it’s not quality stuff, just that it’s difficult to think that anyone other than the folks at Disney would have predicted it), finds fans among the Sling crowd to a degree exceeding the average U.S. social media audience by two-and-two-thirds times.


Network, streaming, cable, news, genre, sports, it’s very much a mixed-bag of delivery modes and programming sorts that find the strongest affinities among this audience. Amazon’s ‘The Man in the High Castle’ finds favor here to a degree exceeding the baseline by 29 times. FX’s Marvel Comics adaptation, ‘Legion,’ finds affinity here to a degree well in excess of 15 times that which you’d find among the average American social media audience.


Only two teams find their fans among this audience to degrees exceeding the baseline. First, the Chicago Cubs, whose fans can be found here nearly one-and-a-half times more frequently than among the average American social media audience. Next, the NFL’s five-time Super Bowl champs, the New England Patriots, find those sympathetic to their winning ways to a degree greater than the baseline by nearly one-and-one-third times.


As you’ll find elsewhere on the StatSocial site, we explain StatSocial Clusterswith the words below:

About StatSocial Clusters

Our data scientists have modeled the entire US population into 200 unique clusters. Using billions of inputs for over 120M US consumers, we have segmented naturally occurring population clusters across distinct demographic and household types, personality traits provided by IBM Watson, combined with people’s passions, which we have sourced from their social activities online. For those familiar with traditional clustering models such as PRIZM, Personicx, Mosaic, and Tapestry, we believe this layer of social behaviors, which only StatSocial can offer, provides the richest possible insights into what motivates different types of people. We think you’re going to love the context our cluster analysis will provide.

You can click through here to read our descriptions of all 200 unique segments.

Here are the Clusters most highly indexed among the Hulu Live TV audience in contrast to the average American social media crowd:

From the above linked to page, here are the descriptions of each Cluster:

  1. The Sports Must Be Reported (those belonging to this Cluster occur here to a degree exceeding the baseline by comfortably over five-and-two-fifths times)
    This is a group of mostly men, residing in rural areas, or at least the most distant suburbs, they are in their late-30s and early-40s, and they love to read about sports in the paper or online, and watch them be dissected, analyzed, debated, or simply reported on the TV. Not terribly outgoing, they are even less Agreeable. On the other hand, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds that they’re not particularly Neurotic and they are Open to new experiences. So bring on ESPN-3D or even ESPN VR, as we know just the fellas who will be open to trying it out.
  2. A Bargain Around Every Corner (those belonging to this Cluster occur here to a degree exceeding the baseline by over five times)
    Under the magnifying glass here is a group of 40-something, suburbanites, nearly rural, and 87% women. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says they’re Conscientious in the grand scheme, and fairly Agreeable. They are not at all Neurotic. Their shared affinities are a combination of food manufacturers, big box stores, and other companies known for producing or vending consumer goods for which affordability is a major selling point. Additional affinities include couponing, contests and giveaways, and discounts. Frugality is their common ground, or perhaps just good old fashioned common sense (and cents, but not so much scents… no one likes cheap perfumes or colognes).
  3. A Leftward Slant (those belonging to this Cluster occur here to a degree exceeding the baseline by very nearly five times)
    This group resides so entirely within the city, the city practically resides within them. 53% male, and a mid-40s crowd. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® has concluded from their analysis of our data that this cadre is not even a little Agreeable. Also, this lot is only a hair above moderately Conscientious, and not at all outgoing. But they are profoundly Open to new experiences, and virtually free of Neuroses. They’re liberals, or at least seem to lean that way. What we know for certain is that their shared affinities read like a what’s what and who’s who of the nation’s most prominent, leftward leaning newspapers, magazines, websites, and bloggers/columnists.
  4. Hoooray for Hollywood (those belonging to this Cluster occur here to to a degree a little over four-and-three-fifths times in excess of the baseline)
    City-dwellers, 60% female, and in their late-30s-to-early-40s. Their mutual affinities are not specific filmmakers or films, but instead the many film studios and production companies dotting the Hollywood landscape (meaning, Universal, Paramount, etc.). IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® says fewer Agreeable and outgoing types are to be found here. In addition to loving those who spend the big bucks to bring us entertainment all year, they are also quite pronouncedly not Neurotic. This suggests they are not actors, screenwriters, filmmakers, producers, or in any way involved in film production. But who’s to say? They are a Conscientious crew, and notably Open to new experiences.
  5. That’s a Heck of a Lot of Tech (those belonging to this Cluster occur here to a degree exceeding the baseline by just under four-and-two-fifths times)
    These 67% male city-folk, in their 40s, are techies. Neither Agreeable nor Extraverted, they are, however, more Conscientious and Open than average. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® adds they are also vastly less Neurotic than what’s typical. As we say, the common affinities that make of this melange a tribe? Tech. Websites and publications that report and provide reviews on the latest. The biggest companies in the digital world, as well as some of the biggest names (such as, Marissa Mayer or Bill Gates) can be spied among their mutual affections. Their interests seem broad and all-encompassing. The tech-centric are well-advised to spread their nets wide in these fast-moving times.
  6. Left-Handed Smoke-Shifter (those belonging to this Cluster occur here to a degree exceeding the baseline to a degree a little over three-and-four-fifths times)
    This collection of folks is 69% female and living entirely in the city. The Agreeable are in short supply in their midst. The Conscientious are present to no more than a middling degree. IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® does add, though, that they’re not terribly Neurotic. Their common ground? Well, the affinities they share include the publication ‘Mother Jones,’ U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and suffice to say nothing from there on out much contradicts expectation. If needed to be spelled out, though, these folks appear to be of a liberal, or if you prefer, progressive political leaning.
  7. Rustic Rasslin’ (those belonging to this Cluster occur here to a degree exceeding the baseline by over three-and-two-fifths times)
    This assortment of largely dudes in their 20s and 30s enjoy what Vince McMahon, Jr. came to rebrand as “sports entertainment.” But you and we, and we’d bet most of those in this bunch, still call it good ol’ professional wrestling. Era-wise, they seem partial to wrestling from the 90s’ “Attitude Era” to the current day. Neurotic as they are outgoing, and neither to an especially excessive degree, IBM Watson’s Personality Insights® shows all other traits as not being dominant at all. What dominates is a love of men in tights grappling, with a storyline of intrigue and betrayal providing a backdrop for it all.


The tech-centric Austin Evans channel finds viewers among this audience to a degree surpassing the baseline by over 12 ⅓ times. Gaming channel, UpUpDownDown finds fans here to a degree surpassing their occurrence among the average American social media audience by pretty much the same amount.

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Watch this space, as this survey of the platforms most eager to get you cutting that cord has more to come.

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