Sponsors Win Big at the #MTVMovieAwards

Apr 13, 2015 | Insights

Sunday, April 12, Amy Schumer hosted the MTV Movie Awards. Fans vote for the best scenes, actors, and moments in major movies this year.

We tracked the conversation around the awards to see who was watching and what they like-including presenters and sponsors.

The show drew in a young audience as 63% of tweeters are between the ages of 13–17, most of the tweeters are women (71%).

By tracking the users tweeting about the awards, we can analyze their affinity to certain sponsors. This audience over indexed in their affinity for the sponsors listed below, which means they have a higher affinity for these brands compared to the Twitter average.

This audience is also 33x more likely to like Shaliene Woodley who received the Trailblazer award and 2.9x more likely to like Amy Schumer, who hosted the show.