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Sep 16, 2016 | Insights

Purely hypothetical scenario. Amy Schumer and her candidate of choice, Secretary Clinton, visit Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom as pals. While there, Amy and Hillary run into a vacationing Mr. Trump (pictured here, enjoying cotton candy, as we all do now and again). As 39% of Ms. Schumer’s audience could potentially be supporters of the GOP nominee, Ms. Schumer — in this hypothetical, an avid reader of this blog — is reluctant to outright snub him. Especially as he might go to Twitter and make a thing out of it.

The above artistic rendering seems stupid and speculative perhaps (well, it is stupid). But as outlined earlier in the week, within the entry featuring Hillary’s top musicians (accessible by clicking the underlined text) one of the many things we measure and list, and make readily available via our sightly and easy-to-use web platform (and all other reporting sources) is the favorite social influencers of the audience being analyzed. It might behoove Amy to tread lightly where the GOP’s unlikely nominee is concerned. But read on to find out why.


For today’s entry we are directly following up from yesterday’s, which shared what 10 TV shows had social media audiences with the strongest affinities for Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump (you can access the entry by clicking the underlined text).

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While Miss Maddow was one of the first to cover the candidacy of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as being more than a footnote, she also has always given ample airtime to Secretary Clinton. It’s not surprising to see that Ms, Maddow’s audience — as she is the most high profile, unabashedly liberal commentator on TV — would have such a strong affinity for Hillary. Indeed, when running these numbers, we’d have been more shocked not to see her top the list.

Going down the list, we feel we could draw attention to the fact that Hillary’s social media audience is slightly more female than it is male.

Edited screenshot from the StatSocial web platform showing the sex breakdown of Hillary’s social media audience. It’s worth noting that as the human race is roughly 51% female, Hillary’s audience merely reflects the breakdown of the species.

We know men watch The Mindy Project, and Glee, and surely Ellen Degeneres. But nonetheless it’s difficult not to observe an ever-so-slightly feminine slant to the results (an observation made not just for this list, but for some yet to come; many of which you’ll be seeing soon).

We do not regard this as a bad thing, obviously, but we’d be remiss were we not to at least acknowledge that we’ve noticed it. And truthfully, the liberal slant — John Oliver, Daily Show, what-have-you (by which we mean, basically the whole list) — surely is more pronounced.

Another observation — and this is the sort of thing that a marketer or brand using StatSocial might observe as being more than a little noteworthy — Secretary Clinton’s list shows notably less strong affinities in a general way than The Donald’s list.

But hold on…

If you’re of the “I don’t even own a TV” crowd, and also a liberal, and are somewhat smugly satisfied by these results, keep your shirt on. We’re only looking at a top 10 at the moment. A minuscule sample size. Deeper digging suggests that those with an affinity for Hillary are fans of a more diverse assortment of programming than fans of The Donald.

No study has ever suggested that Democrats watch less TV, to our knowledge. But what is true is that if not a majority, a comfortable plurality of conservatives complain that a liberal bias permeates nearly all of pop culture (as well as the news media). Perhaps, therefore, conservatives are more likely to stick with those shows they feel least reflect that liberal bias, and obviously they feel a smaller number of shows accomplish that.

What we say above is strictly a theory, of course. While we’ve decided our resources at the moment are better dedicated to other matters, do know that StatSocial’s analytics can more often than not prove or disprove, or at least bolster or weaken, theories like any postulated above.

Nearing the list’s end, Comedy Central’s excellent Inside Amy Schumer finds 61% of its audience consisting of Hillary supporters. We bring this to light in part because this entry’s author is a fan of the show. Also, however, Ms. Schumer, for what it’s worth, has officially endorsed Secretary Clinton. In light of this it’s perhaps surprising that the presence of Hillary supporters among the Schumer show’s audience isn’t larger.

(Disclaimer: The images below are taken from our web platform, but greatly edited for this blog entry. If you scroll down to the links at the bottom of this entry, you can see what the site really looks like.)

Okay, so the number 17 social influencer with Amy’s audience is none other than our former First Lady, former two-term Senator from New York, and former Secretary of State.

As a refresher, and as explained in the last entry, the percentage in the line in blue is the percentage of the social audience in question — in this case Amy Schumer’s fans — who are also fans of the corresponding line item, in this case Hillary Clinton. The percentage beneath it in grey, is the average percentage among all social media users. This is the baseline against which we do all our calculations unless otherwise noted.

A not statistically insignificant 12% of Amy’s fans are also fans of Secretary Clinton.

But as we continue to scroll through the list of the top 100 social influencers with the fans of Inside Amy Schumer, we don’t get terribly far — indeed only a mere 9 spots — before a very familiar name leaps out at us and almost shouts “hey, I’m right here!”

And this he does with nine-and-three-quarters of Amy’s fans also among his audience.

Another show of note on the above list is Fusion’s America, hosted by Jorge Ramos. The Mexican born, American reporter and so-called “Walter Cronkite of Latino-America,” is the anchor of Univision’s flagship nightly news broadcast, Noticiero Univision.

Citizen Trump famously posted Mr. Ramos’ cell phone number to Instagram, albeit briefly and likely accidentally (he simply meant to post a photo of an angry note Ramos had written him). And the two had a heated exchange at a press conference in Iowa back during the summer of 2015. And in a general way, Ramos is one more with whom the outspoken GOP nominee has shared heated exchanges in public.

Ramos’ feelings on Trump are clear, and his daughter works for the Clinton campaign. But during a debate this past March between the Secretary and Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders, (Hillary’s only real competition in the primaries), Ramos did not pull punches in his questions as moderator.

Regardless, the appearance of his cable magazine program, on the Univision owned Fusion, which has something of both a satirical and serious side, is only surprising in that it’s not Noticiero Univision itself that is on the list.

Not quite knowing how to close this entry out, we’ll show you Secretary Clinton as she appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show back this past spring. They play a cute little game of “who’d you rather?” But instead of romance being the focus — as would usually be the case in the barroom or around the water cooler — choosing a running mate was the gag (this being May before Clinton selected Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her VP of choice).

And with that we again insist that you bookmark the blog, as next week we will heat things up — and introduce to the uninitiated new metrics and platform features — as we continue to show you which social media audiences most strongly identify with which candidates.

To learn much more about StatSocial, the curious are encouraged to visit the StatSocial site itself, where you’ll find all sorts of stuff including sample reports.

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