Social Media Audience Deep Dive: Verizon Wireless

Mar 21, 2019 | Insights

We’ve not done a “Deep Dive” on the blog in a while. The term here is a bit of a misnomer, of course, as even though we will be looking at a variety of statistics relating to a specific audience, what’s about to be presented is still only scratching the surface. It should give a tantalizing indication, all the same, of the useful, surprising, actionable, and distinctive insights the StatSocial audience analysis tool uncovers.

As you see above, today our energies will be focused on the customers of Verizon Wireless. A genuine giant in their sector, from whom we expect to see huge things this spring with their anxiously awaited 5G rollout. Verizon is making headlines of late for announcing that their 5G mobile network will come with a potentially game-changing capability that their competitors have yet to promise, and that would be home internet service.

We analyzed hundreds of thousands of their American customers, and calculated some of their most prominent affinities in a number of different, top-line categories, with a couple of deeper cut categories thrown in for good measure.

On Social Media Audience Data

As is being concluded with increasing frequency, social media audience analysis is far more reliable than traditional research for learning public opinion(s), and predicting public behaviors. The data StatSocial uses to calculate its insights is pulled in from the web’s many far flung nooks and crannies. This includes social media profiles and postings, blog entries, articles, message board posts, and beyond. We genuinely get into the works and find out what makes an audience tick.

An Explanation of the Insights Below:

The insights below are mostly sorted according to our index score. The score shows, at-a-glance, the degree to which the corresponding demographics, behaviors, and/or affinities being reported either exceed, are in line with, or fall short of the of the baseline. For this study, the baseline we’re using is the average American social media audience.

Regarding our data through this lens unearths the combinations of affinities and traits that make an audience unique. It gets straight to an audience’s heart and soul in a way just regarding these metrics as raw numbers ever could (we’ve explored this elsewhere in depth, and if you reach out to us we will happily answer any questions you may have).

PLEASE NOTE: While many of the below topics feature top 10 lists, our taxonomies for these subjects — and a huge quantity of others not featured here — number in the thousands. This is, again, but a sampling.



52.57% of the Verizon Wireless audience is male.

The split here is very nearly approaching even, but does skew male to an extent that is not entirely statistically insignificant. Still, all in all, the brand seems to be successfully reaching both men and women.


20.66% of the Verizon Wireless audience is between ages 45 and 54. This exceeds the occurrence of individuals from this age bracket in the average American audience by 1.22 times.

Verizon Wireless is performing quite well with those ages 45 and up. It’s particularly notable that the 54 and up segment of their audience accounts for nearly one-fifth of the whole. That age bracket is represented here to a degree exceeding the average by 1.16 times.

The ages 25 and under brackets are represented here to degrees falling a fair bit short of the index (indicated on the easy-to-use StatSocial web platform, from which the above image was taken, by an index score rendered in red). This could be because of young people — particularly students — still being on their parents’ plans, or any of a number of other reasons.

StatSocial has plenty of additional metrics on offer to help lead one to answers when such questions arise.


42.78% of Verizon Wireless’ customers earn between $50k and 100k annually. This percentage exceeds the U.S average by 1.08 times.

This audience earns well. 57% earn over $50,000 a year, with the portion earning over $100k annually exceeding the average by 1.06 times.


As you’ll find elsewhere on the StatSocial site, we explain StatSocial Clusters with the words below:

About StatSocial Clusters

Our data scientists have modeled the entire US population into 200 unique clusters. Using billions of inputs for over 120M US consumers, we have segmented naturally occurring population clusters across distinct demographic and household types, personality traits provided by IBM Watson, combined with people’s passions, which we have sourced from their social activities online. For those familiar with traditional clustering models such as PRIZM, Personicx, Mosaic, and Tapestry, we believe this layer of social behaviors, which only StatSocial can offer, provides the richest possible insights into what motivates different types of people. We think you’re going to love the context our cluster analysis will provide.

You can click through here to read our descriptions of all 200 unique segments, including those below.

A quick run-through of some of the clusters featured above: Windows, Wins Though’ is a cluster who shares common interests relating to Microsoft products, and in particular those things pertaining to the company’s widely used operating system. The ‘Food Court Cult’ enjoys many of our nation’s major fast food chains. The ‘Stuck Inside of Mobile’ cluster dig owning and keeping up on the latest regarding all things that can be experienced on the go, be it Android or iPhone, Kindle or iPad. If it’s mobile. they’re interested in it.

Once more, we encourage you to click through here to read more in depth descriptions of these and the rest of the 200 clusters we’ve assembled.

Onward, to an area near and dear to our hearts, influencers


Jennifer Lopez finds favor with the Verizon Wireless audience to a degree that exceeds the average American audience by 2.9 times. President Obama finds favor with the Verizon crowd to a degree exceeding the average by 1.9 times. The portion of this audience displaying affinity for President Trump exceeds the number of his supporters among the average U.S. social media audience by 1.6 times.

The ageless Jennifer Lopez, who tops this influencer list here, partnered with Verizon Mobile in 2013 to launch a Latinx-centric chain of mobile retail shops called Viva Móvil. Whatever the ultimate fate of that venture, J.Lo finds favor with the Verizon Wireless crowd to a degree that exceeds the baseline by 2.9 times.

The man who is — along with his wife Melinda — arguably the best-known philanthropist on the planet, former Microsoft chief Bill Gates, finds strong affinity amongst this crowd. His fans can be found among the Verizon Wireless audience to a degree surpassing the U.S. average by 2.7 times.


Popular sandwich chain, Subway — one of whose products can be seen in the picture to the left being enjoyed by a certain Ms.Lopez, Verizon Wireless’ customers’ number one influencer — finds tremendous favor here. Subway diners can be found among the Verizon Wireless customer-base to a degree exceeding the norm by comfortably over seven-and-three-fifths times.

One thing that Bank of America can take to the, well… I guess the bank? I’m going with it! Yes, Bank of America can take the fondness of Verizon Wireless’ customers to any one of their great many locations — metaphorically speaking — as BoA bankers dwell among the Verizon throngs to a degree that exceeds the average by what’s approaching four-and-one-third times.


This is an interesting list.

Evidence of many of the above referenced overriding interests pop up throughout the other statistics being reported here.

The Verizon Wireless customer-base displays a fondness for fast food that exceeds the average by what’s coming up on four-and-one-fifth times.

Like L.L. Cool J. back in 1985, this group can’t live without their radios. At least 15.57% of them can’t at least, and that percentage exceeds the average by one-and-three-quarters times. On that subject, this group shows an affection for Hip Hop that exceeds the average U.S. social media audience by over one-and-a-half times.


28.92% of the Verizon Wireless audience consists of fans of ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.’ This percentage exceeds the average American audience by 1.98 times.

Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ tops our list here, being over-indexed to a degree that nearly doubles the baseline. ESPN’s perennial nightly sporting newscast, ‘SportsCenter’ informs and appeals to a segment of the Verizon Wireless crowd that is one-and-nine-tenths the size (proportionally) of their ranks among normal U.S. audiences.


The favorite musicians among the Verizon Wireless crowd strongly favor solo artists over groups. All names here qualify as megastars, rather safely. Notably, of the ten, there is only one male to be found.

Ms. Aguilera find fans among this audience to a degree that surpasses the baseline by 2.73 times.

Social media juggernaut, Taylor Swift, manages to find 2.46 times as many of her fans among the Verizon Wireless crowd as such folks can be found dwelling among most audiences.

Given her overall and enduring cultural ubiquity, in our expert opinion this suggests that Verizon Wireless customers are very, very fond of her (two verys, count ‘em!).


13,58% of Verizon Wireless’ U.S. customers are fans of Shaq. This percentage exceeds the average U.S. audience by 2.48 times.

Basketball stars past and present dominate the above list, with a pair of prizefighters sneaking in there just to mix things up a bit. Shaq — a bit of a social media pioneer, in terms of celebrities who regularly took to the platforms (in his case, particularly Twitter) — finds fans among Verizon Wireless’ customers to an extent that exceeds the baseline by nearly two-and-a-half-times.

PERSONALITIES (courtesy of IBM Watson™ Personality Insights)

Among the vast many audience insights uncovered in every StatSocial report is an analysis of the personality types most prevalent among the grouping under review. The ability to derive these spectacularly useful and unique insights from our audience data comes via our proud partnership with IBM Watson™ and our integration of their Personality Insights tool into our reporting.

Watson’s sophisticated AI allows IBM Watson Personality Insights™ to analyze the data from which we derive and calculate many of our insights, and infer from the language and tone used by the thousands or even millions of people within a given audience — with extraordinary accuracy — the personality types of those behind the communications.

Visit the IBM Watson™ Personality Insights website for more in depth explanations, as well as insight into how these various personality types — along with our vast many other insights — can help predict an audience’s behavior, and anticipate the wants and needs of the people who make up a given group.

Personality Insights employs psychology’s “Big Five personality traits” taxonomy to organize and help make quickly comprehensible their findings.

Those five umbrella traits are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Four of the more granular traits detailed above fall under the conscientiousness banner, and four under agreeableness.

All traits occur her to degrees only slightly exceeding the baseline.

We’ve recently done some other entries highlighting our Personality Insights integration. You can check those out here, here, and here.

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Here we’re demonstrating in action the sort of top-line insights that would be contained in a typical StatSocial report. However many more topics are explored, and in far greater depth.

You may have observed above that at times the insights conform to expectation, but just as often they buck it. Deeper analysis will nearly invariably reveal those statistics that at first appear anomalous to actually make perfect sense. This deeper comprehension of an audience is one crucial way our insights provide marketers and brands with the competitive edge.

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Throughout the blog are many examples of the sorts of insights that can only be gained with StatSocial.

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