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May 15, 2020 | Digital Tribes

StatSocial’s Digital Tribes is a new consumer segmentation model with a social psychographic twist.

Digital Tribes are powered by StatSocial’s Silhouette, the industry’s most advanced Audience Intelligence Platform. Our unique technology enables us to make sense of the billions of unstructured earned and social web interactions that go on each day — allowing you to dive deep into nearly any audience you can imagine.

Using billions of inputs for over 120 million U.S. consumers, we have segmented naturally occurring populations into 100 distinct Digital Tribes.

This entry is a deeper dive into the tribe we call “A Bargain Around Every Corner.”

Digital Tribe Summary: A Bargain Around Every Corner

An estimated 0.524% of the U.S. population makes up the membership of this practical and frugal tribe of suburbanites.

78% of those within this group are female.

Please Note: The baseline used to calculate all of the statistics shown below is the average American online audience.

Specific food brands, big box stores, and CPG companies, where product affordability is a key selling point, are chief among this group’s defining common affinities.

Please Note: The baseline used to calculate all of the statistics shown below is the average American online audience.

DEMOGRAPHICS — A Bargain Around Every Corner

EXPLANATION: The index score reports the degree to which the corresponding percentage falls short of or exceeds the baseline. These affinity insights have been calculated using the average American online audience as our index (with a base 100 baseline).The female portion of this tribe exceeds what would be found within the average U.S. online audience by 1.57 times.

From just these three data sets, we learn a lot: Mostly female, aged 35+, and solidly middle-class.

Recent studies have indicated that, more often than not, it is the woman/mother in charge of the household finances. While a majority of U.S. households are dual income, being in charge of the day-to-day budget, which includes doing the shopping, and making most of purchasing decisions, also often falls with the woman.

BRANDS — A Bargain Around Every Corner

The top brands feature big box retail, middle-end and more discount department stores, a clothing chain, and a higher-end, healthier grocery chain.

All brands that would find favor among the cost-conscious seeking to maintain a certain quality of life.

INFLUENCERS — A Bargain Around Every Corner

All 10 names here are TV personalities. Eight of the 10 have TV presences that revolve — in whole or in part — around cooking.

INTERESTS — A Bargain Around Every Corner

Two areas of interest are especially notable here, contests & freebies and, bluntly, saving money. The latter is an interest of 31% of this tribe, a percentage that exceeds the baseline by 27.85 times.

TV SHOWS —A Bargain Around Every Corner

The Pioneer Woman’ is the Food Network series of the top-rated influencer, Ree Drummond. Fans of the program are here to an extent exceeding the baseline by 20 times.

The appearance of ‘Sesame Street,’ again, announces the presence of young parents in this tribe.

WEBSITES — A Bargain Around Every Corner

It’s unsurprising to see Parenting top this list. Visitors to the website are in this tribe to a degree exceeding the baseline by nearly 10 ¾ times.

Pinterest is on-brand for this tribe, and e-commerce sites such as eBay, Etsy, and Amazon often reward the patient bargain hunter.

PERSONALITY TRAITS — A Bargain Around Every Corner

In psychology, the Big 5 personality traits describe a popularly-employed taxonomy that breaks down human personalities into five, broad, over-arching categories.

IBM Watson™ employs this model, and the five traits that give it its name — Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism — as the umbrella categories under which numerous, more specific personality traits can be found.

This tribe averages in the 87th percentile when it comes to Cooperation. As a personality trait, the word describes someone for whom maintaining peace is a priority.

The necessary sacrifices one must make to keep a household running on a budget, as most must do, are reflected in this traits.

IBM Watson recently shared that those who score high in “…self-discipline, and cautiousness and low in immoderation are 40 percent more likely than the random population to respond to coupons.”*

*Immoderation is in short supply here.

NEEDS — A Bargain Around Every Corner

Needs is the dimension considered when seeking to determine which aspects of a product or service will resonate with which consumers.

The IBM Watson™ Personality Insights® Needs model encompasses 12 characteristic sub-categories (challenge, closeness, curiosity, excitement, harmony, ideal, liberty, love, practicality, self-expression, stability, and structure).

Liberty, as a Need, is an interest in personal expression in terms of style/clothing choices, and all other consumer goods

Love, in this context, describes a Need for social contact and community, and manifests itself in displays of compassion.

Nothing intrudes, here, to derail the clear notion that that this tribe mostly consists of heads of households.

VALUES — A Bargain Around Every Corner

Values is the dimension in IBM Watson™ Personality Insights’ analysis of our data that reveals a consumer’s beliefs and motives, granting insights into why certain choices are made.

The IBM Watson™ Personality Insights® Values model encompasses five characteristic sub-categories (Conservation, Hedonism, Openness to Change, Self-enhancement, Self-transcendence).

Conservation, as a Value, relates to a consumer’s interest in not being hasty or wasteful. It also relates to a resistance to change. This resistance often manifests itself in the form of brand loyalty.

The Value of self-transcendence, relates to the degree to which a consumer places the concerns and happiness of others before their own. It also speaks to the compassion and thoughtfulness necessary to successfully manage a home.

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