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Sep 10, 2020 | Digital Tribes

StatSocial’s Digital Tribes is a new consumer segmentation model with a social psychographic twist.

Digital Tribes are powered by StatSocial’s Silhouette, the industry’s most advanced Audience Intelligence Platform. Our unique technology enables us to make sense of the billions of unstructured earned and social web interactions that go on each day — allowing you to dive deep into nearly any audience you can imagine.

Using billions of inputs for over 120 million U.S. consumers, we have segmented naturally occurring populations into 100 distinct Digital Tribes.

This entry is a deeper dive into the tribe we call “Edie Em’s.

Digital Tribe Summary: Edie Em’s

Front Row (l-r): Diplo, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Deadmau5. Back Row (l-r): Hardwell, Zedd, Dillon Francis, Kaskade, Tiësto. 

This is a tribe of largely city-dwelling millennials and zoomers, that skews a bit male.

They are united in their loves for the big beats, bright lights, sonic landscapes, and bass drops, of contemporary electronic dance music’s assorted genres.

Please Note: The baseline used to calculate all of the statistics shown below is the average American online audience.


EXPLANATION: The index score reports the degree to which the corresponding percentage falls short of or exceeds the baseline. These affinity insights have been calculated using the average American online audience as our index (with a base 100 baseline). The male portion of this tribe exceeds what would be found within the average U.S. online audience by 1.31 times.


69.35% of this tribe’s members are under age 35, and those between ages 18 and 24 are here to a degree that is twice what you’d find within the average U.S. audience.

Men are the majority, but not overwhelmingly so, making up what’s a fair bit shy of ⅔ of this tribe’s members. 

The subtle, understated, minimalist theater of Belgium’s Tomorrowland Festival


Not only does this list feature some of contemporary electronic music’s biggest names, but large segments of this tribe — ranging from 30% to over 46% — are fans of each. All segments are considerably larger here than what you’d find within the average audience.

This tribe does not consist of casual fans. These people eat, drink, and breathe this stuff.

Deadmau5 — a favorite artist of 46.42% of this tribe’s members, which is 24.23 times greater than the baseline —. performing live in Seattle in 2011.   

BRANDS—Edie Em’s

If one intends to jump and dance for many, many hours at a stretch, one must prioritize one’s stamina and energy. This would be where Monster and Red Bull come in, perhaps.

Otherwise, you have music festivals — some explicitly and exclusively dedicated to electronic music, such as EDC and Tomorrowland, and some featuring an eclectic array of artists.

The presence of recording software, Ableton, and electronic / DJ friendly software and hardware manufacturer, Native Instruments, suggests that for a segment of this tribe, the passion for this music extends beyond merely being an ecstatic fan.

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) — a favorite brand of 23.27% of this tribe’s members, which exceeds the average by 82.81 times — is a network of festivals that are held globally throughout the course of most years. The flagship, and largest, EDC event is held each May in Las Vegas, Above is a characteristically subdued moment from 2019’s proceedings.  


93.81% of this tribe’s members are into electronic music. The fact that this only exceeds the index by 13.78 times illustrates that this genre has a great many fans.

44.8% of this tribe is into German things. Music of this general sort has bee huge in Deutschland for what’s going on 30 years, now. Further research into our statistics could reveal if this segment is made up of German expats, or perhaps opera fans seeking to sing along with their favorite arias.

No one could ever accuse the acts of drab presentations. Concerts are of particular appeal to 33.88% of those found here, and this segment is 16.40 times greater than the average.  


The 4.74 million subscriber YouTube channel for Armada Music — the electronic record label founded by Dutch DJ, Armin van Buuren — is a favorite of 10.31% of the folks found here. This percentage is 140.98 times larger than the baseline.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, the aliases of Greek-Belgian brothers, Dimitri and Mike Thivaios. The YouTube channel of this DJ / producer pair is a favorite of 30.07% of this tribe’s members. This percentage is 130.63 times greater than the average. 


Vice is a favorite web destination with a segment of this tribe that is 5.1 times larger than the average. The alternative multimedia conglomerate’s musical arm, Noisey, is routinely visited by a segment of this tribe that is 6.64 times larger.

Top influencer, Skrillex, boasts 6.48 million followers on SoundCloud. The streaming site, which has helped launch the careers of many well-known artists (particularly Hip Hop artists), is a routine web destination for 18.98% of this tribe’s members, a segment that is 19.52 times greater than the index.  


In psychology, the Big 5 personality traits describe a popularly-employed taxonomy that breaks down human personalities into five, broad, over-arching categories.

IBM Watson™ employs this model, and the five traits that give it its name — Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism — as the umbrella categories under which numerous, more specific personality traits can be found.

Immoderation, from a personality standpoint, doesn’t necessarily describe someone who is reckless or excessive, but more one who has no hang-ups about prioritizing convenience, pleasure, and fun. From a consumer standpoint, as an example, one described by this trait will be less likely to purchase a brand other than the one they prefer, simply because it’s on sale.

This tribe averages in the 59.3rd percentile for exhibiting this trait.

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