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Jul 28, 2020 | Digital Tribes

StatSocial’s Digital Tribes is a new consumer segmentation model with a social psychographic twist.

Digital Tribes are powered by StatSocial’s Silhouette, the industry’s most advanced Audience Intelligence Platform. Our unique technology enables us to make sense of the billions of unstructured earned and social web interactions that go on each day — allowing you to dive deep into nearly any audience you can imagine.

Using billions of inputs for over 120 million U.S. consumers, we have segmented naturally occurring populations into 100 distinct Digital Tribes.

This entry is a deeper dive into the tribe we call “Keeping Things Right.”

Digital Tribe Summary: Keeping Things Right

FRONT ROW (l-r): Greg Gutfeld, Tucker Carlson. MIDDLE ROW (l-r): Glenn Beck, Andrew Napolitano, Ben Shapiro, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin. BACK ROW (l-r): Bret Baier, Dana Perino. HORIZON: The 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. 

This 63% male tribe mostly lives in the country and more remote suburbs.

They are united by their fondness for all things politically conservative, including online media, news outlets, and public figures.

Please Note: The baseline used to calculate all of the statistics shown below is the average American online audience.

DEMOGRAPHICS —Keeping Things Right

EXPLANATION: The index score reports the degree to which the corresponding percentage falls short of or exceeds the baseline. These affinity insights have been calculated using the average American online audience as our index (with a base 100 baseline). The male portion of this tribe exceeds what would be found within the average U.S. online audience a very slight 1.01 times.


Nearly 71% of this tribe is over 45 years of age, with 43% being over 54. The latter percentage is 3.60 times greater than the U.S. average.

From the floor of the 1964 GOP convention, delegates and other attendees show their support for that year’s presidential nominee, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona. 

INFLUENCERS — Keeping Things Right

Personalities associated with Fox News dominate the list, but the exceptions are both noteworthy and expected.

Radio legend, Rush Limbaugh, is a favorite of over 21% here, and that surpasses the index by 69.70 times.

41st President of the United States, George H. W. Bush, with Rush Limbaugh in 1992. 

INTERESTS—Keeping Things Right

Non-partisan interests such as television, chiropractic medicine, jewelry, and even politics can be found here. The majority of this list’s items, though, speak directly to concerns near and dear to the hearts of most conservatives.

Affinity for the Republican party is shared by nearly 83% of this tribe’s members, a segment-size 29.38 times larger than the index.

President Richard Nixon is joined on the 1972 campaign trail by California Governor, and then future president, Ronald Reagan. Nixon went on to carry 49 states in that year’s general election (what happened as his second term got underway has slipped our minds, but we’re sure it was great).

WEBSITES—Keeping Things Right

Nearly 21% of this tribe’s members are regular visitors to Breitbart News, and that percentage is 51.67 times greater than the U.S. average.

Wikileaks‘ founder, Julian Assange.

TV SHOWS — Keeping Things Right

Fox News’ nightly ‘Special Report with Bret Baier,‘ finds favor with over 20% of this tribe, which exceeds the index by 66.52 times.

Graham Ledger of One American News, offering an editorial on his ‘The Daily Ledger‘ program. The network is a favorite of a segment of this tribe that is 58.83 times larger than the baseline. 

PODCASTS — Keeping Things Right

With over 21% of this tribe listening, ‘The Mark Levin Show”s appeal here exceeds the baseline by 45.84 times.

Ben Shapiro.  

YOUTUBE CHANNELS — Keeping Things Right

Editor-at-Large for Alex Jones’ InfoWars, and all-around controversial conservative figure (and apparent coiner of the term “soy boy”), Paul Joseph Watson, finds his YouTube channel viewed by over 10% of this tribe’s members. That percentage is 34.54 times larger than the U.S. average.

A graphic from the August 2019 PragerU video, “The Charlottesville Lie.” In it, issue is taken with how the media portrayed the president’s reaction to 2017’s “Unite the Right” rally vs. how PragerU contend he actually responded.   

BRANDS— Keeping Things Right

The National Rifle Association finds support from 13.44% of this tribe’s members, a percentage exceeding the U.S. average by 49.94 times.

The late, five-term president of the NRA, and the Oscar winning star of ‘El Cid,’ ‘Ben Hur,’ ‘Planet of the Apes,’ ‘Soylent Green,’ and ‘Omega Man,Charlton Heston.   

PERSONALITY TRAITS —Keeping Things Right

In psychology, the Big 5 personality traits describe a popularly-employed taxonomy that breaks down human personalities into five, broad, over-arching categories.

IBM Watson™ employs this model, and the five traits that give it its name — Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism — as the umbrella categories under which numerous, more specific personality traits can be found.

Those described by the personality trait, achievement striving, set lofty goals and work hard to achieve them. They would rather take action immediately than spend time deliberating.This tribe’s members average in the 78.5th percentile for the trait.

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