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May 18, 2020 | Digital Tribes

StatSocial’s Digital Tribes is a new consumer segmentation model with a social psychographic twist.

Digital Tribes are powered by StatSocial’s Silhouette, the industry’s most advanced Audience Intelligence Platform. Our unique technology enables us to make sense of the billions of unstructured earned and social web interactions that go on each day — allowing you to dive deep into nearly any audience you can imagine.

This entry is a deeper dive into the tribe we call “Vive La Neoliberals.”

Digital Tribe Summary: Vive La Neoliberals

Vive La Neoliberals” is a tribe mostly made up of slightly older, predominantly male, city-dwelling folks, with center-left, pro-market political and economic leanings.

Their ages mostly range from older millennials to boomers.

They consume media originating from outlets noted for having centrist-to-liberal/progressive biases.

Memeing the Neoliberals

Please Note: The baseline used to calculate all of the statistics below is the average American online audience.

DEMOGRAPHICS — Vive La Neoliberals

EXPLANATION: The index score reports the degree to which the corresponding percentage falls short of or exceeds the baseline. These affinity insights have been calculated using the average American online audience as our index (with a base 100 baseline). The male portion of this tribe exceeds what would be found within the average U.S. online audience by 1.30 times.

This tribe’s membership is 64.77% male.

This audience skews decidedly older.

These are high income earners. The segment making at least six-figures annually exceeds the baseline by 2.20 times.

Harry S. Truman and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Some neolibs claim them as their own, while assorted others of varied persuasions would beg to differ. Very important Democrats, in any event.

INTERESTS — Vive La Neoliberals

The prominence of interests such as Studying Business and Investing & Patents indicate that this tribe embraces the idea of a free market economy.

Over 52% of this tribe shows an interest in the Democratic party. By contrast, a smaller but not insignificant 28% are interested in the GOP.

INFLUENCERS — Vive La Neoliberals

This list consists almost entirely of journalists and political analysts. Some lean center-left, some center-right, none are extremists.

BRANDS — Vive La Neoliberals

Government branches, agencies, and departments do not merely dot this list.

The presence of the ACLU and Planned Parenthood illustrate the leftward lean within this group.

TELEVISION — Vive La Neoliberals

News programs with little-to-no political bias in their reporting are included here.

Those that are more opinion oriented occupy this list’s top spots, and fall cleanly on the left side of the middle.

WEBSITES — Vive La Neoliberals

The top websites also revolve around news and politics.

Most sites here do not have a radical political bias, and some even consciously provide a platform for diverse opinions. The scales tip to the center-left, however.

PERSONALITY TRAITS — Vive La Neoliberals

In psychology, the Big 5 personality traits describe a popularly-employed taxonomy that breaks down human personalities into five, broad, over-arching categories.

IBM Watson™ employs this model, and the five traits that give it its name — Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism — as the umbrella categories under which numerous, more specific personality traits can be found.

This tribe averages in the 81st percentile for Intellect. As a personality trait, Intellect is characterized by a need to ponder the big questions.

Liberalism, here, describes those with a willingness challenge authority and traditional values. IBM Watson also notes that a tolerance of diversity is evident in those exhibiting this trait.

NEEDS — Vive La Neoliberals

Needs is the dimension considered when seeking to determine which aspects of a product or service will resonate with which consumers.

The IBM Watson™ Personality Insights® Needs model encompasses 12 characteristic sub-categories (challenge, closeness, curiosity, excitement, harmony, ideal, liberty, love, practicality, self-expression, stability, and structure).

The needs for Challenge, Liberty, Self-expression, and Ideal (something akin to idealism) are not surprising to see shared among those whose primary concerns are of a political and economic nature.

VALUES — Vive La Neoliberals

Values is the dimension in IBM Watson™ Personality Insights’ analysis of our data that reveals a consumer’s beliefs and motives, granting insights into why certain choices are made.

The IBM Watson™ Personality Insights® Values model encompasses five characteristic sub-categories (Conservation, Hedonism, Openness to Change, Self-enhancement, Self-transcendence)

Only one value, Self-transcendence, was over-indexed within this tribe. It describes those who put the concerns of others before their own.

As this is a positive trait, we’d resist assigning it to any political persuasion.

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