StatSocial Featured in Government Executive

Aug 4, 2020 | Insights, Press

Over at Government Executive, reporter Courtney Bublé has written an informative Coronavirus Roundup,” which is led off by a very cool highlight of findings from a recent StatSocial study.

As Courtney explains in the article’s intro:

Audiences of Republican U.S. governors’ social media accounts showed much less worry during the ongoing pandemic and less concern about isolation compared to the Democratic followers, according to a recent analysis, shared exclusively with Government Executive, by StatSocial, a social media analytics firm

The column then goes on to quote StatSocial‘s president and founder, Michael Hussey, who explains

America is going through a fractious, traumatic time right now, and we see that reflected all over the political and social spectrum through social media engagement. These sorts of targeted insights paint a detailed picture of the national experience, and they’ll likely play a significant role in the upcoming election.

Head over to Government Executive, to check out the article in its entirety.