Streaming Showdown: Hulu vs. Netflix

Nov 17, 2015 | Insights

As more and more people cut the cord and turn to streaming services, companies like Hulu and Netflix battle it out to sign up new subscribers to their services.

Each streaming company does differ, whether its their original series or ban on advertisers, but all need to acquire new customers. To successfully do this, they need to understand their current users and while they may know the shows and movies they watch and whether they bing watch on Saturday after season 3 of Orange is the New Black is released, we took it a step further to discover other interests of these customers.

While both Hulu and Netflix have a 54/46 male to female split, Netflix has a slightly younger audience with 28% of their social audience being teenagers compared to Hulu’s 12%.

Both customer bases have a higher affinity for Humor, Sci Fi, and Animation Technology compared to the social average. Hulu’s audience scores higher in their affinity for shopping whereas Netflix’s audience scores higher in their interest in sports.

Not surprisingly, both audiences are interested in media, including production studios, websites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, and movies, especially StarWars. Netflix’s audience is 25x more likely to like Miramax studios which produces independent and foreign films and we all know (or are) those Netflix users who are talking about the next great documentary or foreign film we have to see on Netflix. These users are also 14x more likely to like the organization Film Independent.

While the audience’s share some brands in common, Hulu audience also prefers to read Gizmodo and Engadget while Netflix users can be found reading The Onion and FunnyorDie. Netflix users’ love Steve Carrell while Hulu’s audience prefers the humor of Stephen Colbert.

How to use this social data:

Hulu: Find new shows or movies to pick up based on user’s interests. Our report shows that Hulu’s audience is 31x more likely to like The Mindy Project, validating the decision to sign the show. Hulu can also choose advertisers based on the audience’s preference for specific brands.

Netflix: Discover the specific celebrities that the audience has a preference for to seek out for a new series or new movies to sign on. Netflix can acquire new users by targeting people that share similar characteristics with this already established audience.