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Jun 4, 2020 | Digital Tribes

StatSocial’s Digital Tribes is a new consumer segmentation model with a social psychographic twist.

Digital Tribes are powered by StatSocial’s Silhouette, the industry’s most advanced Audience Intelligence Platform. Our unique technology enables us to make sense of the billions of unstructured earned and social web interactions that go on each day — allowing you to dive deep into nearly any audience you can imagine.

Using billions of inputs for over 120 million U.S. consumers, we have segmented naturally occurring populations into 100 distinct Digital Tribes.

This entry is a deeper dive into the tribe we call “Comedy Connoisseurs.”

Digital Tribe Summary: Comedy Connoisseurs

A visualization of how a Comedy Connoisseur’s home might appear.

This is a mostly urban, largely male tribe, in their 30s and 40s.

Their most prominent shared loves revolve around comedy.

Please Note: The baseline used to calculate all of the statistics shown below is the average American online audience. 

DEMOGRAPHICS — Comedy Connoisseurs

EXPLANATION: The index score reports the degree to which the corresponding percentage falls short of or exceeds the baseline. These affinity insights have been calculated using the average American online audience as our index (with a base 100 baseline). The male portion of this tribe exceeds what would be found within the average U.S. online audience by 1.52 times.

While a comfortable majority of this tribe is male, that only accounts for a little over three-quarters. Women are definitely present here.

The majority of this tribe is between ages 25 and 44, with those between 35 and 44 exceeding the baseline by 1.64 times.

INFLUENCERS — Comedy Connoisseurs

Comedians all.

A little over 27% here are fans of standup comic and podcaster, Doug Benson. That percentage surpasses the index by a dramatic 95.56 times.

Back Row (l-r): Mike Bibriglia, Doug Benson, John Mulaney. Front Row (l-r): Marc Maron, Nick Kroll, Paul F. Tompkins, Bill Burr.

INTERESTS — Comedy Connoisseurs

Nearly 37% of this tribe is into physics. But, the most exceedingly over-indexed interest is boating.

The percentage of this tribe with a passion for high seas adventure exceeds the baseline by 13.42 times.


BRANDS — Comedy Connoisseurs

A mixed bag of brands: Comic books, video games, sports, burgers, and progressively minded non-profits.

It adds up that hardcore fans of comedy would support the ACLU. The organization finds enthusiasts here to an extent that exceeds the baseline by 10.63 times.

2K Games’ ‘Borderlands 3,’ the latest game from the franchise ranked as this tribe’s number 9 brand.

TV SHOWS — Comedy Connoisseurs

Netflix’s Bill Burr created animated series, ‘F is for Family,’ is a favorite of over 25% of this audience. That segment size exceeds the average by 55.91 times.

The Bill Burr created Netflix series, ‘F is for Family.’

PODCASTS — Comedy Connoisseurs

The Pete Holmes hosted podcast, ‘You Made it Weird,’ finds fans here to a degree that exceeds the baseline by 41.83 times.

You Made it Weird’ host, Pete Holmes, and John Mulaney.

YOUTUBE CHANNELS — Comedy Connoisseurs

Veteran YouTube channel, H3H3 Productions, finds fans here to an extent that is 7.02 times greater than the baseline.

Back Row (l-r): former YouTube comedy sensation, and current pop star, Joji, Hila Klein of H3H3, JonTron. Front: Ethan Klein of H3H3.

WEBSITES — Comedy Connoisseurs

Regular visitors to The A.V. Club can be found here to a degree exceeding their existence among the average U.S. audience by 30.40 times.

PERSONALITY TRAITS — Comedy Connoisseurs

In psychology, the Big 5 personality traits describe a popularly-employed taxonomy that breaks down human personalities into five, broad, over-arching categories.

IBM Watson™ employs this model, and the five traits that give it its name — Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism — as the umbrella categories under which numerous, more specific personality traits can be found.

This sounds more like what one would expect of a comedian’s personality profile more so than a comedy fan. The two, of course, are not mutually exclusive.

Depression here does not refer to the psychiatric condition, but instead to one who tends toward the melancholic and ruminative.

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